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Re: how should i have handled this? ... [thread]

Date: 2011/06/28 Author: Polo

Excerpt: “You can be James Bond, but if you don't have logistics squared away you're probably not getting laid. Given that you didn't have a place to take her, your goal should have been to set yourself up for the next time. The dancing was good, the kissing wa...”

LRx3: 3 Nights, 3 New girls ... [thread]

Date: 2011/06/20 Author: Jake_P

Excerpt: “So this past weekend was definitely an eventful one for me. On Friday night I had a single night lay with the first girl who I approached, on Saturday night I had another single night lay and again it was the first approach of the night, then on Sunda...”

Re: David X anyone? ... [thread]

Date: 2011/04/22 Author: KEBman

Excerpt: “Field tested? What a load of CRAP! :D Have YOU field tested David X' stuff? Huh? I see a lot of similarities between what David X talks about and my dad. Granted, my dad has never heard about David X, but he's sure been around - both literally and in ...”

Re: FR: Street game session and street AMOGs (attn Dai, Yarbles) ... [thread]

Date: 2011/03/25 Author: iPUChicks

Excerpt: “people who are afc's tend to get up and CB when other people are running game on certain women. I flirt with this girl from work from time to time nothing more, and 2 guys from my section/dept. come over and CB. Totally trying to make fun of me and sh...”

Re: cant shut it off .. ... [thread]

Date: 2011/03/21 Author: Steel_Wheel

Excerpt: “mankite wrote: Good Question ... Flirting has become my way of life. I flirt with every girl I see (yes .. even the not so pretty ones) and they love it !!! ... and some more than others. Kind of what I guessed. I'm currently trying to become a natu...”

Re: cant shut it off .. ... [thread]

Date: 2011/03/21 Author: mankite

Excerpt: “SteelWheel wrote: Have you been flirting with these girls? Like, can they sense that you would like to have sex with them? Anyways, good job :thumbs up: Good Question ... Flirting has become my way of life. I flirt with every girl I see (yes .. even ...”

Re: 'social circle' - game? (50people group exchange students) - trying to fuck every girl? ... [thread]

Date: 2011/02/20 Author: Neo-Rio

Excerpt: “there are these exchange students, a group of like 50 people. Over the next 6-12 months there will always be parties all the time with the same people. There are some girls i like. Now i am wondering - once i go for one, i basically cannot go for anyo...”

Re: Girls resenting my banter? ... [thread]

Date: 2011/01/07 Author: gridlock

Excerpt: “It may be, but it's never a bad thing to have orbiters. Girls have them. Why can't we? Just about all of the girls in my social circle are or have been attracted to me even though it's not really going anywhere. I guess the only thing about flirting i...”

OR: A much needed update ... [thread]

Date: 2010/11/16 Author: Dudeman082

Excerpt: “I'd love to post about how I just haven't been posting FRs because I've been out seeing the world, talking to pretty women, and enjoying the finer things in life. Hell, I'd love to say that I was busy recuperating from some deadly disease, which I'd h...”

Re: Cannot Get Rapport - Day Game ... [thread]

Date: 2010/11/05 Author: zevlovex

Excerpt: “Wow! that was a boring conversation. Hey Dudes, I am having a problem getting rapport doing day game. Dont bother about report, you don't have attraction. Try to flirt with the girl. DAFS on c&f”

Re: Introductions and Questions for you all ... [thread]

Date: 2010/10/12 Author: FratGuy

Excerpt: “hey bro, i would say you are ahead of the game compared to a lot of guys, congrats. it sounds like you need to get a better handle on ways to flirt, attract the girl and get her thinking sexually. if you have been flirting and teasing and shit testing...”

FR: college night outing ... [thread]

Date: 2010/10/10 Author: tesseract19

Excerpt: “Alright. After reading tons on how to behave in parties and stuff I was finally able to do so in a crazy college night. The school organized an event at a restaurant that had a dancefloor and played some music after we ate our free food. The only bad ...”

Re: Changing your avatar... ... [thread]

Date: 2010/04/12 Author: IAmMaximus

Excerpt: “I want to thank everybody for the advice in this thread. You guys are some of the posters on here I respect the most, and your help is very appreciated. Some quick comments on what's been said: 1. I'm trying to lose weight. It's a struggle, but I'm co...”

Re: COLLEGE GAME: How to Meet, DHV, and #close the hottest girl in class ... [thread]

Date: 2010/04/03 Author: ijjjji

Excerpt: “That is super cute!! This is gonna create some BUZZ that can work in your favor. I dont see exactly how it helped towards fixing the main problem with phone numbers. Im tempted to say you would stand better if you left the #close part out. But I expec...”


Date: 2009/12/30 Author: Gibletpie

Excerpt: “Hitori wrote: Unless I explicitly specify otherwise, male posters are unwelcome on this thread and reply to it only in violation of the posting guidelines for the forum. If your input wasn't requested, treat this like you would a Masterminds post and ...”

Re: OR: College Game ... [thread]

Date: 2009/09/08 Author: ScrappyDoo

Excerpt: “1st mistake: You're right, not escalating was what messed it up. Worrying about being 'that guy' is completely unprouctive. If she's being 'that girl' you have two choices: The first is just rolling with it and not giving a shit who thinks you're 'tha...”

Re: My no-sex sex ... [thread]

Date: 2009/09/03 Author: mankite

Excerpt: “Chopan wrote: WTF... last night I was having sex with a hot girl and I am thinking of this forum... :lol: You too .. damn I thought I was the only one ! :lol: hahaha... I come and check the thread today, some clown one stars my post, tags the thread a...”

Re: Oneitis problem- it‘s not simple ... [thread]

Date: 2009/08/19 Author: chicoman

Excerpt: “Great job getting out there and meeting other girls. The one-itis you feel for your buddy's girlfriend will disappear about halfway through your quest to GFTOW. Part of the reason you are so attached to her may be because she kinos YOU. You said she c...”

FR: Closing the bookstore down ... [thread]

Date: 2009/07/23 Author: aka_James

Excerpt: “I went out of the city today to hang out with some of my OG wings. We ended up at a mall and walked around a bit. I did 2 sets that realyl went nowhere. Kept walking around a bit with some anxiety/excitement but fought through it. As I walked by a boo...”

Re: FR: On a date, PU almost caught ... [thread]

Date: 2009/07/13 Author: Wulfz

Excerpt: “DAFS on TVA» oslo shit to avoid this whole dating situ. I used to do that at clubs, but I'm in a new town, and I'm trying to create a social circle, so I like to do mystery to gain the attention of crowds. Also, the difference is that you can lay a gir...”

FR: There should be +s, but there are none ... [thread]

Date: 2009/07/02 Author: Wulfz

Excerpt: “I've thought about this one for a few days and decided to post it. There is a girl I used to hang out with on occasion a few summers back in high school. She is a tall, tan, green eyed, red head (extremely unique look yet highly attractive). I'm in he...”

Re: Essay: "How Nice Guys Can Stop Finishing Last" ... [thread]

Date: 2009/05/03 Author: Bigslick2

Excerpt: “I'm going to have to agree with Hanky Panky, especially "fighting for" or actively engaging in competition with other men. I do not actively engage in competition with other men for a woman. I mean, if a woman has multiple suitors (as they often do), ...”

Handling girls who expect drinks/ Phantom girlfriend technique (Attention True Ace) ... [thread]

Date: 2009/04/13 Author: Gettingthere

Excerpt: “There is kind of a field report in this post but it more involves one of the girls i'm already gaming so i thought it belonged here. It's both a situation with the girl I'm gaming I'd like critique on how I handled and a field report on getting a new ...”

Re: OR: Not a good nite ... [thread]

Date: 2009/03/22 Author: slyone

Excerpt: “pureevil wrote: being someone who's recently promoted not necessarily adhering to the 3 sec rule, i'll throw out a little advice. Thank you. Your advice is very much appreciated! if you're not going to use the 3 sec rule, then there are a few other r...”

Re: OR: Not a good nite ... [thread]

Date: 2009/03/22 Author: pureevil

Excerpt: “being someone who's recently promoted not necessarily adhering to the 3 sec rule, i'll throw out a little advice. if you're not going to use the 3 sec rule, then there are a few other rules to adhere to: first, your mind must be set in qualificative m...”

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