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Re: How to stop getting tooled? ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.general
Date: 2011/08/01 Author: JoeGolden

Excerpt: “A few steps they go into is to 1. Don't even acknowledge it. This conveys that you have a strong reality, you choose what you react to. Ignore it and introduce new conversation. If they persist, laugh at how hard they have to work for your attention. ...”

Way too many methods, overwhelmed! ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.general
Date: 2011/03/02 Author: iamcortez

Excerpt: “Hi there, I have way too many books regarding about pick up and I'm totally overwhelmed in how much I read that I stopped reading anything at all! Should I just stick to one and take notes of their strengths or what makes sense to me the most? They al...”

LR: Here's to Spectacular Women ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.fieldreports
Date: 2011/02/25 Author: Genghis

Excerpt: “So So when I first got involved in the community I didn't think to tell this story. I guess I figured that it was fairly commonplace, and that most people had one experience like this in their lives. Lately I've found some friends who I can talk about...”

Re: Identity problem ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.beginners
Date: 2010/11/30 Author: exorio

Excerpt: “borisfromserbia wrote: How can i fix my confidence? well im unemployed at the moment, but i like to read, invest in myself.. like selfhelp books etc. Im gonna be a writer. As Tyler Durden said (the guy in the movie not RSD founder :D) : You're not yo...”

Re: Elephant in the room: the importance of looks. ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.general
Date: 2010/10/17 Author: DiamondFist

Excerpt: “Maybe your doing the wrong things. There was a pua from RSD known as hoobie. He personified the short asian stereotype. It took him eleven months to get his first number close. He kept persisting. Now he is pulling 9s and 10s like he's pulling rabbits...”

Re: Watch this natural on "Blind Date" ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.advanced
Date: 2010/07/08 Author: Presence__

Excerpt: “josephwentsouth wrote: It's really good! A few comments: Thanks for the props! Watching suckers on Blind Date isn't easy jeje Also I can tell you that looks are completely irrelevant. I look nothing like this guy and I bang girls as hot as her, routin...”

Re: Does anyone still trust GW?(Attn TVA, Ockwick, Sleazy) ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.general
Date: 2010/01/17 Author: valmont26

Excerpt: “Hey Sleazy». Great to hear from you! About RSD, your might be right. I read about Jlaixs bisexual fat girlfriend from couple of years ago. I met Tyler Durden in the field couple of times, he is often at a club I frequent in LA. He walks around the club...”

Re: Does anyone still trust GW?(Attn TVA, Ockwick, Sleazy) ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.general
Date: 2010/01/13 Author: JohnnyC69

Excerpt: “There are rumors circulating that Tyler Durden sucks with chicks. Relatively speaking, of course. By that I mean, compared to a lot of the RSD instructors and to a lot of naturals around, he doesn't pull near as many chicks. 60 told me one time, refer...”

Re: Product Q: RSD products ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.reviews
Date: 2009/05/22 Author: Slip28

Excerpt: “For people who are unfamiliar with RSD, they tend to be a little strange from an outsider's viewpoint. It's not so much the fault of the heads over there, but they attract some bizarre types who love to talk about nimbus' and chode crystals and other ...”

Liberating thoughts for PUA/sarging ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.general
Date: 2009/03/11 Author: kriminal-pua

Excerpt: “OK, so it got me thinking about a thread that was made recently http:- I've come to realise the importance of Inner Game and since watching some stuff on RSD...is this the way forward??? I realised that everytime I used some stuff from Mystery method ...”

Re: single most important (basic) realisation since entering the game ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.general
Date: 2009/03/10 Author: MasterChief

Excerpt: “I think the more complicated pickup systems are too much to handle for a lot of people. So a simpler system like Gunwitch is better for beginners. Tyler Durden said that a lot of the people who used Mystery Method became social robots in the beginning...”

Re: Is there any way out of the LJBF zone? Even if youve been told directly that ur in it? ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.general
Date: 2009/02/02 Author: JohnnyC69

Excerpt: “You're investing more energy into her than she is investing into you. The only sure-fire cure is to next. Now, if you're of the Tyler Durden school, where you can only next a chick after you have slept with her, then you're kinda fucked. Take an RSD b...”

OR: Hottest girl I've ever number closed - FINALLY! ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.fieldreports
Date: 2008/09/17 Author: tical2000

Excerpt: “10 days ago I wrote this field report about HB8.5 Azn girl. http:- I have finally succeeded in number closing her with plans for this Saturday to go out. I probably could have done this sooner, maybe at the bar, or if not then maybe the next time I sa...”

Why are you here? Yes, you, who's reading this right now. Why? ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.beginners
Date: 2008/08/10 Author: Nashvilleplayboy

Excerpt: “To get women of course!!! I know that. That's obvious. BUT WHY? What do you want? When you lay your head down at night with the lights off and your face buried in your pillow, and there's no one there for you to put on a show for, what do you want? Yo...”

Re: MRS: Magic Relationship Syndrome ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.relationships
Date: 2008/06/09 Author: Nashvilleplayboy

Excerpt: “Mariken wrote: No, this is not the case. Not everyone sees relationships as a means to have sex without invoking social judgement. You're preaching to the choir here. I wasn't saying it as a blanket statement to include all women. I was saying specifi...”

Re: How to take personalized and balanced action ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.advanced
Date: 2008/03/17 Author: joseph_went_south

Excerpt: “I am going to be very brief. I really enjoy this post much more than your other one. I can always appreciate when a guy comes out and says, "here's what works for me and here's how I found out". I fucking HATE posts that are whines about "the communit...”

Review: RSD Bootcamp ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.reviews
Date: 2008/03/12 Author: neuromancer

Excerpt: “Note: I am not affiliated with RSD or any other company in the community in any way. This review has not been seen or edited by anyone but me. I am also a serious skeptic when it comes to guru teachers and RSD hero worship (Tyler Durden walks on water...”

Re: Who else thinks RSD is corrupt? ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.general
Date: 2008/03/09 Author: Negativ

Excerpt: “Most of the fanatical ravings from the RSD message board seem to be from non-RSD affiliated members. I find their message of self-improvement to be positive and helpful but the fact they portray themselves as a company that has getting laid as the mai...”

Powerful state control techniques ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.advanced
Date: 2007/11/11 Author: Zardoz

Excerpt: “This is a lesson, a field report and a tactic. Setting: Bar; small packed and sweaty. Theres volcano of winter clothing on the couch; no coat check, bills to pay. Management needs more room for humans. I have four friends--1 natural and 1 pua, a playe...”

Re: CHick Crack ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.beginners
Date: 2007/09/01 Author: D-Boy

Excerpt: “"WhiteDragonPUA (Eddy) and I always joke that shit like the CUBE, handwriting analysis, strawberry-fields, and palmreading, is CRACK for chicks. INTRO: WhiteDragonPUA (Eddy) and I always joke that shit like the CUBE, handwriting analysis, strawberry-f...”

Re: Favorite Shit Tests! ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.general
Date: 2007/07/01 Author: D-Boy

Excerpt: “Thanks - actually, thank Tyler Durden! That guy is great. Here is some paraphrased information from the RSD Package. Congruence tests: People might try to force you into a submissive role that isn't you. ie; idiot at the party. You're showing photos t...”

Re: Tyler Durden's theories ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.general
Date: 2007/05/05 Author: BenderTheOffender

Excerpt: “I and most others understood it perfectly fine the first time around. No. You just refrain from being critical because it's "uncool" or whatever. I'm not like that, if a guy talks shit I'll say something about it, even if it's Tyler Durden who I think...”

Tyler Durden's theories ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.general
Date: 2007/05/03 Author: BenderTheOffender

Excerpt: “I've just finished the RSD Superconference tapes with Tyler Durden and I have some issues with his stuff. Most of it is great but some things bother me. 1. being funny, getting girls to laugh, he's always on about it like it's the most important thing...”

Review: Most of my Study Materials, from A to Z, since mid 2005. ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.reviews
Date: 2007/04/16 Author: Philos

Excerpt: “So there I was, ready to reply to RichieLA's thread in the bootcamp forum. He suggested that we list all the products that have gotten us from PUA birth until now. So I began to list them off one by one in my head. I became obsessed. A very Nostalgic ...”

Re: Heavy Inner Game Problems ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.beginners
Date: 2007/02/20 Author: LethariO

Excerpt: “top i think i read somewhere that tyler durden of RSD had the same problem. If you notice when he speaks publicly in his seminars, he pretty much yells everything he says. he said when he started doing this...after awhile his voice just started projec...”

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