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KenXtions System

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From Cliff’s List, 2001-06-26a:

(Commenting on: “Thought this looked interesting. And it seems cheap enough….
Cliff: This looks really interesting, but they don’t ship to Canada. Someone please review this for us!”):

I say:
I bought this, took about 2 weeks to deliver.  I like it a lot.  I have had my struggles with the SS stuff, making things more complicated for myself than they truly are, and am now committed to approach, approach, and approach, everywhere and everywhen, to get that to be my natural mode of operation.  This is a set of 5 CD’s, one on the structure of the initial approach, one on icebreakers, and so forth.  Basically it outlines how to get from not knowing her (or him, it is actually for either sex) to getting the phone #, to setting up the date/meeting.

What I love is that this uses no deep level stuff, though I am sure the guy knows NLP.   He is a former telemarketer who stresses the importance of having a brief and attention getting interaction, conveying sincerity and a positive attitude, and then realizing that what you CAN control is whether or not you approach, and whether or not you pitch for the next meeting, and to realize that life is like a big Internet chat room (I like that frame, very low stress), you can’t take rejection personally.

The most useful tidbit I have found from him is to first make an innocuous opener, and then an outrageous/humorous comment, to break their state.  The innocuous opener (as opposed to doing something complicated) helps get a read on their mood, and can allow you to walk away without loss of face.  His biggest contribution (to me) is to realize confidence is very helpful, but not necessary.  The easy, innocent opener is just to get the ball in play.

It also includes a 30 minute video of him doing the approaches in the field which is very useful, as you can see how there is some initial resistance, and how he uses light humor, a positive outlook and persistence (nothing fancy) to get the # close.

Personally, I have not had much success to speak of, but the biggest thing I am focusing on now is my state, and making that initial approach.  I have wasted a lot of time and energy on worrying about their response, or trying to use the right pattern early on, as opposed to just being outgoing and positive and not worrying about the result.

Definitely worth it for someone who, like myself, is intent on getting the approach part handled.

Two notes: I love Sisonpyh’s stuff, especially how he has thought through his behavior and game plan — I am still way too emotionally attached to the result, and his stuff helps me stay within myself, and go through a checklist (i.e. did I keep my power? Did I convey a cocky and humorous attitude?) rather than care about her reaction.

I am damn near positive I saw Rick H at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas Sat June 16.   He was with a stunning, very sexual tall blonde, and had an intensity that was hard to fake — maybe I should have chased him down to say hello, but I don’t supplicate to anyone :-).  Rick, gotta give you props, it was an inspiring moment, I look forward to having that level of energy and presence for myself.  As someone still stubbing his toe, I think a lot of masters forget how much energy they have now, and how that energy they radiate, as much as their “skill” or “languaging” is getting them the result.

From Cliff’s List, 2001-08-04a:


Pretty simple stuff, man.  For a beginner, tremendously useful.  I like the  guy’s really simple, straightforward attitude of approaching in a non-intimidating manner with no expectations.  In fact, I just used it on a girl at a copy shop where I was picking up some stuff (total interaction 90 seconds, with some  jokes and wisecracks) which resulted in a date that ended at 8.30 am this morning.   So it expanded my range a little bit, especially with the first tape, which has this basic framework: 1) non-intimidating, happy, maybe offbeat approach (“What’s that you’re drinking?” “Chardonnay” “Oh, I happen to go great with Chardonnay”); 2) one line of fluff; 3) name exchange; 4) one more line of fluff; 5) lead-in to getting # (“I’ve gotta meet some friends, but I was thinking…”); and 5) the crux of it all “If you feel comfortable, we should exchange numbers — we’ll go out sometime.”  Really, really light and non-threatening — kinda the antithesis of the hardcore, look deep into her eyes and peer into her soul SS methods.   I think that’s where the strength is – it’s so non-threatening, the women can hardly summon up any resistance to it.  How hard would *you* brace yourself against a leaf about to hit you?  Also good pointers on attitude, how to deal with the phone call and answering machines, and how to deal with a host of objections — again, the theme is light, non-threatening, straightforward.  Altogether nothing we didn’t already know, but a good organization of some solid thinking from someone who was a professional non-NLP persuader.

From, 2001-08-16:


The kenXtions system includes a 30-minute tape of the material in action.   Real-life approaches on hidden camera stuff- its quite good, my only complaint is that the video is not nearly long enough.  The system itself is good too; a bit basic but solid information.  It focuses entirely on walkups and phone work. Price is $16.95 for tapes and $19.95 for CDs, plus shipping.

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