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High Status Male

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Reader Reviews of the "Without Embarrassment: The Social Coward's Totally Fearless Seduction System" eBook

High Status MaleNote from Formhandle

I haven't gotten through the whole eBook yet, but so far it's top-notch, spot-on, and extensively useful.

~Formhandle (Fast Seduction 101 Webmaster)

Review of "Without Embarrassment" by TokyoPUA:

This was a great book, pure and simple!  The author draws on psychology, NLP, common sense, and personal experience to teach you how to become more successful with women.  The book is written with alpha male type humor sprinkled throughout and manages to tone down the technical derivates in order to make the concepts he is teaching really easy to understand by using ordinary language and really good analogies.

The key thing you will learn reading this book is how to basically act like a man that women want, and to not be ashamed of that behavior.  The book is written from the perspective of someone who had to learn the hard way, as the author was by his own admission short, not particularly good looking, and filled with shame about his desire for women.  He even manages to show you how in certain ways such "detriments" such as being short or not good-looking can actually be used to your advantage when you understand the principles he teaches!  If you ever saw an ugly guy with a totally hot chick and wondered how the hell he managed it, these ideas on how to turn your weaknesses into strength will leave you nodding your head in understanding.

After some background information in the first few chapters, you will take a test to see how high you presently rank on the High Status Male scale.  (Out of 250 points I personally scored 218, and so a lot of the book was about things I already felt I knew, but with over 300 pages I found plenty of new ideas to make it worth reading, and I plan to keep it on my Sony Clie and read it many more times.)  Once you take the quiz, you go back to reading the final chapters and learn how to improve your score in the high status male realm.

Among the new things I personally learned was an interesting new approach to applying self anchors.  I have long had an anchor set that fires when I place my hand on my thigh, and beyond that I have never really used self anchors much, but the new idea in this book is making me rethink how to set and fire self anchors.  Then there is the novel idea for improving a woman's orgasm using eye accessing cues.  I don't know if it will work, but I can say that at least after reading that section, I finally memorized (despite reading many books with the same information) which eye access cues mean what in the VAK scheme of things (I just needed the proper motivation, I guess).  There was also the best explanation I have ever read on exactly how to combine your smile and eye contact with a woman for a devastatingly powerful effect.  And his way of shaking a woman's hand sounds like a truly classy move.

Its important to say that this book is about how to be a high status male, but its not full of useless advice like other material that advises things like "first, go buy yourself a Ferrari and a yacht".   Instead, its packed with advice about how to act like a high status male.  And by this I don't mean stupid crap like "keep your nose pointing at a 135 degree angle in order to look down at everyone around you".  Instead, its things that are as simple as how to act when someone cuts you off in a parking lot while you are driving with a woman, how to actually listen and reflect what a woman says, etc."

This book was particularly interesting to me because I felt it fits nicely with my toolbox philosophy of picking up women.   Basically as you read this book will find yourself picking up many tools for acting in a way that shows women that you are a high status male.  By the time you are finished with all 300 pages you will be able to give yourself a pat on the back because you will have a whole specialized section of your toolbox filled to the brim with high status male tools and artillery.

The book even has a fictional story written in romance novel style that helps you understand how an ideal pickup might proceed using the ideas covered in the book.  The story is then repeated with the author's comments in case you didn't get all the subtleties he wove into the story.  Overall, the only "negative" to the book for me was that it had a few pages on how to keep that one special woman.  This really doesn't figure into my strategy right now, but eventually it may, so even this was worth the read, actually.  If you are looking for that one special woman, than that just makes this book a better buy for you.   If you are a hardcore pick up artist, then you can choose to skip those pages at your discretion.

The lower your score on the High Status Male quiz, the more I suggest you practice the advice in the book.  Don't just read it once and go on, regardless of your level.  A lot of the advice in the book is going to require some of you to use balls you never knew you had, but the good news is that by the time you are done you will have big balls of steel and will be a total badass with women.  Now all that you need to do to begin that journey is to have the balls to go buy the book!!!

~TokyoPUA, 2003-05-06

Readers of Fast Seduction 101 who have purchased High Status Male eBooks/products   are welcome to submit their own reviews.

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