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Secret of Process Eliciting to Seduce Girls With Boyfriends

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A lot of guys ask me, "What do I say if she tells me she has a boyfriend?"

The fact is, most attractive women have a boyfriend most of the time. If men are like spiders trying to catch as many women into their web as they can, women are like swinging tree-monkeys, swinging from boyfriend to boyfriend but never letting go of the first without having a second lined up to grab onto. So you can't just ignore women with boyfriends or you'll severely limit your options.

One technique to use is a "boyfriend destroyer". A boyfriend destroyer is especially effective if her boyfriend is not meeting her core values and she's looking to leave him anyway and just needs an extra nudge out.

For instance, last month I met a cute black-haired beauty by the pool and she was telling me how she had just broken up with her boyfriend and how he was such a jerk. She went on about him for ten minutes straight. She was getting more and more worked up it. Besides getting bored, I didn't want any of this negativity attached to me.

So I told her, "Just imagine your ex-boyfriend three inches tall, like this, standing right on the table in front of you. Now I want you to take your hand and smash him and crumple him up in your hands-"

She immediately squashed her invisible ex against the table and crumpled him up before I could finish!

Then I told her, "And THROW him into the pool where he will disappear! Splash! Gone!"

She threw him in and after that never said one more word about him – only that I was so "intelligent" and "sweet" and "incredible" and... well you get the idea.

But some women LIKE their boyfriends and there's little you can do to neutralize or destroy him in her mind. In that case you have to take a completely different approach. (The following conversation is simplified for clarity)

One girl I met at a party casually mentioned her boyfriend in conversation. I said to her, "You know, I'm really curious about something... about your boyfriend, what about him first attracted you?"

She started telling me what it was about her boyfriend that first attracted her. She said, "Well I wasn't attracted to him AT FIRST, but it was just the way he... and the way he... and..." This is important, because she's giving you step-by-step instructions on EXACTLY how to seduce her!

I then asked her, "When you first fell in love with this person what exactly did you feel?"

No matter what she says, she'll lightly go into that state of first falling in love as she accesses it in her mind – with YOU causing the good feeling in her.

I asked her, "Where did that feeling start?"

She told me in her chest (they'll usually say in their throat or stomach).

Then I asked her, "From your chest, where did it go it next?"

She told me it went down to her tummy.

I said, "Now let me get this straight... I was actually talking to a friend of mine last week and with her when she feels she's attracted to a person she said it starts in her throat, but for you it starts here in your chest..."

I touched her chest. "And then down to your tummy right," I said tracing my finger down to her naval.

I've now just elicited HER particular process of becoming attracted and then LED her through it by tracing the path of that feeling with my finger (and anchored that incredible feeling to my finger as I touched her). In effect, I created the experience of "becoming attracted" for her as I traced the feeling with my finger along her skin - all with the excuse of, "Now let me see if I got what you said straight."

I finished up with, "It's kind of weird that way... how you just become attracted to someone like that... as if it just explodes inside of you when it hits your tummy... but things like that can just happen and in my opinion you should never try to fight something like that."

As a final note, you MUST have some level of rapport when you pull a move like this. The more rapport you have with her, the better she'll respond and more powerful the effect will be.


Derek Vitalio

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