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The Social Disconnect Point (SDP) ... [thread]

Date: 2006/07/16 Author: Treasure

Excerpt: “Style talks about the "Social Hook Point" (let's abbreviate as SHP), which, according to Formhandle on the acronym glossary (as HP), is "The point at which general interest and neutral interest communications with a set turns into the set being ...”

Tell me how to improve... ... [thread]

Date: 2003/05/26 Author: SexPDX

Excerpt: “Jay, Having never met you, and only interacted with you on the board and in e-mail, I have the following impression of you: You are a very good person and very proud of what you have done to help all the guys in this community. Your language in your p...”

Re: Eye Contact - A rookies logic ... [thread]

Date: 2000/10/20 Author: Alan Palmer

Excerpt: “Alan Palmer wrote: ... From SECRETS OF ATTRACTION, by Sara E. Hirt and Mika Czirr, Emporia State University (http:- ... Hirt and Czirr are Psych undergrads, not experts, so YMMV.”

Re: Eye Contact - A rookies logic ... [thread]

Date: 2000/10/20 Author: Alan Palmer

Excerpt: “Joe User wrote: ... The Learning Channel (?) has a program about human sexuality - in it they talk about how the the diameter of the iris can indicate how sexually excited you are. Supposedly, advertisers believe in this enough to doctor print ad...”

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