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Re: awkwardness with texting/facebook talk ... [thread]

Date: 2010/09/29 Author: Titanium

Excerpt: “Hey buddy, I have just written an article (link below) about texting- it is a rule I came up with called the 30 second rule. Hope it helps you mate! Feel free to PM me questions any time. http:- BECOME AN ALPHA MALE http:- 500 lovemaking tips and sex ...”

The 30 second rule ... [thread]

Date: 2010/09/29 Author: Titanium

Excerpt: “Hey fellas, I'm a Melbourne based pickup coach. Just joined these forums and thought I'd start sharing my piece of advice.. Enjoy! As you all know, despite being an art with varying opinions, styles and methods, there are certain common rules that we ...”

Re: I'm sliding back - Help! ... [thread]

Date: 2010/09/28 Author: Titanium

Excerpt: “Sounds like you just have to be yourself more. I get the impression that you are trying to get out of your way to impress them. Don't. Try to focus on other things and you will see how little less you will care. BECOME AN ALPHA MALE http:- 500 lovemak...”

My Father The AFC Is Getting Mined By A Gold Digger Amongst Other Things. How Can I Help Him? ... [thread]

Date: 2010/08/30 Author: Tha lieutenant

Excerpt: “Me and my brother have been rather disgusted with my fathers behavior over the last year or so. We need some advice. Here's a brief background: My parents divorced almost 25 years ago. My father never remarried, while my mother did, and as far as I ca...”

Re: Wallflowers in fertile fields ... [thread]

Date: 2010/08/16 Author: Narcotikk

Excerpt: “Being the alpha male» in group is determined by mentality. usually, this means the guy with the biggest ego is in charge generally, when you become the alpha male», that guy will hate you and will use the group to kick you out and isolate you because hi...”

Re: Cant get this stuff in my head!! :( ... [thread]

Date: 2010/07/01 Author: vautrin

Excerpt: “Hello Nadavq...Hope you did well on your exams, As said in your previous thread "AA problems & more" It is knowledge that comes from expermentation, not the opposite. I just dont know how to,with all the shit i learned,i dont know how to go indirect,d...”

Re: This is an intense feeling. Has anyone else experienced this? ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.relationships
Date: 2010/04/06 Author: isko

Excerpt: “http:- That article explains the way you're feeling... Ecstasy gives you dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin, as well as a little norepinephrine... After 3 years you definitely have an oxytocin bond with this girl-- you love/care about her and you feel ...”

Re: I noticed a behavior that alphas don't do, but i'm not quite sure exactly what it is ... [thread]

Date: 2010/03/12 Author: ScrappyDoo

Excerpt: “Don't think so much about it. You say that hanging out with guys who get laid is more fun than hanging out with AFCs. That's because girls like the guys who are fun to be around. If being absurd and over-the-top is fun for you, and fun for everyone el...”

Presence, Gravitas and Being Alpha ... [thread]

Date: 2010/02/25 Author: Saul

Excerpt: “In this post I wish to both explain the quality known as gravitas and offer explanations, tools and personal insight to help others develop this quality. This is by no means exhaustive, however should give enough information for the reader to create f...”

Re: She's playing games, I need your help to save this one ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.relationships
Date: 2009/04/19 Author: joseph_went_south

Excerpt: “zendo6 wrote: I met my girlfriend from a social networking site. Everything was perfect for 3 months. Brilliant. She said she had never loved anyone as much. That's how she felt in that moment. Problem for you is, women's minds change like the weather...”

Re: Fake it till you make it ... [thread]

Date: 2009/04/09 Author: Domr

Excerpt: “DarkOcean wrote: A lot of advice in this forum relies in this principle. Faking that you have a busy life, faking that you see other women, faking that you are not jealous, etc. The problem I see with this, is that alpha males don't fake. Alpha males ...”

Fake it till you make it ... [thread]

Date: 2009/04/08 Author: DarkOcean

Excerpt: “A lot of advice in this forum relies in this principle. Faking that you have a busy life, faking that you see other women, faking that you are not jealous, etc. The problem I see with this, is that alpha males don't fake. Alpha males are not afraid to...”

Re: Finishing on a high note and follow up ... [thread]

Date: 2009/03/28 Author: FalconEye

Excerpt: “Sounds like you had a great time! Congrats. IMO, there are no hard and fast rules in this situation. I really like John Alexander's approach in his book on how to become an alpha male». Paraphrasing...Alphas make their own rules. Alphas are busy people...”

Re: 42,000 masf members.....that aren't getting laid ... [thread]

Date: 2008/12/22 Author: Blackdragon

Excerpt: “Once I was active on mASF for about two months, I saw clearly that 90% of the posters were either 1) KJs, 2) oneitis sufferers wanting (or trying to keep) that one girl, or 3) GPUAs out there working but really not getting laid a lot. I also noticed t...”

TRUE alpha males ... [thread]

Date: 2008/09/27 Author: end

Excerpt: “On 9/26/2008 11:35:04 PM, gifted wrote: I honestly don't think I am a beta male, but imo there are definitely different types of Alpha males. I hate looking at those big smug football player types. The ones that drive around in those huge Audi 4wd's a...”

TRUE alpha males ... [thread]

Date: 2008/09/26 Author: gifted

Excerpt: “I honestly don't think I am a beta male, but imo there are definitely different types of Alpha males. I hate looking at those big smug football player types. The ones that drive around in those huge Audi 4wd's and then give you a smug look as they get...”

Power ... [thread]

Date: 2008/09/10 Author: segrino

Excerpt: “I don't approach women a lot and never knew the reason to it. Recently I noticed part of the reason was pride, but that's not the whole truth: It's not that I'm afraid of rejection, but rather of a special case of the opposite. How is that even possib...”

Excercises for Confidence ... [thread]

Date: 2008/06/25 Author: Rockyoboat

Excerpt: “The best approach for confidence as always is the balls in approach. Sometimes you have to suck up all pussiness and just go hard. This is great but there it's sometimes hard doing this cuz u hav ta have the balls to be balsy. So where does extra set ...”

Re: Getting payed out ... [thread]

Date: 2008/06/14 Author: Wooks

Excerpt: “You gain respect from people when you have your own opinion and stand for it. I have the feeling that they are running over you like a doormat. and you let them do it. You should become an alpha male.(or at least equal status with the rest of your soc...”

Re: For Really Intelligent Guys (Long) ... [thread]

Date: 2008/04/16 Author: GetHighNDrunk

Excerpt: “I've thought about this one a lot, and think your 90% right with what you say and the parts i disagree with are the ones where you OVER generalise. I mean, its true that the majority of people who are especially gifted or intelligent are usually worse...”

Call me crazy, but I'm thinking that this is easier then I initially thought ... [thread]

Date: 2008/04/01 Author: newman301

Excerpt: “I'm posting a lot today, but that's only because I just drank a huge cup of coffee, and my mind is moving at 100 miles a second. It's a long post. Here's my new theory about getting laid, keep in mind this is coming from a guy who only really has expe...”

Re: something that saved the day twice for me in the last two weeks ... [thread]

Date: 2008/01/21 Author: shinosai

Excerpt: “Those tribal necklaces do look kind of interesting. They definitely look like they'd stand out! I'm thinking about getting this one: http:- You've definitely got the right idea: They need an excuse. In "How to Become the Alpha Male»" John Alexander say...”

Re: Happiness & Confidence ... [thread]

Date: 2007/11/28 Author: Leon_der_Koenig

Excerpt: “Tryst10, Yesterday I read the Razorjack Natural Method. I like the method, because it helps to increase self-esteem. Razorjack suggests that you have to find out exactly what your beliefs are, what your best and worst qualities are, what your reality ...”

Re: Happiness & Confidence ... [thread]

Date: 2007/11/27 Author: Tryst10

Excerpt: “BigCojones wrote: I understand why that is. If everybody understood it on that level and saw the power in this SOMEBODY would use this for evil. That's why I was really hesitant to post this. :D I thought everybody could see it from THIS post. :D And ...”

Stumbled, need help recovering at party on friday ... [thread]

Date: 2007/11/12 Author: DeadEye

Excerpt: “Hi fellow sargers! I have a bit of a dilemma and i will need some help figuring out how to handle it. First i will give some background. This post is divided into 3 sections: BACKGROUND, DOWNSLOPE, and PARTY If you wanna skip the background and just s...”

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