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Just say “Hi”

This is a really simple strategy. If you’re consistent and persistent with this strategy, this could yield you a lot of beautiful women. It’ll take a long time though, but then again, it requires almost no effort on your part:)

Here’s what you do. You see a girl you like, but for some reason can’t do an approach (you don’t have the time, or maybe the guts, or the situation disallows it etc), at least do this – say “Hi”. Keep enough eye-contact to get a confused “Hi” in return, then continue with what you were doing (walking, working etc). Maybe you’ll never see the girl again. But if you do (oh joy and behold!:) – say “Hi” again. Then continue with what you were doing (basically, ignoring her:). And so on, and so on. After the first three “Hi’s” the girl is still wondering, if or how she is supposed to know you. After the fifth “Hi” she is already wondering, how come you never actually talk to her. After the tenth “Hi” she can’t understand, how come you never even approach her. After the twentieth “Hi” she is so confused and intrigued about you that she just can’t stand it anymore and will approach YOU instead. She’ll try to find out how the two of you know, and why you never talk to her, or why you never even approach her, but you still keep saying “Hi”, is there something wrong with her etc – be very vague and mysterious about it in your answers (after all, you don’t have much to tell anyway:). Now however, you’re talking to an absolutely gorgeous girl (remember, you almost didn’t even have the guts to say “Hi” to her:), who is so intrigued about you the she approached you – make the best of it:)

So the good part of this tactic is – almost zero effort on your part, just remember saying “Hi” to her:) The downsides however are numerous – you might never see her again, which is especially bad if she became interested in you when you said your first “Hi” already. Or you might see her a few more times but not on a consistent enough basis to build up enough intrigue in her. Also, this takes a monstrous amount of time to ripen – months, possibly even years. Neither is it much of a confidence- and experience-builder – you’ll develop a confidence of saying “Hi” to beauties (not much is it?:) and acquire no experience whatsoever. But it serves it purpose as a last-ditch resort when you see a 10 approaching down the street, hurrying somewhere – say “Hi”, get one in return, make her think that the two of you know each other somehow (obviously she can’t remember you:) and hope for another chance meeting (when she hopefully still vaguely remembers you:).

A modification of this tactic (which seems to make some more sense) – just say “Hi” to any girl you like. Yes, any girl and anywhere – the commuter, the street, the airport, the corridor, the cafeteria. Some won’t answer (maybe you greeted her too late for her to notice you), some answer, some smile and answer (see also Eye contact experiment), some answer, smile and stop (!) to initiate conversation with you (most probably about how come you know her when she doesn’t seem to be able to remember you from anywhere:).

The ones that you have exchanged “Hi”-s with (without ever being introduced to each other or having actually approached her) are the best to use the “We already know each other” tactic with. The next time you meet, just start in the middle, like with an old friend, comment on something/anything etc, she responds and BOOM – you’re acquintances!

Ok, so that’s still a long way from having her naked body between your sheets – but you’ve made a start and you’re already well on your way:)

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