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Re: Not Objectifying Women. ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.advanced
Date: 2008/07/14 Author: carpe_diem

Excerpt: “froggy wrote: Ok, but what else is there to rate them on beside their looks before you /open/ and in the initial stages of the seduction? Thats the problem thinking too much before you approach or open. These days I tend to instinctively approach, and...”

A Long List Of Ways The Seduction Community Can Make You Weird ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.general
Date: 2008/01/04 Author: Jackro

Excerpt: “I just found this article: I don't really want to write this article. I'd rather not even think about this topic. But some things have to be said. Ah, the Seduction Community. Some of you may not know what this is, but I think a fair percentage of guy...”

Strong Realities ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.advanced
Date: 2007/09/25 Author: TheNow

Excerpt: “The battle against oneself is often the hardest, longest fought. The irony is that there is nothing stopping you from actually taking the actions congruent to a different personality but your own identity which isnt a large physical force as such. But...”

My Story ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.advanced
Date: 2006/11/10 Author: Lifeguard

Excerpt: “I want to share with you guys how I got to where I am today in my success with women and dating. Its kind of an interesting journey, different from what I have read about with other guys on this forum, and I think it may help some guys understand how ...”

Re: How Attraction Works ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.advanced
Date: 2006/06/06 Author: Flows

Excerpt: “Dimitri...good to read you again. I am taking a break from posting on mASF because it is just too time consuming and I am in the middle of my thesis. Just wanted to let you know that this is some of the best stuff I've been reading on here in a long t...”

VAC: How Attraction Works ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.advanced
Date: 2006/06/02 Author: Dimitri

Excerpt: “Introduction for my friends here After all these years, and all the masters that have passed through, no one had ever codified what attraction was. People knew that some things were good for attraction, and some were bad. But there were many things th...”

Active Pickup and Passive Pickup ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.advanced
Date: 2005/12/20 Author: Dimitri

Excerpt: “1. If you actually have a valuable characteristic about you, it will be obvious to someone from interacting with you. 2. You can cultivate the appearance of valuable and attractive traits. Doing this will make you seem like you have that trait - and o...”

FR: 6 Months OFF the Internet (LRs, journal notes) ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.fieldreports
Date: 2003/11/12 Author: Pap

Excerpt: “FR: 6 Months OFF the Internet (LRs and journal notes) For the last 6 months, I really posted many of the field reports Ive wanted to write as Ive been traveling around the world and playing the game all day and all night without much internet. I want ...”

Re: ATTN: Brandon ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast
Date: 1999/09/14 Author: Brandon Van Every

Excerpt: “Outfoxing The Foxes [email protected] wrote in message [email protected] Some Guy Writes: I have to say that Brandon's post here gives me a lot more respect for him. I would like to post (for his benefit and anyone else who is new to these concepts) some general ideas behi...”

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