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You wanna be a PUA? ... [thread]

Date: 2005/11/15 Author: formhandle

Excerpt: “IceDragon wrote: ... What I said needed to be said, No it doesn't, not any more. By now it's fucking regurgitated clutter, at best. If you see someone who obviously needs the advice, give it to them. I'm getting absolutely nauseated with the ever-repe...”

Alphaness? Asians,,What is your style? FMAC? Good? ... [thread]

Date: 2002/08/21 Author: gunwitch

Excerpt: “On 8/20/02 7:29:00 PM, TylerDurden wrote: On 8/20/02 4:00:00 AM, gunwitch wrote: claimed to be, but he comes of pretty authorative. Just trying to clean up the board.. you have to agree its gotten kind of messy in the last 2 months :) WHOA FUCK, thts...”

Re: Newbie Idea ... [thread]

Date: 1999/10/01 Author: Guy696969

Excerpt: “Jesus christ, that swede who I have been chasing was mentioning something about orgies to me! Man this so so fucked up. That was last semester, but I am still trying to get it in my head that women like sex. ARGH!!!!! This is like the hardest part, th...”

Re: Newbie Idea ... [thread]

Date: 1999/09/25 Author: Daniel

Excerpt: “Roadking, sometimes IT IS THE CHICKS WHO BRING UP SEX. Last night 2HB 1UG 1Guy Set I approach, befriend the guy, befriend the ug, then talk to hbs They started mentioning orgies and shit. Anyways, UNFORTUNATELY, BECAUSE 3 GIRLS ALREADY WANTED MY DICK,...”

Newbie Idea ... [thread]

Date: 1999/09/24 Author: Roadking

Excerpt: “Alright, newbies, gather round, Road has got something to say. There is something I want you to learn. And understand. Chicks like to fuck. Got that? And there are chicks out there that want your cock! Before you say, oh, that is apparent, think about...”

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