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Applying things ... [thread]

Date: 2011/07/01 Author: Animator

Excerpt: “Hey guys, I decided Ill post how the development of my game is going and what are the things Im struggling with. As far as my knowledge goes, here is what I have consumed in the last month since finding out about the community: - read 90 % of The Game...”

Re: An integral part of *CONSISTANT SAME NIGHT LAYS* ... [thread]

Date: 2011/06/23 Author: money_matteo

Excerpt: “On 6/23/2011 11:09:44 AM, NoMoreFatChix wrote: I am curious about your life style back then. For me, one of the hardest things about relying on SNLs for sex is that you have to go out so much, and that it's hard to fit it with a normal day job and ot...”

Engaging rAFC mode - Help needed! ... [thread]

Date: 2011/05/28 Author: Animator

Excerpt: “Hey guys, I've found about this site about 2 weeks ago and it was a real eye-opener for me. I immediately recognized myself as an AFC and am really willing to change! I've started reading the Player guide, as well as lots of forum posts, watching vide...”

Way too many methods, overwhelmed! ... [thread]

Date: 2011/03/02 Author: iamcortez

Excerpt: “Hi there, I have way too many books regarding about pick up and I'm totally overwhelmed in how much I read that I stopped reading anything at all! Should I just stick to one and take notes of their strengths or what makes sense to me the most? They al...”

Re: Newbies are Second Class ... [thread]

Date: 2010/12/24 Author: KidStrangelove

Excerpt: “I hardly post on this site anymore (heck, I made this profile because I was utterly embarrassed by what I wrote in my previous profile ), but this shit just had to be done. Deline, you are fucking retarded. I stopped posting a while back, simply becau...”

Re: completely revamping the structure of my game ... [thread]

Date: 2010/12/15 Author: DiamondFist

Excerpt: “I mean having structured game works but, you will end up encountering all the problems Neil Strauss wrote about in the game, plus I'm not looking for as many one night stands as possible. I want to get in a healthy relationship with a girl that likes ...”

OR: Halloween at the Bar (First Post) ... [thread]

Date: 2010/11/21 Author: psychboo

Excerpt: “This will be my first sarge account and it's length is inspired by the well documented articles I've read by Mystery, so if you're only looking for a quick read... well I'm sure your browser has a back button :) This is an account of me and my wing sa...”

Re: Duke University ... [thread]

Date: 2010/10/10 Author: Cas14

Excerpt: “Kind of interesting someone like Neil Strauss can write some stuff similar in The Game and have it published, but this girl is criticized for having an internet post. It must suck to be a girl in today's society. "If a key unlocks many locks, it's a m...”

Re: Duke University ... [thread]

Date: 2010/10/10 Author: Cas14

Excerpt: “Kind of interesting someone like Neil Strauss can write some stuff similar in The Game and have it published, but this girl is criticized for having an internet post. It must suck to be a girl in today's society. "If a key unlocks many locks, it's a m...”

Re: Self Help required for a major afc ... [thread]

Date: 2010/05/26 Author: KingSupreme

Excerpt: “Just take it little by little. for example, work on opening first and strictly opening. Once you feel confident in your ability to open any set then you can work on DHV and so on and so fort. Persistence and a positive attitude is key, not only in pic...”

Re: Open Marriage (guys too) ... [thread]

Date: 2010/04/07 Author: Sol_Invictus

Excerpt: “LG, I agree with most of what BD» and UW have to say, but if you want to stay married (even if only for the sake of the kids) I do think you need to pay some attention to your husband's success and well being. Otherwise his sense of anger and betrayal ...”

Re: What do you think of Mystery or MM in general? (Attn Blackdragon) ... [thread]

Date: 2010/03/21 Author: ViKtoricus

Excerpt: “ProfessorChump wrote: I thought I would post my reply here in general as off topic tends to get few responses, to his thread in off-topic: http:- iscussion/fs?action=9&fid=34&r ead=101599 BlackDragon» - I do not like nor dislike Eric as I do not kno...”

Re: Help starting out ... [thread]

Date: 2010/03/16 Author: ViKtoricus

Excerpt: “First and foremost... If you can, get ahold of Magic Bullets» (a primer to EVERY aspiring pick up artist) at, or get the Mystery Method. If you are gonna get both, make sure you get Magic Bullets» first, and then Mystery method second. First thing...”

LMR in a 3some-PLEASE HELP! ... [thread]

Date: 2010/03/03 Author: KingBlao

Excerpt: “Alright, here's the deal. My girl, who I'll call HBPR has been bi-curious for a while now. When we first hooked up, I was dating this other girl who Ill call HBtits. The three of us had a 3some on Christmas of 08, which was amazing to me. We even vide...”

What is happening? ... [thread]

Date: 2010/02/09 Author: FrankieBismarck

Excerpt: “I decided to write here a few lines about what's been happening with me over the past couple of weeks. The general picture: I've never been an LTR person, even before I got into the PU scene. I lost my V-card late for today's standards, because I was ...”

Review: Sleazy Stories ... [thread]

Date: 2010/02/03 Author: FrankieBismarck

Excerpt: “A number of claims and deductions of a moral nature could be made regarding the general character of Mr. Sleazy»'s nocturnal encounters. But putting such petty concerns aside, it must be said he is a brave sort of fellow, who, faced with an unhappy sex...”

Review: Frogs Into Prines: An rAFC‘s Perspective ... [thread]

Date: 2010/01/18 Author: F0xtr0t

Excerpt: “In the latter months of 2009, I was introduced to the seduction community when I read Neil Strauss's book The Game. One thing in particular that caught my eye in that book was the idea of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming.) Frogs Into Princes was one ...”

the most common problem for PUAs ... [thread]

Date: 2010/01/08 Author: donklue

Excerpt: “I started doing pick-up September 2008. At that time I only did about 5 sets a day at my job . It was basically retail, and On my way to and from work. When I wasnt at work I did 2 sets a day. I got my first F-close in November. Strictly Speed Seducti...”

Re: Recommending the Community to others ... [thread]

Date: 2009/11/29 Author: babydiams

Excerpt: “Unless they are absolutely devastated and decided to take care of his area of their life it is quite hard to make people change. " Since it s socially "accepted" that learning how to pick up, attract and seduce women is wrong. What i will do though is...”

Living in your own world ... [thread]

Date: 2009/10/02 Author: SonofCasanova122

Excerpt: “Sometimes i think alot. sometimes i think way too much. but when i'm around girls my brain seems to shut down. I cancel every negative thought out and transform into this seductive creature. It's very complicated to explain but ill try. How would it f...”

Re: Social Life and Marketing ... [thread]

Date: 2009/08/21 Author: SeanC

Excerpt: “Here is my take on this. Keep in mind that I almost exclusivly do social circle game. Still I regularly work on my cold approach as it gives me the freedom to do whatever I want whenever I want. GregMagarshak wrote: To me an alpha male» is someone a lo...”

Re: Kino, Universal Language? ... [thread]

Date: 2009/04/03 Author: FutureReign

Excerpt: “look up information about kino pinging I just looked that up, loosely translated, kino-pinging is multiple, short (1 second), non-sexual touching. As for DHV and what-not, it hasn't helped me in the past. One thing I've realised I had no technique and...”

Re: I need some hope. ... [thread]

Date: 2009/04/01 Author: Heisse

Excerpt: “Shellpeck wrote: I recently had pretty much a total acception of myself. I've understood my strenght and my weaknesses, and it's pretty liberating. Congratulations! Considering that many of the best puas, came from nowhere, a nerdy and creepy attitude...”

All the fun I had with my goodie bag… ... [thread]

Date: 2009/03/18 Author: DirtyD

Excerpt: “Over here in the Netherlands, there are a lot of youngsters walking around with these little bags with a cord that goes around the neck. They look like "over-sized wallets" (they're about three times as large) and they carry 'em with them on their bel...”

Product Q: The game ... [thread]

Date: 2009/03/14 Author: Konstantin

Excerpt: “Hey guys, yesterday i decided to buy the book "The Game" from Neil Strauss. I'm sure that some of you already have heared of him. Besides Mystery is one of the most famous pick up artists of the world. Mostly he uses the direct way of approaching whil...”

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