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Re: Gunwitch Method In A Hotel? ... [thread]

Date: 2011/01/26 Author: Vexxor

Excerpt: “@Ock: RSD and MM are seriously creepy and retarded. RSD has fucked up more men than all other methods out there. Half of those guys have ended up way weirder than they were when they started out. Fuck them, they deserve to have their money taken from ...”

Re: Fast daygame sex proposal with shocking humor ... [thread]

Date: 2010/12/13 Author: burly

Excerpt: “First of all, field test and then report. You will find out more in the first 5 attempts than anything anyone could tell you here. What you're talking about is called "Apocalypse opener", originally promoted by a dude named Ciaran from RSD... look it ...”

OR: Coming Back ... [thread]

Date: 2010/11/29 Author: HoneyFresh

Excerpt: “Hey guys, this past month has been a rough one. In my last post, I've been overcoming some bullshit but I think it's affected me more than I think it did. Truth be told, my ex came back into my life because she rebounded off of me to another guy and b...”

Re: dedicated speed seduction forum ... [thread]

Date: 2010/06/07 Author: RaverDJ

Excerpt: “Well, originally, Alt.Seduction.Fast was where people into speed seduction» would go to post. You are "kinda" there now, as this is mASF - a moderated form of ASF. In the many years since SS's popularity, other "gurus" and the followers of their produc...”

Re: Watch this natural on "Blind Date" ... [thread]

Date: 2010/06/02 Author: Presence__

Excerpt: “betamale wrote: This has to be one of the worst threads ever made in advanced. "If you for a second believe it's because he's tall or good looking then you are retarded (no offense). " You need a break from all this stuff, or reading all that RSD cr...”

Re: Competition: Why it’s bad & an alternative mindset ... [thread]

Date: 2010/01/08 Author: Dravius

Excerpt: “David Deangelos success... David Ds work is not as leading-edge as many other so-called-gurus, more accurately its all recycled.... but he doesnt have to compete with the quality of his materials, turf-wars on discussion forums, answer challenges, put...”

Questions: Fast Sediction in a Club Vs. Bar ... [thread]

Date: 2010/01/01 Author: JonyWalker

Excerpt: “QUESTION With regard to fastseduction, is there a slower version for pubs and bars than for clubs? I love clubs! Fast seduction in a club seems natural when the club is full. It's hard to get self conscious or for the target to get nervous in a surrea...”

Natrual style, no routines, no techniques or strategy. ... [thread]

Date: 2009/11/17 Author: Defuckingluxe

Excerpt: “Hey hello. There seems to be some really good guys here in this forum, so it seems like a good place to ask for help. Ive been out picking up chicks for something about 2 years now. Ive used no routines, no techniques, tactics, or anything of that kin...”

Re: Tips on Social Interaction ... [thread]

Date: 2009/08/21 Author: outfoxer

Excerpt: “newman301 wrote: Lol, I thought I recognized the douchiness of this guy replying. It's just AgentS in disguise. I've been away from the boards for a while, so I'm not up to date on all the latest trolling :lol: . Aww newman 10 cold day time approaches...”

Re: Speer's Edge: "No Refunds" Opener ... [thread]

Date: 2009/07/18 Author: Speer_Method

Excerpt: Mystery Method? RSD? Speer Method? Do you mean game naturally? that's what the Speer Method is all about with the exception we teach you how to build a solid lifestyle so women can naturally come into your life and you don't have to run around doing c...”

Re: If what you're doing isn't working, do something else. ... [thread]

Date: 2009/04/04 Author: EasyFlow

Excerpt: BD», I don't see why this is in advanced. It's applicable at all levels. Here7ic: Is it really getting about more pussy? Yes. It is about getting pussy. That is the entire point of this website. If you are into new age bullshit about being the better y...”

Re: Any PUAs in NYC? ... [thread]

Date: 2008/09/27 Author: SoundSelector

Excerpt: MASF has some really weird people and some awsome cats . The weirdo ratio is MUCH higher on the Stylelife boards. And Most people I have met through the RSD boards. Go to RSD boards and send me a PM. I can take you out and Im actually getting kinda de...”

Re: LR: Wasn't me ... [thread]

Date: 2008/09/20 Author: tentacle

Excerpt: “nice one. i have to disagree with BigGameHunter here. i've had a girl travel through whole germany, 200euro in train tickets, 12h per direction sitting around. and then she blew me off that was such a funny situation :) Freakazoid wrote: LR: Wasn't ...”

LR: Wasn't me ... [thread]

Date: 2008/09/17 Author: Freakazoid

Excerpt: “LR: Wasn't Me! I have been sarging with my new buddy from work a lot lately. It was funny how one day I asked him if he watched Keys to the VIP and he said "Yeah, Religiously" or something along those lines We start talking about the game and he is in...”


Date: 2008/08/19 Author: funkyrhino

Excerpt: “Brad on that particular survey I think you should've added or took a survey on the age range. I used to browse the RSD forums and I wondered to myself "how old are these guys" because they seemed very young like 15-18. But you're right, there's a lot ...”

Re: EDITED. A shitty night, some rejections, some lessons, and some mASF floggings. Enjoy. ... [thread]

Date: 2008/06/20 Author: Nashvilleplayboy

Excerpt: “I think you're a little too uptight. Relax. Take a week or two off from reading forums and stop taking this so seriously for awhile. Go out and have some fun for a few nights. You've got the rest of your life to get good with women/fix your self-estee...”

Re: persistence: Why no almost never means NO! ... [thread]

Date: 2008/06/02 Author: ockwick

Excerpt: “On 6/2/2008 12:22:14 PM, josephwentsouth wrote: There is definitely something lacking in your game if it takes 12 times. Do you really think a psychologically healthy woman needs to reject a man 12 times before she will actually WANT to have sex? It ...”

LR: AMOG Battle with Euro-dudes over Asian Hottie; Karaoke gets you laid ... [thread]

Date: 2008/05/07 Author: AsianRake

Excerpt: “LR: AMOG Battle with Euro-dudes over Asian Hottie; Karaoke gets you laid I liked this one as it involved me, unwittingly, in an AMOG (alpha male» of the group) battle with about a dozen European expats in Beijing, all over this one Chinese hottie. This...”

Newbie Guide to PUA Development ... [thread]

Date: 2008/03/21 Author: Entropy4

Excerpt: “Since I began coaching, one question continues to become more and more prevalent: "I'm new to this. What is the best way to start out and improve quickly?" A lot of guys get ahead of themselves, asking about threesomes and harems when they still battl...”

The best product in the community is... whatever you need at the time ... [thread]

Date: 2008/03/17 Author: neuromancer

Excerpt: “The community is in a bit of a pickle when it comes down to deciding which product/seminar/BC etc is the most useful. The reason is of course that economically, every provider wants display itself as 'the shit'. The only product you'll ever need. The ...”

The PU diet ... [thread]

Date: 2008/03/17 Author: neuromancer

Excerpt: “I've recently hung out with some people who have great game and really figured out what I'm doing wrong and how to address it. Firstly, I am waaay to much inside my own head. I know everything and do nothing (or close to). I've read every book and hav...”

Re: How to take personalized and balanced action ... [thread]

Date: 2008/03/17 Author: Mack-Wild

Excerpt: “Formhandle: I certainly have some enemies from RSD that feel that I am running a smear campaigne on them because they banned me from their website and they along with RSD will try to do whatever it takes to censor me. The reason they banned me from th...”

Re: Im noticing a STRONG trend in the community ... [thread]

Date: 2008/03/12 Author: baggins321

Excerpt: “Wow. VERY well said Negativ. That hits the nail on the head x10. I seriously wanna copy your post and put it under the RSD forums to see what happens lol. I'm not a big fan of inner or direct game, but I respect people who are good at it and choose th...”

What is living in the NOW? ... [thread]

Date: 2007/12/08 Author: Zippo

Excerpt: “I studied for a long time MM. In the MM there is not such a concept as 'the now.' But on the fastseduction and rsd forums everyone talks about it. So what is living in the NOW and what applications does this have to pickup and other areas of live?”

Re: THE KEY to all Pickup and Approach Anxiety ... [thread]

Date: 2007/12/05 Author: passion283

Excerpt: “I disagree with Brad P's main point for a number of reasons. Here are a few points to keep in mind for guys who really do have heavy approach anxiety and who really are trying to get over it and meet some women: 1. You will likely always have approach...”

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