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Common Search Topics, Build-up for TFM2

These topics & links are being worked on & improved.

In order to ensure this list becomes as thorough & useful possible, I need feedback on 2 fronts: 1) Suggestions for new topics and 2) suggestions for refinement on the results for each topic.  When suggesting topics, please keep in mind that broad topics (like “self-esteem” or “clubs”) are not as practical as specific descriptions of common questions, discussions or themes which come up often in the pickup scene (or “community” or whatever you want to call it).  For example: “club openers”, “improving confidence”, “creating routines”.  As for suggesting refinements, I can remove any of the following from results: specific posters, specific posts, specific entire threads, certain subject line wording, adding topics/hreads which may be of use but not currently showing up in the results.

Contact me for feedback at: [email protected]

The Terms

Currently Being Worked On

  • Sticking Points
  • Getting Over Approach Anxiety
  • NEXTing or “Should I next her?”
  • classroom
  • Day Game
  • Loud Clubs
  • Buying Temperature
  • Rapport
  • Patterns
  • Kissing
  • Ssignals or IOI's
  • Getting Over Fuckups
  • Being Found Out As A PUA
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