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Magic Bullets Reviews – eBook by Savoy

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Reviews of Magic Bullets» by Savoy

Magic BulletsRay Devans (aka TokyoPUA) reviews Magic Bullets by Savoy of Love Systems (used to be “The Mystery Method”):

You should never judge a book by its cover as they say, and in the case of “Magic Bullets” if you judge it just by its title, you might miss out one of the best books ever written on the subject of improving success with women.  While its title isn’t the sexiest title for a book of its kind, “Magic Bullets” is probably one of the most honest, well rounded, information packed books you will read.  I will explain more on why it’s the most honest book and give an explanation of the strange title later, not to mention some actual sexy stuff it contains, like how to get strippers, threesomes, and more…

When I first “met” Savoy it was actually over the phone over a distance of thousands of miles, and at the time I had no idea he knew so much about seduction.  In the years that have ensued, it is clear to me from meeting him in person finally and reading “Magic Bullets” that Savoy has become even more knowledgeable and one of the true experts in the field. It should be noted that Savoy is the principle author, and a few chapters are written by guest experts.  For those unfamiliar with Savoy, he is the genius Wharton business school graduate who has for many years run The Mystery Method» company and worked with Mystery and other top ladies men to build it into one of the top dating and seduction instruction companies in the world.  Savoy is also reputed to be one of the top board game players in the world, and his strategic abilities there seem to serve him well with women, too!

Magic Bullets” can be considered a sequel to the “Venusian Arts Handbook” (reviewed separately here, but no longer available in e-book form).  Savoy describes the “Venusian Arts Handbook” as the Old Testament, and “Magic Bullets” as the New Testament.  While this assertion might be debated by some, it is clear to me that there are many new and worthwhile additions to the ”Magic Bullets” book.  If I had to try to find one general fault with this book compared to its predecessor I would only say I wish it had maybe a few more diagrams and charts in general for the visual learners among us, but otherwise it is amazingly well balanced. And there is the possibility that future versions will have more diagrams.  (This is another cool thing about the book: if they update it after you buy it, you are automatically emailed the new version.)

There are many unique aspects of ”Magic Bullets” that are worth noting that set it apart.  First, each chapter is written in logical order, but can be read on its own even without reading the other chapters as a stand alone unit.  This is great because you can later just review those chapters that you need to refresh separately.  Or for example, if you are a beginner and want a quick primer on what will help you in clubs, there is a chapter that will do that for you that you can skip to right away.

Another interesting thing about the book is that it is very honest.  What I mean by this is that despite the fact that Savoy is one of the top ladies men in the world, he is not out to convince you in the book that his way is the only way, and even goes so far as to say that there is no one best way to do well with women.  Instead, Savoy just focuses on giving great, well researched information that is as unbiased as possible.

Along those lines, this was another thing that was extremely impressive about the book, namely just how in depth and well researched it was and yet it still included very subtle advice at the same time.  An example I remember had to do with the wording you would use to speak with a woman to get her separated from her group of friends at a bar or club. While it might seem natural to say something along the lines of “let’s go somewhere more private” Savoy points out how that can have somewhat ominous overtones to some women and suggests much better phrasing of the same thing.  The book was full of such deep, masterful detail in every chapter.

The book is composed of 4 main parts with 22 main chapters, as well as an appendix with various resources and a glossary of terms.  The book is hyperlinked throughout making it easy to navigate to where you want to read instantly.

  • Foundations – (How to use the book, quick start system, female psychology)
  • Emotional Progression Model» – (Overview, Opening, Transitioning, Attraction, Qualification, Comfort, Seduction, Relationships)
  • Context – (Social Circle, Day Game, Strip Clubs)
  • Skills – (Physical Progression, Dates, Storytelling, Non-verbal communication, Kissing, Fashion and Grooming, Winging, Phone Game)
  • Appendix – (Glossary, Resources)

(Note: the Emotional Progression Model» is Savoy’s evolution of the prior courtship model and as it includes the relationship phase it is more complete.  If you are more of an analytical type you might find the prior model easier to follow though.)

One of my favorite things about this book was the extreme level of detail in the seduction phase, which did seem somewhat lacking in its predecessor, and is definitely lacking in most books of its type.  In “Magic Bullets” you get some real magic bullets» on how to get to sex faster and with higher probability of success.  These tips and gems alone are well worth the price of the book.

Another area that “Magic Bullets” excels in describing is relationship types and management.  This is again absent in most books like it, but is really of huge importance to help you live the lifestyle you want.  For example, many men want to have multiple partners, but because they don’t know how to set relationship expectations in advance, they wind up with a lot of skill to seduce women but are unhappy with no way to use their skills because they still wind up in monogamous type relationships.

For those looking for very niche and advanced material, there is no shortage of that either.  Guest chapters by Sinn detail his top ten tips on strippers, strategies for day game, and more. The book is truly well rounded for beginners and veteran students of the game alike.

All totaled, whether you are a beginner or an advanced student of the arts, you owe it to yourself to begin your education with this book or add it to your collection.  “Magic Bullets” says there is no magic bullet», but the information contained in it is state of the art, hard hitting information that is the closest you can come to getting magic bullets» when it comes to improving with women. Get your copy now, and start enjoying your own magic results with women.

Ray Devans (a.k.a. TokyoPUA)

P.S. Still undecided? They offer free chapters, so you can get a feel for just how good the book is before you buy it.

~TokyoPUA, 2007-05-10

Readers of Fast Seduction 101 who have also read Magic Bullets» are welcome to submit their own reviews.

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