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Based loosely on “Tony’s How to Lay Girls Guide” as of July 10, 2000. Tony’s guide is now a (barely updated) pay site. Please read the disclaimer about the raw textual contents of this site.

Personal comment: Although I dislike (for a number of reasons) the way Tony turned his site into a pay site, I have to commend him on his ability to organize this kind of material into a well-structured, easy-to-follow format. It would have been tough to collect the raw base of materials for the core of the site without the initial effort he put forth.

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Note: Sections marked with a [Enhanced!] icon have either had their text significantly modified from the original “Tony’s How to Lay Girls Guide” or have been properly attributed. Sections not marked as such have not had their text  modified significantly (beyond the technical enhancements like search, acronym pop-ups, and integrated forum). Once at least 95% of this guide has been enhanced/revamped (time estimate: end of February in 2001), the [Enhanced!] icons will be removed.

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Before Getting Started

The Basic Rules

The 3 seconds ruleTHE most important rule for Pick-up Artists. Enhanced!
Look and feel your best – Not rocket science, but a lot of guys need to be reminded. Enhanced!
Be the Alpha/Dominant male – Because when you’re not, you can only be second best. Enhanced!
Do my looks matter? – Yes… and no. At least not as much as you think. Enhanced!
Nice guys vs jerks – the key difference between the two explained.
Good traits to have – or develop, to be a successful player.
It all comes down to satisfaction – read why you actually have the upper hand with the most beautiful of women.
Women want good sex – so make sure you do her right:)
Should you express or contain your sexual desires? – a moot point, read why.
Wanna play the dating game? – … um… let’s see now…
The rules with your wingman – if you approach girls together with a friend / wingman, make sure you agree on the rules.

How to Get Started

On confidence – and getting started with approaching girls.
Experiment! – don’t think twice, don’t look back, just have fun!.
Casual meetings vs pick-ups – the pros and cons.
At a party – a mild alternative to the 3s rule.
Just say “Hi” – then continue with one of the two tactics described in the article.
Talk to girls – everywhere!
How to initiate a conversation – here’s your back-up, in case your primary parashoot doesn’t open.
Talking to her = echoing her – a stripped down version of Trance words and Eliciting values.
Fluff talk – the essential skill of talking about nothing, and how to evolve from that.
The “don’t”s of fluff talk – what to avoid.
Reading body language – its like reading people’s thoughts, it’ll blow you away:)
Mirroring – the Jedi mind tricks of body-language explained.
Kinesthetics – make touching the girls your second nature, even (and especially!:) if you just met them, they’ll love it:)

Approaching Women And Getting Them Interested

Where to meet girls – the most popular places for a pick-up.
If she seems unapproachable – then maybe everyone thinks so… and she’s all alone.
General guidelines on approaching – a few pointers and examples to get you started.
Demonstrate value and personality – the basic premise of seduction.
The importance of a first impression – or relative unimportance, depending on whether you’re an AFC or a PUA:)
Pace and lead – and demonstrate understanding to increase rapport.




Group Techniques

“Neg Hits”

Eliciting Values

“GM” Style

Sex Talk


More Patterning Skills

The Patterns

Remote Seduction

You’ve Got Her Interested…Now What?

Common signs of interest – to know you’re “in”:)
Building a bridge AFC-style – if you can’t do anything, do it at least the AFC way:)
If more than one girl is interested in you – don’t choose, you might loose:)
Reading the signs of a “committed” woman – understand her seemingly contradictory signs, and the door will be open:)
Capitalise – there’s a girl that has started liking you quite on her own!? Now don’t let that window close:)
Making a timely exit – instead on lingering on forever, leave her hungry for more.
Closing – how to get a girl to give you her number and a kiss:)
Asking for a… date? – now that you have her number… what next?
Proceeding instead of closing – for why would you want to “close” if things are going smooth?
Our World routine – constructing a world for her in which she will feel free to make love to you:)
Inviting the girl over to your place – to “check out a book or something…”:)
If she has second-thoughts – she wants it but can’t quite make up her mind, “help” her:)
My home is my love-nest – make sure you can be confident» about the quality of your retreat.
Networking and pivots – if you’re not quite interested anymore or she’s not quite interested yet.

How to Handle Girls

Be busy – attract girls by being “busy”.
Suggest competition – keep her on her toes.
Put a price on yourself – the more you “cost”, the more value she attributes to you.
Show a willingness to walk away – don’t let her take you for granted.
Use her friends – by realising, that “friendship” also means “rivalry”.
Judge her by her actions, not by her words – or rather, let her actions speak the words.
Have and reveal secrets – provide a constant thrill for the woman.
Use poetry – women are about feelings; poems are about feelings – and mixing the two gets you dynamite:) 12 poems.
If she compliments you – make her feel good for having done that:)
Act like its special – and what you have can not be found anywhere else.
Paying her a compliment – an AFC trap, unless you do it right.
Cook for her and “date” at home – the main dish will be less expensive and the “dessert” more convenient:)
When should you call a woman after having sex with her? – don’t blow it, she’ll be very sensitive and tender about this one.
Romantic gifts and things to do – but use these to reward, not to bribe.
Managing many relationships at once – best policy is (tailored:) honesty.


If she asks for YOUR number instead – don’t fall for this (relates to Closing).
If she still refuses to give you her number – a strategy of covert persistence.
If she says “Why do you ask?” – read how to recover (relates to Patterning and Eliciting values).
If she asks “Are you trying to seduce me?” – this isn’t trouble actually (she likes it:), but you still need to know how to answer.
“Have you ever…?” gets busted – what do you do, if she says “No” in response (relates to Patterning).
Ejecting – you don’t always have to close. Know when to cut your losses.
If she cancels a date – she screwed you (and not the way you hoped she would:). Now what?
If she doesn’t return your phone-calls/e-mails – a zero-tolerance policy.
If she shows disrespect for you – How to deal with (dump) her and why. Enhanced!
The age difference problem – you shouldn’t anticipate it, but its good to be prepared.
Nothing works with the girl – and you tried all your techniques. But there’s an ace up your sleeve:)
If she says “Let’s just be friends” – looks like you’re in trouble, read how to recover.
Dealing with rejection – why you should never get rejected and how to cope with it, if you do.
But I really want this girl! – read why this is such a self-defeating attitude.

The Boyfriend Problem


Fun and games – you’ll love these:) “The kissing bet”, “Osama”, “A-Hole + truth or dare”.
Bad jokes – careful:) “Pants in the air”, “Telepathic watch”, “Spermogram”, “Doctor’s appointment”, “Voodoo dildo” etc.
A game of Crash and Burn – guess it depends on your definition of fun:) But a great experience (and confidence?:) builder.
More things to do for fun – useless, but fun:)
Top colognes – for getting the girls, of course.
Miscellaneous suggestions and observations about seduction – a recap.

Related Articles

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Eye contact experiment – David Shade finds out, how girls react to eye-contact with a stranger.
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Ross comments on – his one-page website / personals ad full of NLP and SS.
Falling in love vs being a player – in case you have any feelings of guilt.
A female seducer turning straight girls into bi and lesbian – if you’re a girl reading “How to Lay Girls”, this one’s for you:)
Article in Rolling Stone – a tour of modern seduction literature, NLP and Speed Seduction».
Article in Playboy – the Harvard-educated journalist experiences a paradigm shift.

-> Job Interview patterns – a different perspective on NLP and patterning. 2 patterns.

-> More articles…

Field/Outing Reports

The rich and famous setup – but even more accurately the “tired of female attention” setup:)
The effectiveness of persistence with a smile – true seduction (choose and seduce:), not a numbers game or easy girls.
Svengali’s street pick-up – a classic street pick-up using humour, romance, sex-talk and kino with confidence.
Svengali’s friend’s street pick-up – a “neg” of sorts gets the ball rolling:)
The original Mr Smooth posts – Maniac High describes the technique of a Japanese PUA.
NightShadow’s IRC seduction – an example of an image to create good feelings.
David Shade’s online seduction – this guy is really good:) A log of him and a married woman.
David Shade’s real-life seduction – and he’s not just a computer geek cowering behind his keyboard:) Read and gasp:)
David Shade’s “The Kiss” post – amazing stuff Enhanced!
Maniac High’s report, NYC’s comments – important points being discussed.
The Orgasmotron – Alex Akselrod plants a post-hypnotic suggestion.

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