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What A Groundhog Can Teach You

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A lot of guys tell me that they have trouble developing the right attitude around women... the playful, relaxed, charasmatic attitude that women really go for.

Of course, being the kind of man that exudes that kind of attractive energy is easier said then done.  You may have seen other guys with it, but somehow it eludes the rest of us.  Well rent the movie "Groundhog's Day" starring Bill Murray and watch it.

Murray is the typical anti-seducer who turns women off with his pessimistic, dreary attitude on life.  He's pretty much given up on women and himself. And nobody likes him.

Then one morning, on Groundhog's Day, he wakes up and day after day he experiences the same day over and over again.  Every day is just like the last one.  The only difference is HIM and what HE does.  Very quickly realizes there are no consequences to his actions because no matter what he does that day, the next morning it's as if nothing ever happened.

So Murray begins to do whatever he feels like doing, uninhibited, playfully, adventurously. He tries on different personas and different ways of interacting with people.  He screws around with people's mind.  He begins living in the moment for THAT day.

And living for the moment of THIS day is an important skill to have.  Most people have all sorts of fears that hold them back from doing what they know, deep down, is best for them. Most people live in hesitation, anxiety, and fear of what other people might think.  They're like Darth Vader... half alive and half dead and they go through their entire lives without ever getting the kind of women they truly want and can have.

I remember the first time I tried to walk up to a woman.  I spent a few hours every day for two weeks before I managed my first approach.  And then it came out with so much nervousness in my voice that the girl kind of laughed at me and asked why I was so nervous. I didn't get her, but I'll never regret taking those first steps toward freedom with women.  I quickly realized that a lot of my fears were just hallucinations in my head and I soon learned how to control my fear and hesitation to help me.  Now I can honestly say I live in the moment for TODAY and I have a new problem - the problem of having too many women wanting to use up all of my time with me!

Of course, you don't have to go through the same effort and embarassment as I did because I've already done a lot of the work for you.

Developing this playful, relaxed, charasmatic attitude is easy.  Unfortunately, it's not obvious how.  But I don't recommend this program for everyone.  People wanting a magic pill can look somewhere else; and they can keep looking because they'll never find it!  It can take weeks and maybe months of drill to change your personality permanently for the better.  However, if you do the drills you WILL get the skills!

So if you need a little inspiration, rent "Groundhog's Day" and begin living your life for today!


Derek Vitalio

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