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Re: Feedback requested on 2 approaches ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.beginners
Date: 2011/06/11 Author: Isidia

Excerpt: “I have a feeling that the longer a sentence, the weaker it is, unless it is used for description, I don't know how to explain this. May be I am wrong. As a matter of fact, short and spontaneous response are usually more funny and powerful. For example...”

Feedback requested on 2 approaches ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.beginners
Date: 2011/06/10 Author: galhopper

Excerpt: “Ok, the first approach was a couple of nights back in a kinda sci-fi club (although most of the people who go there are pretty, um, normal lol :) ) I was with my mates (mainly AFC) and promised during a drinking game that if I lost I'd do an approach....”

Re: Ok, what do you make of this? ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.beginners
Date: 2011/05/05 Author: Jazzmaster

Excerpt: “Well the six I actually saw two days before at a benefit concert. I said Hi to her then and just kept going. When she saw me on Friday she said Two times in one week! And I said I should be so lucky! At that point I decided I was going to fuck her. Th...”

Re: The whipped cream k-close ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.tactics-techniques
Date: 2011/04/26 Author: MysteriousMrM

Excerpt: “This could work for drunk-easy-grenades. But It won't bring you far with anybody else. In fact, any cheesy/pickup lines about K-close could do the job with these girls. However, my favorite "simple" K-close routine is when I'm dancing with a girl at a...”

Re: sexy HB10 at gym ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.general
Date: 2010/12/03 Author: newbacca

Excerpt: pickup lines complimenting her body, looks or workout ability wont work because she has heard those every 10 minutes every day since she turned 16, just talk to her like a normal woman and dont act all impressed and in awe of her and it will get her a...”

Secrets of Masculine Power ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.advanced
Date: 2010/07/30 Author: MrChupon

Excerpt: “Text is from an old post on -.net (which has really gone down the drain). http:- I feel like this concept is very related to the "create-your-reality" mantra that a lot of posters on here talk about (ijji, Cosy, Corvette on drugs). I'm curious to hear...”

Re: How to talk to girls ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.beginners
Date: 2010/05/04 Author: Speculation

Excerpt: “sigh Go here first: http:- Read what it tells you to read. Now to answer your question, you talk to girls just like you'd talk to a random guy or old man, your mom etc. If you get awkward talking to girls, the solution is to do it more. A lot more. Do...”

LR: Twins! +pics ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.fieldreports
Date: 2010/04/30 Author: Sasha_Pua

Excerpt: “Ohhhhh you thought it was a 3some and opened this thread! muahhaha suckers!! Nah - coulda been maybe - but till an interesting one: Here are the twins: IMGhttp:- For this report, Im going to refer to the girls as BrownOwl (the Brunette) and BlondOwl (...”

LR: Twins! +pics ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.fieldreports
Date: 2010/04/30 Author: Sasha_Pua

Excerpt: “Ohhhhh you thought it was a 3some and opened this thread! muahhaha suckers!! Nah - coulda been maybe - but till an interesting one: Here are the twins: IMGhttp:- For this report, Im going to refer to the girls as BrownOwl (the Brunette) and BlondOwl (...”

Re: Witty Comebacks ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.general
Date: 2010/03/31 Author: Dravius

Excerpt: “Miss-calibrated witty comebacks are akin to "cheesy comments to tell your girlfriend" and "pickup lines." But if you really want, Lovesystem's forums has "Banter Lines" and "Reframe the person above you." A lot of the lines are horribly cheesy/bad, so...”

Gaming cashiers and waitresses? ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.beginners
Date: 2010/03/24 Author: Johnnyrockit

Excerpt: “I understand the dynamics of a cold approach. I understand how to approach, how to get a conversation going, how to get flirtatious banter going, when to use routines, and how to close in a cold approach situation. The problem is I always freeze up in...”

Re: "Have you met....?" ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.tactics-techniques
Date: 2010/03/15 Author: princeharming

Excerpt: “When I read this, I cried and jumped under a train. Too bad it stopped at the station so I ended up looking like an idiot. Copying tacky pickup lines from, most likely the most famous TV show of today? Come on! You're better than that!”

Re: How to Steal Clever Lines from TV Shows ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.general
Date: 2010/03/13 Author: MojoJoe

Excerpt: “Great Post Corvette :thumbs up: I think the same applies to movies. I have been trying to the same and it's not just for the funny stuff, even the pickup lines and romantic stuff is powerful. I always use the quotes of the Frenchman from the Matrix se...”

Re: Tips for BAR/PUB pre-game setup ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.advanced
Date: 2010/02/03 Author: riverspecialist

Excerpt: “try getting to the pub before your friends so you have time to enter a set. then when your friend show up your social proofed. none of my friends like this game stuff and took a while to get good at joining my sets. if ur friends r there and u just wa...”

Re: Paranoid much? ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.playettes
Date: 2010/01/22 Author: Teya

Excerpt: “lovergirl wrote: I am involved with a guy who I am pretty sure is using some of these principles. Good! They're useful! He has more than once accused me of being manipulative He's accusing you of something? He's not following the principles correctly....”

Paranoid much? ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.playettes
Date: 2010/01/21 Author: lovergirl

Excerpt: “So ladies, do you think reading this board makes relationships even more complicated than they already are? I mean, I never realized just how much thought men put into relationships and pretending like they don't care (kinda like wearing lots of makeu...”

Re: Answer to "Im not very pretty am I?" Shit Test ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.tactics-techniques
Date: 2010/01/21 Author: mankite

Excerpt: “"how pretty am I?" or "do you think im pretty?" - its all the same thing, which is a shit test ummmm .. no, it's not ! A shit test is when you tease a girl for a little bit and suddenly she starts saying ... "You're so full of shit .." "Are you always...”

Re: Why does he neglect me? ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.relationships
Date: 2010/01/13 Author: JohnnyC69

Excerpt: “Introduce the fear of you fucking someone else to him. It's not hard. Just talk about some bad guy that was talking to you the other day. Talk about how you just can't stand how guys are so brash and 'annoying' the way they come up to you with their l...”

Re: Do Girls Tell Each Other? ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.general
Date: 2010/01/12 Author: Silvertree

Excerpt: “"Do girls tell each other about the dudes in their lives trying to fuck them? " Yes, all the time, they tell each other everything. You have no secrets when you do stuff with women. The more friends they have, the more people know faster. That is what...”

How Learning to Pickup Chicks Helped Me Become a Man: Part II ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.general
Date: 2010/01/06 Author: Michelangelo

Excerpt: “This is a continuaton of this thread: http:- I have some more ideas and would love to share them with mASF. Feel free to comment, criticize, or question. The main theme is still the same. Change the way you look at the world and you'll be free. Once y...”

Re: When she asks if you are a PUA? ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.general
Date: 2010/01/01 Author: cman

Excerpt: “Kaireyes wrote: How do you respond when you say something funny and she says 1. "How many times do you use that line?" Perhaps post what lines you are using as you may want to change there if your going for an indirect approach she shouldn't see you ...”

Re: Review: Sleazy Stories by Aaron Sleazy ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.reviews
Date: 2009/12/29 Author: Xela

Excerpt: “This is my review for the book to those who are interested to see more than one opinion. You would think that by context, these stories would only be interesting to womanizing men. I disagree, I believe my girlfriend would enjoy this as much (if not m...”

Re: depression ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.general
Date: 2009/11/08 Author: isko

Excerpt: “OK, I've been in similar situations and here's my suggestion for turning it around! Depression is hopelessness. It means that you feel like you'll never be good enough for what you want. You should think of the most perfect girl you've ever met. The o...”

How Learning to Pickup Chicks Helped Me Become a Man: Michelangelo's Style(Method) ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.general
Date: 2009/10/10 Author: Michelangelo

Excerpt: “Time for me to give back. I've been at this for almost three years, I'm now 21 years old. For those unfamiliar with me, check my history and FRs. This is what I've learned: Subjectivity This is the basis of every belief I have. Everybody experiences t...”

The place you will get the TRUTH is here. ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.general
Date: 2009/08/21 Author: formhandle

Excerpt: “As a reply to another thread, a poster, NANUC, stated this: "Good luck getting honest answers on here or any seduction board I mean what guy actually wants to admit that he gets 5's but can't get 7's? No one. But I don't believe anyone gets 10's all d...”

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