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It is highly touted that the most proficient and fastest way to improve your skills is to hang out with others who are ahead of you, and those whose goals for improvement mirror your own.  The Lair List is a collaborative effort to produce a complete list of international groups of PUA (pick-up artists).

Thanks to Cliff, Thundercat, and Nightlife for compiling the initial list on which this is based, as well as Magnus and Formhandle for the efforts to widely distribute this resource.  This list is maintained via the “Running a PUA Group” Yahoo! Group, which was originally started by Nightlife, administered by Magnus, and managed/moderated by Formhandle and the help of a number of others.  This master list is syndicated across seduction websites worldwide, and is synchronized with the Lair List you see on®.  The management of the master list has been revamped as of June 2008 with more automated updating, cleaner inter-page linking, and integrated contact link protection.  Some Lairs may be listed more than once to help you better find them if they are relevant to multiple regions.

If you manage a legitimate Lair somewhere in the world and are not already on this list, instructions and guidelines for adding your group to the database are found below (under the Running a PUA Group listing) as well as on the Running a PUA Group” Yahoo! Group itself.  If you would like to include the list on your website, contact Formhandle for help and automated access to the XML and HTML feeds.  DO NOT COPY OR LINK TO THIS PAGE DIRECTLY. Intead, integrate it into your existing site design and if you need help automating retrieval for updates, contact Formhandle for help.

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South America



Worldwide / Global

  • Global Groups

    • Running A PUA Group

      • Running a PUA Group
        IF and ONLY IF you manage a Lair, and that Lair is active with multiple members, join this group to let other lairs know what you are doing. If you are starting a lair we suggest waiting until you have a few people regularly sarging before joining, and consider hosting a web site (or at least a Yahoo group) to make it easier for membership requests to be validated. When you apply for membership, be careful to mention your mASF screen name, short bio, lair location (and URL) and number of members. Applications missing this information will be declined.
        Contact: Nightlife [ protected by SafeMail ]

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    • Global

      • The Seattle Lair
        Active group of men and women in the Seattle, WA area who focus on improving their social skills, and relationships. We hold regular monthly in field gatherings, and seminar-like meetings. Join the private forums with a positive attitude and become a verified member to learn more
        Contact: Lair Admin [ protected by SafeMail ]

        Europe Lair
        European Lair is a part of the international seduction community. It’s a forum that connects individual lairs, and helps them to organize bigger events all across the continent. We are pickup artists wanting to bring our activity into an international scale. All European and non-European visiting PUAs/RAFCs are welcome.
        Contact: redpriest [ protected by SafeMail ]

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  • Europe

    • Albania

    • Andorra

    • Austria

      • Austrian Players
        Home of the legendary EuroSummit 2005, most diverse members from total beginners to serial layers. Join us! (If you happen to travel by, drop us a line!)
        Contact: Neodes [ protected by SafeMail ]

        Austrian Seduction Community (ASC)
        The widely known Austrian Seduction Community supports all german-speaking PUAs with the latest routines & techniques to effectively seduce women!
        Contact: Ben Schwarz [ protected by SafeMail ]

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    • Belarus

    • Belgium

      • Brussels Lair
        The first 100% belgian lair is the result of the fusion of the former dutchspeaking Brussels Lair (now the Brussels Lair North) and the frenchspeaking Projet Manneken Pis (now the Brussels Lair South) Want to meet the belgian seduction community? This is the place! Only for people active in the seduction area and on belgian ground…
        Contact: Yakuza [ protected by SafeMail ]

        NLLounge at
        NLLounge at The seduction community in the Netherlands & Belgium, the NLLounge is nonprofit and was founded in 1999, making us one of the first and largest lairs in this part of the world.
        Contact: nll***e@du***.com [ protected by SafeMail ]

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    • Bosnia / Bosnia Herzegovina

    • Bulgaria

      • Varna PUA Community
        The first Bulgarian PUA non-profit organization, dedicated to help Bulgarian PUAs and RAFCs get into social circles and learn the game in the most effective way.
        Contact: k0k0daddy [ protected by SafeMail ]

        Sofia Social Group
        Every 2’nd and 4’th friday we meet to discuss and to practice PU. We encourage all styles, and help our members in their development.
        – no website link known, use contact below if available –
        Contact: Nikolai [ protected by SafeMail ]

        Bulgarian Lair

        – no website link known, use contact below if available –
        Contact: Jordan [ protected by SafeMail ]

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    • Croatia

    • Cyprus

      • Cyprus Lair
        Cyprus Lair has finally become a reality. Expanded in all major Cyprus Cities, it continues growing towards being the most powerful and cheerful social lair in the History of our Miserable Country Cyprus, EVER! New International members are welcome, particularly those who belong to Official Lairs Worldwide. In our website you can register your membership.
        Contact: Alex P [ protected by SafeMail ]

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    • Czech Republic

    • Denmark

    • Estonia

    • Finland

    • France

      • Lair Atlantique (Nantes, Rennes, Angers)
        English speakers are welcome to the L.A. where you can sarge with players everyday along the West coast of France ; come join us ! Le Lair Atlantique (L.A.) est actif dans les villes de Nantes,Rennes,Le Mans,Angers, et prefere la pratique du jeu de la seduction aux discussions theoriques. Nos membres sont tous les jours sur le field, rejoignez-les !
        Contact: Sebastien Night [ protected by SafeMail ]

        Lyon Estate
        Open-mindedness and motivation are the most important conditions of admission to Lyon Estate. Everybody in Rhone-Alpes can take part in the Lair with the aim to find one’s way. Lyon is not a dead city, we can prove it. You want to change ? Do it now ! Join us !
        Contact: Visit Lair For Contact Info

        Grenoble Lair
        The seduction group of Grenoble (France).
        Contact: Nixon [ protected by SafeMail ]

        Toulouse Artists Club
        The Lair of the Pink City. Only for the active and motivated playeurs who can be Wing.
        Contact: Sargeur [ protected by SafeMail ]

        The French LAIR (Lyon, Paris, Marseille, Nord, Sud)
        Contact: aRise [ protected by SafeMail ]

        Lyon Lair
        Group of seductors in Lyon – Lyon is a charming city full of HBs – welcome to PUAs visiting Lyon.
        Contact: EB [ protected by SafeMail ]

        Paris Lair
        Groupe 100% francophone. Objectif: favoriser les echanges, les sorties entre PUAs, s’amuser en ameliorant notre attitude, nos techniques de drague et notre vie sociale! Our mission: help France based PUAs get together and share experience, have fun improving our attitudes, PU skills and social lives in France! Geared for french speakers. If you can’t speak french, you should definitely learn a bit. PU is a good way to improve your french. French chicks will just love your accent if you can tell even basic phrases. Promised! ;o)
        Contact: ChoumouX [ protected by SafeMail ]

        Paris Pick Up Club
        Formed by a group of FRIENDLY motivated guys from all nationalities with some solid game. The Paris Pick Up Club (PPC) is where all the PUA’s and RAFC’s BROTHERS living in Paris can share experiences, wing with different people and practice techniques.The goal is to IMPROVE our GAME while having lots of FUN. Since the purpose of the PPC is to practice, in order to join, future members must be available to SARGE regularly.
        Contact: Phenix [ protected by SafeMail ]

        Clermont Cocky Club
        This Lair was started in February 2008 by Gansta63 & Belo. We contribute to help RAFC and PUA meeting, sarging together. Everyone has his own objectifs, but all have fun to sarge in Clermont-Ferrand. Join us to share our experiences!
        Contact: Gansta63 [ protected by SafeMail ]

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    • Germany

    • Greece

      • Greece – Macedonian Lair
        The Macedonian Lair is based in the city of Salonica, also serving neighboring cities in the region of Macedonia and northern Greece in general.
        Contact: Macedonian Lair [ protected by SafeMail ]

        Greece – Athens Lair
        The Athens Lair is based in Athens, the capital of Greece. Everybody is wellcome although mostly greek speaking people. We do not care about your present skill level but for your willingness to be active, learn and contribute to the community.
        Contact: Slick [ protected by SafeMail ]

        Greece – PU Hellas
        Since 2005, PU Hellas has evolved from the birthplace of the Greek PU Community, to a common ground for every Greek PUA, and finally to the first Men’s Club in Greece. Our goal is the well rounded development of every aspect that makes us Men, and have some fun in doing so 🙂 Registrations are open.
        Contact: PU Hellas [ protected by SafeMail ]

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    • Hungary

    • Iceland

    • Ireland / Republic of Ireland

    • Italy

      • Italian Seduction
        An italian seduction community with over 2000+ members.
        Contact: taurusx [ protected by SafeMail ]

        Italian Lair
        Sogni un forum senza idiozie, con report da cui imparare, con idee nuove da condividere, il tutto vissuto in un clima di fratellanza e amicizia, dove l’obbiettivo comune è migliorare insieme e aiutarsi a vicenda? Sei venuto nel posto giusto! You dream a forum without crocks, with reports from which you really learn, new ideas to share and everything experienced in a mood of brotherhood and friendship, where the common purpose is just improving and self helping? You are in the right place!
        Contact: SunBeam [ protected by SafeMail ]

        Italy Lair
        Our goal is to have a lot of FUN! Why we made up a lair? To keep in touch with each other and to rock the Italian scene, we want to live like rockstars since we know we DESERVE IT. We have had enough of all the boring guys and losers boyfriend out there that are making womens life a nightmare when they are waiting for US, the playboys. Join us and we will share with you a lot of secrets that you need to know to totally transform your life life and get more choise not only in life but with every relationship. In order to learn you must be willing to go out with us and try new stuff asking to yourself: ""what is possible?, what if i get the results i only dreamed for and then even more than that?"
        – no website link known, use contact below if available –
        Contact: Italy PUA [ protected by SafeMail ]

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    • Latvia

    • Liechtenstein

    • Lithuania

    • Luxembourg

    • Macedonia / Republic of Macedonia

    • Malta

    • Moldova

    • Monaco

    • Montenegro

    • Netherlands / The Netherlands

      • NLLounge
        NLLounge at The first and original NLLounge. The seduction community in the Netherlands & Belgium, the NLLounge is nonprofit and was founded in 1999, making us one of the first and largest lairs in this part of the world.
        Contact: nll***e@du***.com [ protected by SafeMail ]

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    • Norway

    • Poland

    • Portugal

      • Portugal Seduction LAIR
        This is the first group, which unifies the RACF, PUA, and MPUA in the solid seduction community in Portugal. Both Portuguese and English speakers are welcome to join. We are welcoming prospect members of ALL experiences and levels of skills. Here you can find your wingman or your mentor, or both.
        Contact: ukrsindicat [ protected by SafeMail ]

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    • Romania

    • Russia

      • Moscow Lair
        Win the game or die trying! One of our goals is to support foreign players in Moscow, Russia. If you are serious about sarging, feel free to contact me. Warning: We are advanced players.
        Contact: Krashtest [ protected by SafeMail ]

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    • San Marino

    • Serbia

    • Slovakia

    • Slovenia

      • SLO-LAIR
        SLO-LAIR is a tight group of guys from Slovenia that aspire to be PUAs. Our experience ranges from 1/2 year onwards and is on average around 3 years. We accept only members who are in the rAFC to PUA range and had read and internalized the materials on mASF. Drop us an e-mail in which you should list your experiences, time in the field, (nick)name, age and your town of residence, and we will get back to you with information how to join our next outing in Ljubljana. We also have an international lounge for foreiginers.
        Contact: EuroPlaya [ protected by SafeMail ]

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    • Spain

      • Asturian Seduction Lair
        The seduction group of Asturies (Spain). We sarging the saturday night by Oviedo and Gijon City.
        Contact: Celtur [ protected by SafeMail ]

        Seduccion Iberia
        Foro y sito cuyo objetivo es juntar y unir a la gente de la comunidad en la Peninsula e hispano parlante en el resto del mundo. The Spanish Lair
        Contact: Seductor [ protected by SafeMail ]

        Latin Lair
        A meeting place for spanish speaking people (mainly Spain). There´s an English version there too. Just check out the damned place, it doesn´t need those laaaarge explanations (such as the Italian Lair :P). See you on the streets.
        Contact: Latin Lair Admin. [ protected by SafeMail ]

        Barcelona Lair
        It’s a private forum, to get in you have to register and then introduce yourself. Main language is Catalan, but Spanish and English are also allowed. The Lair is for all Catalan speakers or people who live in Catalonia, Valencia, Balears Islands and South France 🙂
        Contact: Evil Cookie [ protected by SafeMail ]
        Barcelona – BCN – Barna – Seduction community sarging every week
        Contact: Eric [ protected by SafeMail ]

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    • Sweden

      • Charismatic Revolution
        The new Swedish lair, featuring all of the best and most active PUAs in Sweden! Come meet us here!
        Contact: Nomaggiz [ protected by SafeMail ]

        Swedish seduction lair
        Sweden is a small country and there are not enough people to have one lair for every city, but there are a few in the making. This is not really a lair but a forum, several people from this lair list have requested that I link here so it gets easier for Swedish people to find each other and get together.
        Contact: Smille [ protected by SafeMail ]

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    • Switzerland

      • Swissseduction – The Swiss PU Meeting Point is the main online pick up meeting point in Switzerland. You are Swiss and you look for a Wingman in your hometown? You plan to travel Switzerland for a few days and you want to meet some players? No problem, offers you all information and contacts that you need to improve your skills and to have some great fun. JEEEA Baby 😉
        Contact: Sean [ protected by SafeMail ]

        Seduction from passion . International Visitors: If you come to visit Switzerland feel free to contact us.
        Contact: DeeKay [ protected by SafeMail ]

        The B-Club is the french-speaking Switzerland LAIR, we’re active on all the french-speaking part of Switzerland (especially on Geneva and Lausanne but we’re looking for players in other areas (Freiburg, Neuchetel, etc)). The B-Club is a friendly and motivated team, where all PUAs and RAFCs can share their techniques, experiences and practise together. Our goal is to improve our game while having fun. To join the B-Club, you must be active and available on the field regularly.
        Contact: MrBig [ protected by SafeMail ]

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    • Turkey

    • Ukraine

    • United Kingdom

      • Channel Islands

      • England

        • Oxford Brookes University Lair
          Tightly knit group of active PUAs interested in self improvement in the area of dating and relationships. This is an active sarging group created to support members finding wings. It is a local support group for help and advice from other members in the pickup scene.

          Contact: Lucky via SmallFeet [ protected by SafeMail ]

          North England Lair
          A place mainly for PUAs in northern England – though all are welcome – to improve their skills, discuss their PU adventures and arrange times to go out. We have active members from all over the north, of all skill levels. No specific requirements for your entry besides a willingness to talk to girls ‘in the field’, and to help others to improve. Apply now and receive free alarm clock and pen!

          Contact: Cascade [ protected by SafeMail ]

          Norwich Lair
          For Norwich (UK) and surrounding areas.

          Contact: Christian [ protected by SafeMail ]

          Oxford baby, yeah!
          – no website link known, use contact below if available –
          Contact: sheriff_p [ protected by SafeMail ]

          York University Lair
          Tightly knit group of active PUAs interested in self improvement in the area of dating and relationships. This is an active sarging group created to support members finding wings. It is a local support group for help and advice from other members in the pickup scene.

          Contact: MidNite [ protected by SafeMail ]

          Manchester Lair
          A place for anybody associated with pick-up based in and around Manchester

          Contact: KD [ protected by SafeMail ]

          Hereford Lair
          Day sarges and club game for seducers in the Herefordshire area and West
          – no website link known, use contact below if available –
          Contact: Vista [ protected by SafeMail ]

          The Cambridge Lair
          Founded in 2010 the Cambridge Lair in Cambridgeshire is the new pickup community for Cambridge and surrounding areas. The Cambridge Lair has an exclusive membership which only allows potential members that have a real desire and commitment to learn and master the social arts.

          Contact: Michael [ protected by SafeMail ]

          Central England Lair
          The mission of the CEL is to connect all PUAs in the Central England area. Members can benefit from localised knowledge and personal feedback in the discussion here, becuase our aim is not only to hold discussions but meet up in real life and actually run game.

          Contact: brainfreez [ protected by SafeMail ]

          Nottingham University Lair
          Tightly knit group of active PUAs interested in self improvement in the area of dating and relationships. This is an active sarging group created to support members finding wings. It is a local support group for help and advice from other members in the pickup scene.

          Contact: MidNight [ protected by SafeMail ]

          Exeter University Lair
          Tightly knit group of active PUAs interested in self improvement in the area of dating and relationships. This is an active sarging group created to support members finding wings. It is a local support group for help and advice from other members in the pickup scene.

          Contact: MidNite [ protected by SafeMail ]

          London Seduction Society
          The London Seduction Society (LSS) is a UK based forum for men interested in picking up women. The aim of the group is to provide a support base for men who want to improve their seduction skills. The emphasis is on actually meeting up and practicing for real, rather than being yet another Internet forum. We run a mixture of formal and less formal meetings and currently have over 500 members.

          Contact: The Megamale [ protected by SafeMail ]

          UCL Lair
          Tightly knit group of active PUAs interested in self improvement in the area of dating and relationships. This is an active sarging group created to support members finding wings. It is a local support group for help and advice from other members in the pickup scene.

          Contact: Roni [ protected by SafeMail ]

          Gloster Lair
          Gloster Lair is Gloucester’s only seduction lair, looking to unite all players of the game in the area surrounding and in Gloucester

          Contact: Angel [ protected by SafeMail ]

          Brighton University
          New group!

          Contact: MidNite [ protected by SafeMail ]

          Essex Lair
          The aim of the Site is to help all its Members develope their inner game and to have fun,there are free bootcamps and one on one Work shops, Hypnotherapy,Weekly Sarges ect..

          Contact: Swamps [ protected by SafeMail ]

          Bournemouth & Southampton Lair
          The bournemouth and southampton lair was created for the sole intent to find more puas around these areas. We sarge regurly and are looking for more puas to go sarging with.

          Contact: Phazer [ protected by SafeMail ]

          Warwick University Lair
          Tightly knit group of active PUAs interested in self improvement in the area of dating and relationships. This is an active sarging group created to support members finding wings. It is a local support group for help and advice from other members in the pickup scene.

          Contact: SmallFeet [ protected by SafeMail ]

          Oxford University Lair
          Tightly knit group of active PUAs interested in self improvement in the area of dating and relationships. This is an active sarging group created to support members finding wings. It is a local support group for help and advice from other members in the pickup scene.

          Contact: Roth via SmallFeet [ protected by SafeMail ]

          South England Social Artists
          Covering the geographical gap between the Bristol and Essex lairs, we are based in Bournemouth and sarge regularly. Very much into personal development, philosophy is "Why just pick up girls? Pick up your whole life!". We also consider ourselves more as social artists and less "pick-up" artiists. Like minded fellas apply here!
          – no website link known, use contact below if available –
          Contact: Enigma [ protected by SafeMail ]

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      • Isle of Man

      • Northern Ireland

        • Belfast Lair
          Time for us to work together to be big fish in a small pond.
          – no website link known, use contact below if available –
          Contact: Megadirt [ protected by SafeMail ]

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      • Scotland

      • Wales

        • Aberystwyth Lair
          PUAs in Aberystwyth and Mid-Wales

          Contact: Xiphias [ protected by SafeMail ]

          Cardiff Lair
          Cardiff Lair is for anybody of any skill who’s interested in meeting up, chatting, exchanging ideas and sarging. Set up 1 June 2005 to fill a void me and my wing had which was meeting other people in the area to sarge with and discuss the game.

          Contact: Ed Rose [ protected by SafeMail ]

          Bristol Lair
          The original Bristol Lair, a very active Lair in the Bristol UK area.

          Contact: nessy [ protected by SafeMail ]

          Essex Lair (2)
          A welcoming lair with great community spirit. All PUA skill levels welcome. Major emphasis on sharing advice, experiences and sarging on a frequent basis.

          Contact: Ultragain [ protected by SafeMail ]

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    • Vatican City


  • North America and Central America

    • Antigua and Barbuda

    • Bahamas

    • Barbados

    • Belize

    • Canada

    • Costa Rica

    • Cuba

    • Dominica

    • Dominican Republic

    • El Salvador

    • Grenada

    • Guatemala

    • Haiti

    • Honduras

    • Jamaica

    • Mexico

      • Seduccion Mexico
        Created, updated and maintained by people from Spain and Mexico with a lot of experience in seduction. The objective is to create a wed site with a hispanic touch and not just a "power translator site" and copy of the Anglo-Saxon sites already around. Sitio y foro en Castellano.
        Contact: Alfazteca [ protected by SafeMail ]

        Monterrey, Mexico Lair
        Spanish speaking community, we welcome all levels of experience, and are very motivated on learning and going out and putting everything into practice.
        Contact: jav***0@ho***.com [ protected by SafeMail ]

        Around since 2004, lair focused mostly in MM. We go out twice a week, almost every weekend to bars and clubs in Mexico City. Ranging from rAFCs to PUAs. No KJ sh!t, just field experience. Spanish speaking, se habla espaniol 😉
        Contact: GlimmerMan [ protected by SafeMail ]

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    • Nicaragua

    • Panama

    • Puerto Rico

    • Saint Kitts and Nevis

    • Saint Lucia

    • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

    • Trinidad and Tobago

    • United States

      • Alabama

      • Alaska

      • Arizona

        • Arizona Pick-Up Artist
          This lair was started in July 2004 by Cramias and J-Dog. We initially wanted to build a PUA community in Arizona to; improve our skills, have training resources, and especially encourage people in Arizona to actually get involved and wing together. As of Jan’05 we have 33 Arizona memebers and almost 200 members worldwide. Thousands of archived posts and more training resources under way. There is a wing contact list for Verified Arizonan’s only, and we have frequent lair meetings and many people now wing together.

          Contact: J-Dog [ protected by SafeMail ]

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      • Arkansas

      • California

        • SF BAY AREA Lair
          The San Francisco BAY AREA Lair for all rAFCs and Pick Up Arists. Free membership, monthly meetings, and guest speakers!

          Contact: Dre "RENAISSANCE MAN" [ protected by SafeMail ]

          San Diego
          Nightlife runs the seduction group in San Diego. This is to benefit guys who are interested in Pick Up who live or frequent San Diego. To join send an email to It is open to everyone in San Diego.

          Contact: Nightlife [ protected by SafeMail ]

          San Francisco Lair
          This list is for men in the San Francisco Bay Area only! Please do not apply if you do not live in the Bay Area. We have a very active group in the San Francisco area dedicated to improving their game. All skill levels and types of game welcome. We now have a monthly seminar series featuring guests like David Shade, Carlos Xuma, Badboy & Juggler. Our guys are in the field daily so there are lots of field reports and feedback.

          Contact: San***r@ya***.com [ protected by SafeMail ]

          Santa Monica Lounge
          Los Angeles area PUAs. We’re pretty chill. Check us out.

          Contact: ch0n60 [ protected by SafeMail ]

          S.L.O. Lair
          Lair for San Luis Obispo
          – no website link known, use contact below if available –
          Contact: Dave [ protected by SafeMail ]

          SAN DIEGO LAIR
          Our San Diego lair is the #1 lair in all Socal with the most activity in San Diego. The-PickUp-SD is #1 with the best wings, the best members, the most numbers in our database, the best picture gallery and guest speakers including hypnotica and david wygant. The-PickUp-SD has advanced puas that would be happy to help newbies. We sarge daily. Everyone in the San Diego area is welcome to join.

          Contact: ThaMonkee [ protected by SafeMail ]

          California’s Society of Cool
          The Only Underground Lair for Elites that promotes no talk of outside commercial entities. We originally formed in Connecticut and gained mass popularity because of our ability to create our "own" theories with tried+true success. You must have 5+ years of infield/tested experience and must be able to demonstrate it when out. If you meet this requirement, you will be granted access. Please contact Spirit at the e-mail address provided. Welcome to the S.O.C 🙂

          Contact: Spirit [ protected by SafeMail ]

          Long Beach Lair
          The Official PUA Lair of Long Beach

          Contact: Constupro [ protected by SafeMail ]

          Newport Beach

          – no website link known, use contact below if available –
          Contact: Kurt / BadDog [ protected by SafeMail ]

          The Sacramento Lair
          This lair has its primary focus in the Sacramento area. We are 60+ strong with regular meetups and strict requirements for joining (no KJs or half-hearted efforts).

          Contact: ham [ protected by SafeMail ]

          Santa Barbara Party Unit (SBPU)
          Many cool guys ranging from 18 to 50. Some have become instructors. We host mini-workshops, training nights, professional guest speakers, happy hours, pizza nights, outings, videotape in field, etc. And we have a great positive vibe! Also check our blog,

          Contact: Robert1 (rp_5150) [ protected by SafeMail ]

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      • Colorado

        • Denver Lair
          The Denver Pick Up Artists Lair is where those people in the active pursuit of total life control can share information about how to better meet and date women, what venues are good for social dynamics, and find others who are interested in developing their skills at meeting and dating women and becoming their ideal selves.

          Contact: Rayn [ protected by SafeMail ]

          Boulder Lair
          Boulder Lair is a community for local PUAs to wing, talk about the game, make friends in the community.

          Contact: Alix or saprian [ protected by SafeMail ]

          Colorado PUA Lair
 is a Colorado based website and forum for anybody interested in seducing the opposite sex. Our mission is to provide a support base for people who want to improve their seduction skills. Our features include: forums, personal blog corner, an extensive seduction resource database, user anonymity, and much more. Participation by anyone is welcome on any seduction/dating related area. See you soon!

          Contact: Ezekiel [ protected by SafeMail ]

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      • Connecticut

        • The Connecticut Brotherhood
          Welcome to the CT Brotherhood.We are the original Connecticut Lair that started in 2003. We break the lair mold in the fact we have evolved into a "brotherhood" where it is not all about pickup and girls. We are a social fraternity designed to create friendships within the group and promote advanced self improvement. To put this plainly- we are more than wingmen, we are friends. We offer a free forum, free bootcamps, guest speakers, monthly outings, and brotherhood events. New members’ activity and input are highly encouraged.

          Contact: admin [ protected by SafeMail ]

          The Connecticut Lair
          A Networking and Seduction Fraternity serving Springfield, Hartford, New Haven, and SoNo areas. Only requirement is active attendance and participation.

          Contact: Dulce [ protected by SafeMail ]

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      • Delaware

      • District of Columbia / D.C. / DC

        • DC Lair
          We are the original DC Lair founded all the way back in 2000. We have members from Northern Virginia, Maryland, and DC. We are geared largely towards in-field practice and meet every week to sarge. The only requirement for joining is a willingness to meet up in the field and practice.

          Contact: Exemplar [ protected by SafeMail ]

          Metro DC PUA
          DC, MD, VA Lair

          Contact: Money [ protected by SafeMail ]

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      • Florida

        • Sarasota Lair
          The Sarasota based lair serving community interests in the Sarasota/Bradenton/Venice/St. Pete area.

          Contact: Bishop [ protected by SafeMail ]

          Gainesville Lair
          The place to go for all your community and lair based needs in the Gainesville and surrounding area.

          Contact: Bishop [ protected by SafeMail ]

          Jacksonville Lair
          Jacksonville Lair

          Contact: Visit Lair For Contact Info

          Tallahassee Lair
          We are small but rapidly growing group. Tallahassee has no similar groups and the whole Pick Up movement is really new to this town. We are sharing the knowledge among our members. Most of these interaction taking place during field operations. We prefer to actually get out there and do as many "sets" as we possibly can. It also helps that Tallahassee is packed with college girls!

          Contact: Dirty [ protected by SafeMail ]

          South Florida Lair
          South Florida Lair coveres from West Palm Beach down through Ft Lauderdale and Miami. Regular field activity is required to maintain membership. You wont find any KJs here.

          Contact: MrVivacious [ protected by SafeMail ]

          Tampa/Orlando Fl
          The TOP (Tampa / Orlando Players) Lair is a PUA community for Tampa and Orlando area PUAs to talk about the game, make friends in the community, and meet up with wings in the area. This will be a group whose level of quality will be unsurpassed in its potential. We are a true brotherhood, and we will do what is necessary to ensure it thrives, because its importance will become one of the most powerful sources of inspiration in our lives. If you interested in joining our band of brothers, contact BigWave at

          Contact: Visit Lair For Contact Info

          Miami Lair
          The Miami Lair fosters self improvement where you can post and also meet up with likeminded people. This is also the first lair that allows female members.

          Contact: Jester [ protected by SafeMail ]

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      • Georgia

      • Hawaii

      • Idaho

        • Boise, Idaho
          For PUAs of all skill levels in the greater Boise and Treasure Valley area.
          – no website link known, use contact below if available –
          Contact: Boise Lair Management [ protected by SafeMail ]

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      • Illinois

        • SocialSkillz
          Chicago depot of information about weekly events, pickup and dating advice, share your experiences and learn from others. Meet up with wingman groups and like minded people wanting to learn the find art of socializing. advice and more

          Contact: kino [ protected by SafeMail ]

          The Project Chicago Lair
          Meet other locals who are interested in a dating, relationship and sexuality support group for men. Gather to discuss the dating scene, then find a wingman and go out to meet women!

          Contact: Charm [ protected by SafeMail ]

          The Urbana-Champaign Wingman Meet-Up Group
          Group for guys in Urbana or Champaign Illinois to meet up and talk game

          Contact: Justas [ protected by SafeMail ]

          A place to meet and interact with other PUA’s in your community, improve your skills, share vital information with other PUA’s, interact daily and a place to access some of the hottest spots in Chicago. Plus guidance and other related matters…

          Contact: BryanP [ protected by SafeMail ]

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      • Indiana

        • West Lafayette Seduction Society
          This lair is for men who are ‘active’ each and every week in the pursuit to create new experiences with women. For men who want to test out new ideas and share lessons learned and also motivate other members.

          Contact: Piper [ protected by SafeMail ]

          IPL (Indianapolis Player Lair) is for guys who want to improve themselves not only in aspects of PU but also in self improvement. We go sarging on a regular basis as well as have meetings to discuss current techniques and questions.

          Contact: Hypnateyes [ protected by SafeMail ]

          Evansville IN
          Evansville Player Lair is for guys in Evansville/southern Indiana who want to improve themselves not only in aspects of PU but also in self improvement.

          Contact: Bishop [ protected by SafeMail ]

          The Bloomington, Indiana lair for guys interested in attraction/seduction. This is a group made for guys that want to discuss techniques, inner game, make new friends, and meet up with wings in the Bloomington area.

          Contact: B Cat [ protected by SafeMail ]

          ^ top of list | ^ top of page

      • Iowa

      • Kansas

      • Kentucky

      • Louisiana

        • Baton Rouge PUAs
          A newly founded layer in the capital of Louisiana. We’re growing quickly, and learning from each other. If you’re interested in joining go apply at our website

          Contact: Adam Celine [ protected by SafeMail ]

          New Orleans
          This group is for anyone in or around the New Orleans area who wants to get and give advice, to share your experiences and results, and to hook up with other guys so you can go out and work on your game together. Anyone in or around the New Orleans area is welcome regardless of playing style or skill level.

          Contact: Chief [ protected by SafeMail ]

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      • Maine

      • Maryland

      • Massachusetts

        • MassPuaSociety
          From Springfield to Boston, From Nashua to Providence, are our playgrounds!! The MassPUAsociety open to master PUA’s and beginners who desire to become masters of their life and have choice in their relationships with women. We have regular meetings, so keep your game face on!

          Contact: MassPuaSociety [ protected by SafeMail ]

          Boston Ma
          The Boston Lair is now open. The lair is a forum for brothers in the Boston, Rhode Island, and upper New England area to get together and meet others in the game and to build an active community in Boston and the surrounding areas.

          Contact: Woodhaven [ protected by SafeMail ]

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      • Michigan

        • DETROITPUA
          Moved from yahoo group in Aug of 06, DetroitPUA is connecting members in the Metro area as well as Ann Arbor and surrounding areas. A solid group with a lot of quality info to share, we demand a certain level of maturity, intelligence, commitment and respect. If you fit this criteria then we would love to number you among us.

          Contact: Michael Tony [ protected by SafeMail ]

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      • Minnesota

        • Minneapolis Don Juan Crew
          We are a community of men in Minneapolis and Saint Paul who are devoted to having high quality relationships. Together we strive to learn and share better ways of improving ourselves and our relationships. This is a group based on "The Game" by Neil Strauss. We welcome men who want to improve their social skills and build the lifestyle they desire.

          Contact: Steller [ protected by SafeMail ]

          Minnesota – Minneapolis/Saint Paul -Twin Cities Pickup Artists
          We are inner game focused gentlemen in Saint Paul/ Minneapolis Minnesota using the Mystery Method as a base line for outer game. We’ve been to different bootcamps and traveled nationally together. We are all good friends who have fun when we are out. You’re welcome to join us. If we think an HB can add value to our night we may invite her to become part of our reality, if she is lucky.

          Contact: Randohm [ protected by SafeMail ]

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      • Mississippi

        • Mississippi
          Joseph is looking to set up or find a ""mastermind group"" of like-minded people and he is in the south MS area about 1.5 hours drive from New Orleans or the MS gulf coast. He would like to invite anyone in MS/LA/AL within driving distance to participate, and to help him to get it started.
          – no website link known, use contact below if available –
          Contact: veuxdeux [ protected by SafeMail ]

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      • Missouri

        • Social Kinetix – Kansas City Social Dynamics Group
          What started as a private place for a group of like minded guys to gather online and discuss game has transformed over time into a strong community representing the Kansas City metro area and surrounding cities in the midwest such as Lawrence, Wichita, Springfield, Columbia, Warrensburg and St. Joseph.

          Contact: Drifter Miles [ protected by SafeMail ]

          Missouri, Kansas City PUA Lair
          Social dynamics. Contribute and network with like-minded guys in your community, making yourself and everyone involved better at ‘the Game’. Kansas City, Overland Park, Kansas, Missouri, midwest,

          Contact: B-art (Rez) [ protected by SafeMail ]

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      • Montana

      • Nebraska

      • Nevada

      • New Hampshire

      • New Jersey

        • NJ Lair
          This lair for everybody who serious about meeting and seducing women in New Jersey. We plan on organizing nights to go out, having meetings to discuss techniques, concepts and etc, and doing a lot of field work. This is also forum for field reports, lay report and etc.

          Contact: XBtheMyth [ protected by SafeMail ]

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      • New Mexico

      • New York

        • New York PLAY
          Strongbad and a few others are in here.

          Contact: Visit Lair For Contact Info

          Rochester, NY Lair
          Finally a lair for the Rochester, NY area.

          Contact: Lair Leaders [ protected by SafeMail ]

          NYC PUA
          This is the lair, where PUAs and PUGs in new york city gather to sarge, wing, mix up and work on game.

          Contact: nyc_nightlife [ protected by SafeMail ]

          NYC Sarge Team
          The NycSargeTeam NYC’s most elite group of sarging professionals is running the free NycSarge forum/lair for all local NYC PUAS. We also run free seminars and demonstrations from time to time. We are a commercial free entity that offers regular sarges and get togethers for all our members. Our lair consists of members ranging from absolute beginners to the most advanced PUAS in the city. We make the most of all that NYC has to offer and we welcome others to join us. We are first and foremost a brotherhood and a great way to make lasting friendships and put a name to the online personas. We also look out for newbies to the game by mentoring them online and taking them out at our bimonthly Newbie Sarges.

          Contact: LovePirate [ protected by SafeMail ]

          PUA NYC
          Open forum and membership to anyone in the New York Pick Up community. Our forum currently houses almost 200 members and some great, tallent, advice and wings.

          Contact: RoX [ protected by SafeMail ]

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      • North Carolina

        • Carolinas and Virginias
          The VACLair formed in early 2004 as a reult of the Charlotte Sargeathon in November of 2003. While most active members are in the Raleigh-Durham area, players are spreading the love throughout Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

          Contact: DJPeacock [ protected by SafeMail ]

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      • North Dakota

      • Ohio

        • CinCity Seduction Society
          The CinCity Seduction Society (CCSS) is an open PUA lair looking for both average men and experienced pickup artists (PUA’s) in the Cincinnati and surrounding areas of northern Kentucky and southeastern Indiana who are serious about personal development & improving their attraction and seduction (PUA) skills. If you are not from this area, but visit fairly frequently, you are welcome to join, as well.

          Contact: The_Jedi [ protected by SafeMail ]

          Ohio Lair
          Pickup Artist Based Lair in Ohio. This is the Official Ohio Lair.

          Contact: TheSpecialist [ protected by SafeMail ]

          Toledo, Ohio – Metro Detroit
          I am interested in starting a Lair in the Toledo, Ohio – Metro Detroit Area. Those interested should email Jay at
          – no website link known, use contact below if available –
          Contact: TSAFriend [ protected by SafeMail ]

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      • Oklahoma

        • Oklahoma PUAs
          This group is for PUAs dedicated to meeting and seducing women in the Oklahoma area. If you’re looking for a wing… for PUA advice… or just someone to hang/sarge with….. this is the place.

          Contact: Speedy [ protected by SafeMail ]

          Oklahoma City
          Lu is looking to start a lair in Oklahoma City, OK. He would like to invite anyone who’s interested in going out sarging to join, & help him get the lair started, please respond only if you are interested in Going Out & go out and meet women, or Doing Field Work, contact him at
          – no website link known, use contact below if available –
          Contact: ljp***1@ya***.com [ protected by SafeMail ]

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      • Oregon

        • Portland Lair ™ — LairPDX ™ — Portland, Oregon and West Coast
          LairPDX ™, the Portland Lair ™, has local & West Coast members. The lair organizes events and offers opportunities for learning, skill building and social networking with like-minded guys with an interest in women.

          Contact: Max [ protected by SafeMail ]

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      • Pennsylvania

        • Philly Vybelist
          We are the center of all PUA and seduction community activity in the Philadelphia area. The Lair has monthly roundtable meetings and meet n greets, along with speaker and special events. Established in 2007, most members are active in the field and online. All levels are welcome. Also see

          Contact: Angel [ protected by SafeMail ]

          Pittsburgh Social Network
          PSN is a group of like minded people looking to better ourselves in all areas of our lives

          Contact: Maverick [ protected by SafeMail ]

          Project Pittsburgh (The Official Pittsburgh Lair)
          he Mission of Project Pittsburgh is to provide every member the best opportunity for growth and mastery in social dynamics. We do that through meeting regularly for meetings, at night at bars & clubs, and even in daytime contexts. We also have a growing online forum to provide members with an opportunity to share their personal experiences, ask for advice, give advice, and even read about other’s successes. We beleive highly that every member should strive to selflessly give value to the lair in some way.

          Contact: Alphapunk [ protected by SafeMail ]

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      • Rhode Island

      • South Carolina

      • South Dakota

      • Tennessee

        • CultivatedPower Memphis Lair
          A new lair first and foremost for the development of skills in dating, but extending also into general self-improvement. We have an invite-only forum that you will need to speak with us to join. We sarge multiple times a week.

          Contact: PFC [ protected by SafeMail ]

          Nashville Tn
          Nashville Lair for PUA’s and those working to improve their game. We will organize nights of the week to go go out and meet women. This is also a forum to share new ideas, and field reports.

          Contact: Vega [ protected by SafeMail ]

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      • Texas

        • Dallas Seduction Lair
          Seduction and Sarge Group in the Dallas-Metro Area, 180 Members and Growing

          Contact: Dimitry [ protected by SafeMail ]

          The Austin Society
          We are located in Austin, Texas. Our group is devoted to the development and practice of all styles and methods of seduction arts. We are the largest group in Texas. We are the organizers of the next PUA Summit 2004, to be held here. We are highly organized and highly motivated. We are actively seeking serious and motivated individuals only to join our group. All new candidate members must fill go through a membership process and go out and meet women initiation before they can join. After they are accepted into the group they must fulfill certain requirements to maintain active status in the group, if not they will be removed.
          – no website link known, use contact below if available –
          Contact: Billionaire [ protected by SafeMail ]

          San Antonio, Texas
          We are starting a lair in San Antonio, TX.This group is more than a forum for seduction, dating, cocky funny, NLP and pick up, it’s a highly qualitative social circle. The ultimate goal is to establish a seduction community established in the heart of San Antonio, where members personally know each other and use their web of local social connections to enhance the pick up arts. As much as the lair is motivated by various pickup methods by Mystery, Style, the Bristollair peeps, RSD, DYD, and such, original field-tested methods and concepts will truly up your level here

          Contact: Troy or Eddie [ protected by SafeMail ]

          Dallas PUA
          Dallas’s official seduction lair, Dallas PUA, is located in the Dallas – Ft. Worth, Texas area. The society is dedicated to sharpening and understanding the science behind the skills of the Pick-up Artist (PUA). Join the forum at

          Contact: Mojo [ protected by SafeMail ]

          The Houston Lair meets regularly and members actively apply and improve their skills and are eager to teach success. A structured forum on the site reviews local sarging hotspots, collects and discusses material from the community that applies to personal sticking points, and observes progress towards the goals of each member.

          Contact: Silverback [ protected by SafeMail ]

          Dallas Lair
          The Dallas Lair is free to join, and aims to serve as a resource and discussion area for Dallas-area pickup-artists (PUAs) of all experience levels. We have numerous active members, some of whom are experienced and happy to share their knowledge.

          Contact: Vector [ protected by SafeMail ]

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      • Utah

      • Vermont

      • Virginia

      • Washington

      • West Virginia

      • Wisconsin

        • Milwaukee To Madison
          A Lair is start for the Milwaukee to Madison, Wisconsin area. Emphasis will be on field sarging and developing a network of like-minded ""wings"" to develop and maintain a secret society in this area. We will go out and meet women from the college bars of Madison to the redneck fishermen bars of Lake Country to the cheesy working class discos of Milwaukee. All interested parties (male or female) please contact [email protected]
          – no website link known, use contact below if available –
          Contact: g66***6@ou***.com [ protected by SafeMail ]

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      • Wyoming

South America


  • Australia and New Zealand

    • Australia

      • Australian Capital Territory

      • New South Wales

        • Port Macquarie Players
          The Port Macquarie Lair URL is currently under construction but you can still visit the site and join and the contact details are stilly fully active. So any guys or girls in the Port Macquarie area that want to go out and flex there skills or simple just want to swap information then contact me either by email of phone and we can have a sick night out …….alright look forward to hearing from use……peace out, –Crash–

          Contact: Crash [ protected by SafeMail ]

          Port Players

          – no website link known, use contact below if available –
          Contact: Crash [ protected by SafeMail ]

          Sydney Sarge
          The Sydney Sarge is a community of guys commited to improve their social skills and attract beautiful women into our life. Everyone is welcome as long as you want to contribute, go out and sarge. Weekly meetings, Chat Room, Events, Coaching Programs and More.

          Contact: Doc Love [ protected by SafeMail ]

          ^ top of list | ^ top of page

      • Northern Territory

      • Queensland

        • Brisbane Fraternity
          Brisbane Fraternity is a group of PUA’s who believe strongly in the idea of brotherhood. Its members’ goals include getting better with women, building large social circles of women, and above all, working together to reach these goals.

          Contact: Dex [ protected by SafeMail ]

          Brisbane Lair
          The first and original lair in Brisbane, Australia, which has seen some awesome PUA’s emerge. Now defunct and closed to new members, existing members can still login and gain access to their posts, or make new posts if they feel like it.

          Contact: Dex [ protected by SafeMail ]

          The Cairns Lair / C-lair
          We’re a small bunch of active people, and growing. Cairns a bit of a travel destination so if any of you come by give us a bell and we’ll introduce you to some fellow backpackers 😉

          Contact: Phineas [ protected by SafeMail ]

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      • South Australia

        • Adelaide Fraternity
          Following the success of the Brisbane Fraternity, Adelaide Fraternity has been established as a place to congregate for those looking to improve their skills with women, to live an awesome lifestyle and to be a part of a community based on brotherhood.

          Contact: Dex & Mercenary [ protected by SafeMail ]

          Adelaide: South Australia
          Looking for people who are serious about personal development & improving their game. As for the rest, in the near future we will run workshops, where you will be able to gain the necessary knowledge & understanding that would allow you to attract women.

          Contact: Loki [ protected by SafeMail ]

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      • Tasmania

      • Torres Straight Islands

      • Victoria

        • Melbourne Lair
          Members meet twice weekly with approximately 200+ registered members. Currently run mini study groups on Mystery Method, Gunwitch Method, Juggler, SS. We usually meet out in the field and streets so there is plenty of field practice. Our Sarge-Fest is a great learning night for newbies where some of Australia’s best PUA coach you to improve your game. We also organize other activities such as Salsa dance nights for our members and we encourage our members to contribute back to the community to help it grow. The lair currently runs its own forum so come join this active lair. We recently added a Playettes Section so we welcome woman Playettes.

          Contact: Iceman [ protected by SafeMail ]

          Melbourne Sarge
          Melbourne (Australia) based pickup, lifestyle and seduction community. If your up for a big night, ‘anything goes’ behaviour, and some great company… Look no further.

          Contact: Cheetah [ protected by SafeMail ]

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      • Western Australia

        • Perth, Australia
          For anyone in and around Perth dedicated to learning seduction – all experience/age ranges welcome. Regular meets and events are held, so make sure you come on out and meet us.

          Contact: Ice [ protected by SafeMail ]

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    • New Zealand

      • Wellington, New Zealand
        An active lair is up and running in Wellington, NZ. Primary focus is going out and working in the field. All skill levels are welcome. Anybody who wants to join constructive, like-minded people in persuing the PUA lifestyle. We have a forum, and a bunch of friendly people who can wing with you to get you off of the ground; email Matt via [email protected]
        Contact: Moxy [ protected by SafeMail ]

        Auckland Lair
        We are a lair which has been around for years and is going strong, we have guys of all abilities from completely inept through to grand masters. But we all share the common bond of a desire to improve ourselves while enjoying life to the max! People from all over the world are welcome too, so if you are going to be passing through New Zealand come join up.
        Contact: Dman [ protected by SafeMail ]

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