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Re: LR: Dirty Jersey ... [thread]

Date: 2011/06/30 Author: Libido

Excerpt: “Thanks, I love the attention and would like to get into such a thing actually. I'm often unintentionally entertaining, such as my 1st 21 Convention speech.”

LR: (Almost) Silent Pickup - Bathroom Fuck ... [thread]

Date: 2010/08/25 Author: nam_nam_power

Excerpt: “I meet a few other guys of the pickup community outside of club M. It is 11.30pm, Monday night. We enter the club. The place is quite fancy - definitely the fanciest club I've been to in the city. It's fairly full, the women are very hot and the music...”

Re: FR: Labor Day, my first FR ... [thread]

Date: 2009/09/11 Author: Leonidas126

Excerpt: “Yo dude, Great to see you've been kicking some ass since going back to school! Rockin', dude! Some advice I got the other day from Psyche's responses at the 21 Convention's QA panel - the 'no real expectations' excuse is just a way to protect your ego...”

LR: Allowing sex to happen (Long/social cicle game) ... [thread]

Date: 2009/08/11 Author: Hshudo

Excerpt: “I wasn't initially going to write this up, but I got a bit of pushing from a friend. This was more allowing the girl to seduce me, than the other way around. So here goes. Back around January, I joined the fencing club at my college. I've always wante...”

Re: LR: SNL (Online) Black Porno Girl is DTF ... [thread]

Date: 2009/06/18 Author: Hshudo

Excerpt: “Here is how the line helped me. It was an EFA. It let her know that i was not interested in a relationship. She could basically fuck me now, but trying to make me wait wouldn't work. She thought i was some innocent young kid, because i look like one. ...”

"Body by Science" workout regimen ... [thread]

Date: 2009/06/11 Author: MasterBaiter

Excerpt: “I'm reading a new book called "Body by Science" by Doug McGuff & John Little. Little wrote a number of books on exercise, including Max Contraction. McGuff is an E.R. physician & lifelong exercise physiology buff who owns his own gym that exclusively ...”

FR: Hanging out with some new friends and finding a new speaker for 2009 ... [thread]

Date: 2008/10/13 Author: Dream_

Excerpt: “A while back I made a bit of an ass of myself on mASF. One thing I did do right however was accept a 'cage match' from Hshudo, a 19 year old ASFer who was reportedly great at picking up women. The rules? Uh...we never really set any, or even got aroun...”

FR++: "The Asian Sensation" ... [thread]

Date: 2008/08/14 Author: Heartwork

Excerpt: “More escapades from the Under 21 Convention: The Asian Sensation Friday July 25th, 2008. Each day I wake up more and more tired. I walk into the seminar room and quietly sit in the back doing some work on my laptop. Someone comes in and stands next to...”

Re: Inner Game Bullshit and The 5 Steps to Progress ... [thread]

Date: 2008/08/09 Author: Heartwork

Excerpt: “Libido wrote: Theory, like inner game must be practiced and challenged constantly to be effective. In fact, I would wonder how application of theory in general differs in your analysis, and why you separate inner game theory from general theory. Lib...”

FR+: "The Gatekeeper" and the answer to a life long question... ... [thread]

Date: 2008/08/06 Author: Heartwork

Excerpt: “The Gatekeeper Thursday July 24th, 2008. If I had to give this night a motto it would be I dont give a fuck. Zebra and I both presented today at the convention so we ended up sticking together for most of the day. When it came time to go out, we decid...”

FR++: "The Woman in the White Dress" ... [thread]

Date: 2008/08/06 Author: Heartwork

Excerpt: “FR: The Woman in the White Dress Wednesday July 23rd, 2008. This is the first night of the Under 21 Convention. All the madness from each night will be posted soon: I arrive at the hotel around 9pm. I am extremely exhausted, jet lagged, and I am just ...”

FR: College Bus/ Party Sarging - Violating 3 Second Rule in an Interesting Way ... [thread]

Date: 2007/09/08 Author: Amp

Excerpt: “I'm still feeling sick from the amount I had to drink last night and it's already 3:30 P.M. My roommate informs me of things I did last night that I don't remember very well. To start off the night, my roommate and I pregamed with vodka and poweraid. ...”

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