How To Make A Girl Squirt: Give Any Girl Multiple Squirting Orgasms With These 2 Proven Techniques

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Most men have no idea how to please a woman in the bedroom. If you’re one of those pathetic men... today that’s all going to change. I’m going to show you how to make a girl squirt within a couple of minutes. Guaranteed.

Don’t believe me? Well, you don’t need to. All I ask is that you take the techniques below, use them on the next girl you sleep with and make sure you change the bed sheets, they will be soaked ;)

How To Make A Girl Squirt (Watch The Video)

Aside from the techniques, I’m also going to be explaining the different types of orgasms women can have, as well as some useful preparation tips, so the girl is comfortable.

Ok, let’s get started.

The main types of orgasms women can have

You know what the worst part is about being a man? We can’t have more than one orgasm directly after the other with multiple stimulation spots. But girls can, so it’s important to know which is which:

Clitoral orgasm

As the name suggests, the most common type of orgasm that a woman can have is from her clitorous. As long as the clit is stimulated (I.e with the mouth, fingers, sex toys etc), she’ll be able to cum.

The clit is SUPER sensitive, in fact women have the same amount of nerve endings in their clit as men do in the entire penis. Mad right?

Vaginal orgasm

Ok, so the second type of orgasm a woman can have is vaginal. Meaning they cum from penetration. Again either with fingers, sex toys or the penis. It’s mostly known to people as the g-spot which is deep (about 2 inches) inside the vagina and rests on the top.

The g-spot is very easy to find and the most important part when it comes to squirting orgasms. To find is, insert your index finger, curl it and try to feel for a noble that’s a little rough. That’s the g-spot.

Preparation tips: Get ready to make her blow!

Awesome, so you’ve learned the difference between vaginal and clitoral orgasms. Let’s move onto preparing yourself and your girl, so it’s incredibly easy for her to squirt like a champ.

1. Get comfortable

Comfort is SO DAMN IMPORTANT. If your girl is not comfortable, then she won’t be relaxed enough to cum. Do your best to make sure the bed sheets are clean (obviously), the room is a good temperature, the lighting is sensual and you have some calming music on in the background.

Toko Sex Lube

2. Lube is great

Lube isn’t essential, but it’s recommended as it makes things very slippery and tingly. You only need a small amount of water based lube on the tip of your fingers to get going.

I like Toko lube or you can also use grapeseed oil which is perfect. Also it smells amazing.

3. Warm your hands up

Make sure your hands are not cold, if they are this will ruin the mood and make your girl jump or feel uncomfortable. While we’re on the subject of hands, be sure to cut your nails. Sharp edges or long nails will hurt her!

4. Get her relaxed

By now she should be pretty relaxed, but take it a step further and start kissing her softly. Work your way from her lips, to her neck, down to her breasts, stomach and inner thighs.

Kiss and lick slowly around her inner thighs, not touching her vagina. This will keep her in suspense. After a minute, being licking her clit. Then after a couple of minutes, move onto the techniques below.

How to make a girl squirt in just minutes

So she’s relaxed, horny and ready for you to work your magic. Now let’s discuss the two techniques that will make her gush.

Technique 1: Stroke

Technique 1: Stroke
  1. Make sure she is lying on her back with her legs spread open

  2. Take your index finger and insert it into her vagina

  3. Find the g-spot (explained above)

  4. Make a curling action as if you’re asking someone to come closer

  5. Repeat this motion for a couple of minutes

  6. With every 5 or so strokes, move your finger in and out of the vagina

  7. Finally, insert your middle finger also, placing more pressure on the g-spot

At this point she should be growing and grabbing you to keep going. Let’s make her squirt!

Technique 2: Power pump (Overdrive)

Technique 2: Overdrive
  1. Sit up on your knees and take your two middle fingers

  2. Insert those fingers into her vagina again

  3. Locate the g-spot and begin pumping her vagina in an upwards/downwards motion

  4. Start slow and build up the speed

  5. Get to a speed where it’s making your arm ache and prolong it for as long as you can until she squirts

If you followed everything above correctly she should be squriting.

Common squirting orgasm questions

By now you should have some questions, so here are the most common ones that I’ve heard over the years.

She didn’t squirt! Why not?

There could be several reasons why. You didn’t make her comfortable enough, or she is weirded out by something. It’s mostly always comfort and trust. So you need to really work on that before trying this.

I can’t find the g-spot, does she have one?

Yes, you’re not looking in the right place. Follow the instructions above and try again. It’s not that hard!

My arm gets too tired, is there another way?

Yes, the more you perform cunnilingus and build up the sexual tension, the easier it will be for you to make her squirt. When done correctly, you should be able to make her squirt within 60 seconds or less.

Is she peeing when she squirts?

Some people say yes and some people say no. But let’s get one thing straight, there’s no magical liquid pouch that is inside her, designed to only work when she squirts and the liquid is released from her urethra, so you work it out!

Conclusion: What to do next...

So that’s how to make a girl squirt. It’s a cool thing to do once in awhile, but in all honesty it gets boring and incredibly messy. My advice is to learn some other techniques in the bedroom to satisfy your lady.

Don’t forget that the more you do for her, the more likely she is to return the favour, which means a great sex life for the both of you.