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*ONEITIS* - a reality check ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.relationships
Date: 2011/07/15 Author: money_matteo

Excerpt: “Somebody just wrote this in another thread- ===================== This is my situation: I'm in love with my girlfriend. It's clearly oneitis. I know it's hard oneitis. I'm aware. I also know it's bullshit. She and I have been exclusive for 2 years. ==...”

Re: Wingman or non-pua friend "butting in"... ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.general
Date: 2010/10/23 Author: Chi-townMaverick

Excerpt: “Honestly, this sounds like a bunch of bullshit to me. Tell me, why are your "non-Community" friends stealing sets from you if they "haven't reached your level of abundance" yet?" How is their "neediness helping them win the girl?" Sounds like you're j...”

Introductions and Questions for you all ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.general
Date: 2010/10/10 Author: Dolcetto

Excerpt: “Secret society bros from far and wide, First post. Been in 'the game' over a year now, and all the roads I've had to walk are winding. I have accumulated a bit of field experience but I find myself making the same mistakes again and again, so in order...”

My standing with women in general ATM ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.general
Date: 2010/08/09 Author: Chi-townMaverick

Excerpt: “This discussion was brought about when I was giving some serious thought to the other thread I recently started. So here's what I've got down: --Being popular --Being attractive (physically) --Being funny and interesting --Pretty good at turning priva...”

Approach Anxiety: Top 10 Excuses PUAs make for not Approaching Women ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.general
Date: 2010/05/14 Author: London1

Excerpt: “Our deep-seated Fears and Insecurities lie at the base of our excuses in the game We use excuses in order to avoid a situation we fell anxious about By using excuses and making an exit from the challenge ahead, we relief ourselves of the anxiety that ...”

Re: Should I chat or deliver ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.beginners
Date: 2010/03/14 Author: MojoJoe

Excerpt: “Hey Man! I don't what style you follow but personally I think that the women should be doing the talking. Seth Godin is an expert in this area, he says that you should make things remarkable also he said this beautiful thing about people not caring to...”

Re: Gaydude Method part1: Attractive gayish behaviour. ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.general
Date: 2010/01/01 Author: TVA_Oslo

Excerpt: “formhandle wrote: TVAOslo wrote: Now 42 replies, my question is still, how many have been out fieldtesting it? I guess it's only a little handfull. This is what funny about this website. When some of us were starting in this scene, you were 8 years ...”

Re: Rough Draft of 2-Set Attraction Algorithm ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.beginners
Date: 2009/04/21 Author: TheLetter

Excerpt: “A few points. correct me if I'm wrong, you can't kiss close either. Wrong. I've kissed plenty of girls while I was in 2-sets. Except sometimes I end up kissing both of them... In another version of this post, Ockwick gave you really great advice abou...”

Re: My evolution ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.general
Date: 2009/04/14 Author: Detective

Excerpt: “Two comments, then: 1) You say "many PUAs avoid canned material/routines". Yes, that is not the only way to be repeatable. Approaching girls systematically and doing the same techniques over and over is the mark of a pick-up artist. The techniques may...”

Re: My evolution ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.general
Date: 2009/04/14 Author: Dravius

Excerpt: “A major annoyance/frustration of moderate-to-advanced PUAs is sorting through piles of useless crap to find something useful. The difference between MASF and other PUA forums is that this one focused much more heavily on CONTENT than idle chat (signal...”

FR+: K close + and secret PUAs ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.fieldreports
Date: 2009/03/07 Author: Dieselman

Excerpt: “I really need to get out more! My head has been full of work and other plans for my life recently and I've probably only been out for some night game a couple of times in the last month! Poor effort I know. Hopefully my two week PUA voyage of discover...”

The neurobiology of pair bonding ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.general
Date: 2008/12/08 Author: stantheman

Excerpt: “Hello ASF. In one of my classes we recently went over the neurobiology behind pair bonding. I found this topic to be very interesting and as a matter of review Ive decided to write up all of her lectures to a degree. This topic is very much relates to...”

Re: Handling disrespect and other weird issues (experienced guys please)... ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.general
Date: 2008/09/17 Author: D-Boy

Excerpt: “InnerCalm wrote: D-Boy wrote: Anyway, Have you tried negging her? I haven't tried: I've done but obviously not enough. My emphasis seemed more shifted on simply busting her balls vs. traditional negging. IOW; Have you set the frame that you're the p...”

Re: Handling disrespect and other weird issues (experienced guys please)... ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.general
Date: 2008/09/17 Author: InnerCalm

Excerpt: “D-Boy wrote: Anyway, Have you tried negging her? IOW; Have you set the frame that you're the prize, that you're more important than she is? I don't think you have. I think you're trying to be nice to her, and DHV at the same time. I think you're chasi...”

Re: Stop making little problems BIG ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.advanced
Date: 2008/07/28 Author: grow

Excerpt: “EDIT 6 - some field examples, some SS stuff ,Conclusion added. As always boys- take what you find fits to you, what not- discard.I am writing this from my point of view.It may sound overdetailed, but as I say, I am glad if you find anything useful. G...”

Re: LR: Scandinavian Artist (ClubGame - Toilette Lay) ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.fieldreports
Date: 2008/07/17 Author: Jokers_and_Jacks

Excerpt: “mindsweeper wrote: ... I was not aware that it was a certified, trademarked Mystery routine. I remember watching a youtube video or Mystery and I think I saw him use it then. To the larger point. There is an abundance of knowledge in the community and...”

Re: OR: Hanging out with my oneitis ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.fieldreports
Date: 2008/06/16 Author: TheLetter

Excerpt: “ElementalFire wrote: So, day started off fairly slow, I get a call from HBOne (hb 6 to 7 depending on how much work she does to look good, I may have previously mentioned her has HBCute in another report but I can't remember if I did or if that FR is ...”

FR: Optimal PRIME ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.fieldreports
Date: 2008/05/27 Author: DoctorZhivago

Excerpt: “I haven't sarged for 3 days or so. I'm rusty. I beat it the other night and my testosterone's depleted. I hit the streets to meet with my wing, Cruzado and when I see a Latina HB9 on the bus, my tail goes in between my legs. Maybe it was her wedding r...”

JWS Proposed Definition for "Alpha" ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.advanced
Date: 2008/04/20 Author: joseph_went_south

Excerpt: “The terms we use on this board were either invented outright or adopted from other social or anthropological sciences. People who clamor for scientific backup for MASF terms are missing the point: What makes our terminology and our methodology valid i...”

Re: Epiphanies ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.advanced
Date: 2008/02/12 Author: carpe_diem

Excerpt: “Epiphanies I need to warm-up properly to get great results sometimes warming up can be an hour of BradPs social freedom exercises, a whole week of talking to people while shopping and in lifts and other places and a few warm-up sets when in the venu...”

Re: Value vs. Game ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.advanced
Date: 2008/02/01 Author: carpe_diem

Excerpt: “I think you are touching on a level of game that is really advanced. Although I really like your post I think that its still not the definitive explanation of what is happening, and the process that is occurring. The two fundamentals of my game are wh...”

Re: phone flakes - how do you guys deal with it ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.general
Date: 2008/01/01 Author: zingdoozer

Excerpt: “BlueMystery wrote: Hey ZingDoozer, Understand that going through flakes is part of the process that we all go through. In other words, it's unavoidable. If what you say is correct, then I think the biggest part is this: - Be genuine. It sounds like ...”

Re: GF says, "Why Don't You Want to Be My Boyfriend?" ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.relationships
Date: 2007/12/23 Author: Jack Flash

Excerpt: “Some women just want a committed, monogamous relationship. Or think they do. They will sleep with you and have crazy wild times and then suddenly express their belief that your relationship should be exclusive. What the fuck, it deserves long discussi...”

Re: THE KEY to all Pickup and Approach Anxiety ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.advanced
Date: 2007/10/25 Author: Jestor

Excerpt: “BradP, you say some good stuff, and I applaud your effort in trying to address social anxiety, but there's an overall picture you're not touching on. For example, "It makes you lost a little bit of focus here and there. It makes you a little less domi...”

Successfully sarging strippers ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.tactics-techniques
Date: 2007/09/25 Author: Vaoncan

Excerpt: “Background I never used to sarge strippers because I kinda found strip joints a little dirty. But I have been doing more of this lately and my perspective has totally changed. Now I love sarging dancers. This is the one situation where you are almost ...”

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