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Mystery Method Intensive Bootcamp

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Review(s) of Mystery Method Intensive Bootcamp

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TokyoPUA reviews a Mystery Method Intensive Bootcamp:

The legendary Mystery and originator of the infield workshop came to Boston in August, something we at have been waiting for a long time. Mystery rolled into town with co-instructors Sinn and Sirius (I think that was his name) and began a whirlwind 4 day intensive Bootcamp on August 11th.

The first thing we were impressed to see was how punctual and professional the whole thing was, after these are pickup artists we are talking about, right? Well, everyday Mystery and Sinn got things started right on time, and were immediately teaching hard hitting material without delay, and it was all well organized and structured with notes and supporting material handed out in advance. Also, the number of students was small, so everyone got very personalized instruction from the very beginning.

The seminar parts were held during the day, and the in field workshop portions went from 10:30 till 2 am for 3 nights. I had never been to a Bootcamp like this, but immediately saw how good an idea this was because the students get to practice what they learned immediately. And if they weren’t practicing, they were made to by the instructors!

Day 1
Mystery started by finding a little about everyone student’s goals and success in the game so for (or lack of success as was often the case). With this in mind he was able to tailor material to the needs of the group and each guy in the class. On this first day, he began by explaining some great material about how attraction occurs and ways to be attractive to women. He talked at length about evolutional reasons woman are attracted to men, and how to tap into the power of these emotional switches.

That night after receiving a good basis of theory, we all headed out to the clubs, but found out most of the large Boston clubs were closed that night. (Yes, Boston nightlife sucks.) We wound up finding a decent place, and no sooner than a minute after I walked in, Mystery was already surrounded by 4 women who were clearly hanging on his every word. It was interesting to note how he was getting immediate social proof and to watch the interested/jealous looks other girls near him were sending towards his group. (Mystery calls this Flash Game and explains how to do it in the seminar.) The point of that night was for students to see Mystery in action and try a few approaches of their own, so Mystery moved on after awhile. He and Sinn spent a lot of time getting guys to go into set, but he did one other set of two blond girls that was particularly interesting to me because he again was the center of attention, and he had them sitting so close to him I thought they were going to crush him. It turns out he was using a cool photographic memory routine on them that he actually taught us all on Day 3.

Day 2
This day was where the structure of courtship, or “M3” as he calls it, was introduced. When Mystery first wrote about it on, it wasn’t well received, as most people thought it was just marketing meant to make his old model of meeting women, FMAC (Find Meet Attract Close), sound better. Well, it turns out that M3 is truly brilliant, and light years ahead of FMAC. I was one of those people who was at least slightly skeptical, but I now believe it’s the best structured method around today for getting a beautiful girlfriend. Anyway, on this day the whole structure was introduced, after which the emphasis was on the Attraction phase of the M3 method, and the students were given coaching on how to accomplish it at the club later that night.

At night we went out to one of the larger clubs in Boston. The goal was for each student to try to approach 12 sets. I spent about an hour watching the students get coached. The most impressive part to me was when Mystery helped this guy, who was being a total wallflower up to that point, go talk to 2 women. The guy was totally nondescript and was failing with the women, but Mystery stepped in and told him what to do right in front of the women. He fixed his body language», then said “Action!” and walked away. A minute later he came back and said “Cut!” and gave the student more advice. The women were actually loving this, and after Mystery walked away the second time the student was able to really keep the attention of these women, and they were totally into what he was saying.

I didn’t see what else happened that night, because my second set of the night happened to be on a hot girl who I had seen get in to the club for free based on her looks alone. I basically acted as I normally would with her, but had opened with an opinion opener that I had created that day and was very conscious of the M3 method. When I knew I was well into phase 2 (Comfort), I took her out of the club and out for sushi, after which we went back to my place. I almost never go to clubs, but I could see how I might want to more often after that! I had much less resistance than normal because I had worked on the mutual attraction methods that Mystery taught that day. While I have been a master of street for most of my successes, knowing the Mystery Method» is just what I was missing for club game! I didn’t see it, but Sinn also took home a girl that night.

Day 3
This day started with feedback and discussion from everyone about how their night went, and it seemed like the students got a lot out of that. The rest of the day was mainly elaboration on the M3 model, and we got into the second of the three sections, the Comfort phase. They also went through a TON of material for guys to use in the Attraction phase: specific stories, DHVs, IOIs, the Cube, Openers, Negs, etc.

At night we all went to the largest club in Boston, and I was interested to see how this would work since I had personally been there a few times and always found it hard to meet women because its so centered around dancing and so loud. I did a few sets but decided to make up for my lack of attention the night before and really focused on the students and on Mystery. Mystery and Sinn agreed that the club was not a great place to practice and wound up taking the group outside to the smoking area where at least you could hear people. It was here that I witnessed Mystery totally attract a tall blond girl, so much so that her husband appeared out of nowhere to CB when she started putting her hands all over him. This was followed by flawless execution on two hot little 19 year old blonds with great bodies, one of whom gave him her phone number and went into isolation alone with him. Just as with the MM Stripper Seminar (see my review below) I really got the feeling of just how repeatable a process it must be for him, and how what he claims must be true, namely that if he doesn’t get interrupted by circumstances beyond his control (like the jealous husband) then he can pretty much always lead the interaction eventually to sex, if he wants to. I could also tell that Mystery was not really inspired by most of the women he saw in Boston. He models Casanova whereas Sinn is more of a Don Juan, apparently. And true to form, Sinn pulled the double header by getting together with a French girl that night as well, the guy is a machine (except at playing chess, but that is another story entirely).

Day 4
Again we all talked about experiences from the night before and then got into the final phase of the M3 method, namely Seduction. Mystery has amazing insights about why LMR (Last Minute Resistance) occurs and how to deal with it, and for guys who have major problems with that, this part of the course alone may well pay for itself.
Finally, to wrap things up, Mystery and Sinn talked about something that I have never seen at any seminar, namely how to build your own unique identity. This included suggestions for style and ways to dress, but went well beyond that. I won’t give away their material, but it was really amazing and unique.

All told, this was a great experience, even for a seasoned veteran of the game. And I could see that the students had gotten their money’s worth as well. Mystery and Sinn are two of the coolest and down to earth guys you will ever meet, something that I would never have known without meeting them in person. They are also AMAZING teachers, who are really invested in their students.

Mystery may well be the closest guy to Casanova that we know out there who is actually teaching. I don’t know how much longer he will be teaching, as it is clearly tiring work (he was on the road for 5 weeks straight) but I for one am glad to have had the chance to learn from a guy whose name will undoubtedly outlive him. And he is teaching his instructors to be as good as he is, creating other Casanovas and Don Juans to carry on his Mystery Method». I know for some of you that his courses may seem like a big investment, but ask yourself this: if you could go back in time, and learn directly from one of the great masters like Don Juan or Casanova, would you? If you had the opportunity to become as good as they are, would you? If you could be better with women than every other man you meet, would you? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then you need to grab your opportunity to learn Mystery Method now!

~TokyoPUA, 2005-09-17

Readers of Fast Seduction 101 who have taken part in Mystery's seminars/worksops are welcome to submit their own reviews.

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