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Player Guide: Kinesthetics (aka kino) – have kino with your female friends/acquaintances

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Kinesthetics (aka kino) – have kino with your female friends/acquaintances

Psychological studies show that casual touching during a friendly conversation causes people to remember the conversation more fondly after the fact.

The combination of kino with social proof is dynamite. Touch one girl and the other girls seeing this think its normal or even “good” to be touchy-feely with you:). Now you can quite naturally move on to touching those other girls and so forth:).

ASF: “It’s quite simple – hug them, touch their hand sporadically and in A NON THREATENING WAY, that is, not like the desperate pervert we all are:) So the idea is, you hide completely the interest you might have AND at the same time you act really touchy/huggish. The problem is – you have to start this early in the “friend” relationship, it has to seem natural, or otherwise she’ll wonder “what the fuck is he doing lately?”:) Once you’ve developed that kind of flirtatious friendship, it’s easy to spawn other such ‘friendships’ with other women: they will see you being close to another woman, and I think the key here is that, it probably does not trigger as much jealousy as it makes them (the “new” ones) feel comfortable — they see another woman being touched by you in a non-threatening way, and, blam, social-proof, it becomes a ‘proof’ to them that it’s normal for you to touch them in turn… “

ASF: “Ok, I use this all the time now. TOUCH HER!!! It doesn’t matter if you just met her. Hold her hand, rub her arm, her elbow her back, her shoulders, her hair, her face. TOUCH HER !!!”

3. One more time: PAY ATTENTION TO HOW SHE RESPONDS TO YOU !!! If you do this you will be able to better gauge if you have the appropriate rapport to invite a kiss. If her body seems to respond to the non-sexual touching then get gradually more sexual. For women some areas of the body outside of the primary erogenous zones are intimate: Palms, inside the elbow, ear lobes, cheeks, the hips were the waist meets the hips, between the fingers….

Do the things that lovers do – brush off “something” that’s stuck in her hair, gently stroke her cheek pretending to wipe off an eyelash etc. These are the types of things lovers do and by doing them, you will make her feel (doesn’t even matter if only subconsciously) like you were her lover. Plus you’ll get “innocent” yet pleasurable kino🙂

Kino as soon as you meet a girl. Meeting someone for the first time is an excellent chance for starting kino – shaking hands when exchanging names is a tradition of many cultures and cultures. But make sure you hold on to her hand longer than expected, long enough for you to enjoy it and her to notice, if not you enjoying it but at least you not letting go as quickly as people usually do.

When meeting girls you already know, shaking hands might seem strange, so giving some sort of a hug is the way to go. You don’t need to fall all over her to give her a hug (which depending on the situation might even make you look like a fool or a pervert or make her embarrassed instead of having her enjoy it too:), a hug can also be putting your arm around her waist or shoulders when standing to her left or right and pulling her closer for a moment, or taking her hand for a moment (but not shaking it), or her elbow, or arm etc. Daniel, ASF: “KINO on the arm/hand as soon as you say hi to show her you are a sexual being.”

Set the mood of the date from the start. When going on a date/get-together, establish the mood immediately. You can of course change the mood from “polite and calm” to “warm and friendly” to “aroused and sweaty” during the course of the meeting, but why go the hard way, if you can jump right into “warm and friendly” or beyond in the first place. It is best to have acting enthusiastic upon meeting the girl to have agreed upon previously (most probably when you set up a meeting on the phone, see Refining the close in Closing for more information). But even without that, you can be all smiles when you meet her, give her a big hug right away, try to take and hold her hand all the way to whereever it is that you’ll be going and watch her change from slightly nervous to happy, smiling, starry-eyed and glowing all over:) And remember – enthusiasm is contageous:)

Foot-flirting. You’ve all seen it done in the movies:) The foot looses the shoe and the woman is stroking the man with her bare foot or vice versa. Corny you say:)? A cliche maybe:)? Try it and then see what you think:) am, ASF: “[in response to “you can’t kino sitting across the table”] Actually, you _can_ kino when you are sitting across from the target. Just use your feet! Of course this requires a small table, but this also helps to set up an intimate atmoshpere (remember candles etc.). Touch her feet “occasionally” with your own under the table, say something like “tee hee, you are foot-flirtin’ with me?” in a joking way. Look her deepely in the eyes while doing this, and continue using your feet. Do it the right way and at the right time with a chick in the right mood, and voila! You can actually proceed to rubbing each other’s crotches with your toes under the table, then say “my bed is that way” and BANG! You’re IN!”

“Can’t hear you:)”. LordGaeden, ASF: “Try this: If she says something, lean forward as if you aren’t hearing her very well, and touch her (arm or back). Then lean back again and answer. Are there any easy clues as to when is the right time to go kino? The clue is when it’s possible (ie, she’s within in range)”.

Kino is the difference between getting and not getting the girl. It is the saving grace of even the otherwise doomed “nice guy” approach. And in some instances, being the “nice guy” together with using kino can even be quite effective. Here’s why: the success of kino depends on whether the girl perceives you and your touch as a threat to her or not. You can be a rough and tough guy (I try to avoid the word “jerk” as it is not really quite reprsesentative of what the opposite of “nice guy” actually is) and still have the girl feel you are not a threat to her speficically, thus initiating kino will be easy. A nice guy usually just has an easier time having girls feel he is not a threat to them. Usually though, that is also his undoing, as he is consequently perceived as weak, neutral and non-sexual, all of which are major turn-offs for girls. But here is where the saving grace of kino steps in. You are safe, so touching and hugging with you is… well, also safe. However, before she knows it – touching and hugging with you moves from feeling pretty good to quite exciting to really electrifying until all that good, safe and friendly physical contact with you is going to make her wonder: “If it feels so good just to touch with him, why on earth not do more? I wonder what that would be like?”. Which is not to say that being the “nice guy” is the way to go. This was simply meant to illustrate the strength of kinesthetics – it even works for the “nice guy”:) So remember – kino really is the difference between getting and not getting the girl.

The protective gesture. Maxim ( “In a crowded bar, if people are walking by and pushing you, there’s a way a guy can put his arm around you—not actually touching you, but behind your back so he’s sort of keeping you from getting shoved. A man doesn’t need to pick a fight with some guy who accidentally steps on my toes, but it’s nice if he’s protective. —Kris, 27, Los Angeles”

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