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The Venusian Arts Handbook (Ebook) - Mystery Method

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Review(s) of The Venusian Arts Handbook» (Ebook)

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TokyoPUA reviews The Venusian Arts Handbook:

In many ways this book is the most complete book on seduction available today. With its debut in October 2005, over an entire decade of learning from the now famous Mystery is available to you in the most condensed version available. Many readers will know of Mystery from reading the New York Times bestselling book “The Game” by Neil Strauss, a.k.a. Style. Until the release of “The Venusian Arts Handbook” the only other document that even came close is the Mystery archive of internet posts, which can be found here on this site for free download, and makes a good companion reading to further understanding the Mystery Method, assuming you have the time. But “The Venusian Arts Handbook” contains tons of new material and can be read in hours instead of weeks!

Perhaps what is most revolutionary about the new material in the Mystery Method is the M3 model of courtship. If M3 sounds like something from a James Bond film, well it might as well be because it can get you laid like a movie star and secret agent all rolled into one. And don’t let the word “courtship” throw you, as M3 is really a brilliant model that breaks down almost any successful interaction men have had or ever will have with women, and leads you step by step through how to approach and meet a woman to getting her in bed. No other book on seduction offers such a detailed and powerful structure for attracting and subsequently seducing women. I have been reading books on this subject for 6 years now and I can’t overstate how much of an advance the M3 model is in terms of structure. Put simply, it is genius.

Here is a brief glimpse into some of the things you will learn in “The Venusian Arts Handbook”:

Chapter 1 – This chapter presents some basic concepts that you need to understand as a backdrop to understanding what really makes women feel attraction and understanding what motivates both men and women. This chapter goes back in time draws on some key evolutional and psychological concepts that are essential to understanding what follows.

Chapter 2 – This chapter also covers some of the basics that motivate women with more modern concepts like social pressure, etc. and gives you tactics like peacocking that are adapted to these concepts in order to attract women.

Chapter 3 – The M3 Model Explained, this is my favorite chapter of the book. Now that you have the basics down, you are introduced to the core of the Mystery Method» through elegant color diagrams that chart the flow of the “M3” model. Basically M3 is a three phase process that describes the courtship process. Never have I seen the process of seduction so well visually presented or accurately described. In some ways it may be a little hard to understand at first, but the more you look at it and practice the more powerful it becomes.

Chapter 4 – This chapter explains the first part of the Attraction phase of M3, or A1: the approach. It explains key concepts developed by Mystery such as the three second rule and negs, and other more general concepts such as social proof and proximity. Detailed explanations and examples of the Opinion Opener are given for you to learn and practice with. False time constraints and DHV’s are covered.

Chapter 5 – This chapter describes the second part of the Attraction phase of M3, or A2: Female to Male Interest. Simply put this is the part that tells you how to get her intensely attracted to you. The concepts and structure here are tested by men around the world and are known to work. Tools like IOIs, DHVs, lock in props, and more are discussed in detail.

Chapter 6 – Now you have the woman intensely attracted to you, but experience has shown that this intense attraction can backfire if you don’t know what to do next because many things can go wrong (she may not feel she deserves you, may rebel against her own emotions for being so strong, etc.). This is where you enter the third part of the Attraction phase of M3, namely A3, or Male to Female Interest.

Chapter 7- In A3, you learn to make her feel that she deserves someone like you, and it is where you establish firmly that the two of you are mutually attracted. Hoop theory, screening, takeaways, qualifiers, and the bait-hook-reel-release method are discussed in detail in this chapter.

Chapter 8 and beyond is all about the comfort and seduction stages where you essentially bond with the girl and gain the trust and comfort necessary to progress to sex. The great ideas Mystery has for dealing with last minute resistance to sex will alone be worth the price of the book to many men.

Other things I liked in general about this book was that at the end of each chapter there is a summary of what you just read that helps you recall key points. There are nice clip art images and pictures that give the book a little bit of personality beyond the dry “text only” type of e-books. As an added benefit, you get a lot of material that comes from Style as well, since Style was Mystery’s wing.

Reading this book you basically get the feeling that it was a labor of love and that a lot of effort has gone into it, both in making the material easy to understand and organized as well as formatting it with great pictures and images that keep you really interested and engaged in learning the material.

For people new to the game and seasoned veterans alike, “The Venusian Arts Handbook” is a must read, absolutely must have book. The phrase “destined to become a classic” is often overused, but I truly feel that this book has already earned that title. However, rumor has it that you will soon no longer be able to buy it in ebook format, so don’t delay in buying “The Venusian Arts Handbook” today!

~TokyoPUA, 2006-04-13

P.S. What are you doing even reading this P.S.? Seriously, the book isn’t going to be around in electronic format for long, you should have already clicked the link above to buy it!

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