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Player Guide: If more than one girl is giving you the vibe

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If more than one girl is giving you the vibe

NYC, ASF: “In a case like that where you are receiving vibes from TWO chicks, especially related ones… consider EXTRACTING BOTH! The point is that if you take the niece, the aunt will feel rejected and cock-block. If you take the aunt, the niece will not CB, but she will not accept any advances from you BECAUSE you have declared interest in her aunt. What you want to do here is extract the chicks that LIKE YOU from the chicks that DON’T LIKE YOU and the guys. Separate the targets from the obstacles.

Use whatever you can – “Have you ladies seen the…”, “Look, a picture booth… I’ve never taken a picture with an aunt and niece before… let’s go” – do whatever you have to do to get them both away from the group. Once you get away, STAY AWAY! Either both will stay with you and you can chat them up and display personality, OR only ONE of them will go back to the group. This way they effectively decide amongst themselves which one gets you instead of YOU picking one and rejecting the other. If they BOTH try to go back to the group, say “Oh cum on. One of you stay with me:)”, that should start a debate as to which one will stay and which will go.”

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