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From Cliff’s List, 2001-03-30a:


I just want to send you a review of the products I know:

Hypno-seduction = CRAP

Holosync (from Centerpointe) = Treasure for life.  Just listen the CD’s for 1 hour a day, for 9 years.  Yes, 9 years!  Wouldn’t it be very suspicious if you could get rid of all your mental trash in no time?  They are great.  Your enlighten is only 9 years away ( I’ve been using it for 2.5 years, and although I have lot of mental crap yet, it’s been cleaned)

Attitude Activator (from Rex Steven Sykes) = Great!

Spring Forest Chi-Gong = Wonderful!  What does this have to do with seduction?   Well, increase the energy and release the blocks from the body, and you’ll see what happens to your states.

Sedona Method or Releasing technique = WORKS!  Too simple?  Yes, and works.   Doesn’t matter what others (who didn’t do it enough) say, it works.  It took 6 months to make it work (resistance to the simplicity), but now it started to kick in.

Hypnotic Awakenings = Need to say anything?  It’s Major Mark, people!  If I could (if I didn’t live in Brazil), I would do all his courses.  The only question about HA is what is the best way to listen, and how many times.

Dynamic Hypnosis = put a person in hypnotic state in 2-3 minutes.  Works!   It’s like the opposite of traditional hypnosis.

From Cliff’s List, 2001-04-18a:


>This runs right along the lines of what I've come to describe as
>"Toronto's Plague".  Some may disagree with me, but the chicks, and people
>in general, of Toronto, are far meaner than friendly.  I've been to a
>variety of places, seen about 25 states, lived in California, and Toronto
>is the unfriendliest city I've ever known

This is interesting because I sometimes look through the on-line personal ads –  most of them you have to pay to message people, but you can put a free ad up….so mostly I just look to read women’s ads and see what they are looking for.  I have noticed that there are more “women seeking men” ads from Toronto and Ontario in general than anywhere else – Texas looks like a close second – both of these places I don’t visit, but I was thinking of including them in my plans just because of all the gunch that seems to be there!  ICQ is overloaded with chicks looking for romance in Toronto and Ontario, and I’ve even asked them about it – 3 of the girls I asked said that there was a big shortage of men in Toronto, and one of the women said that men in Ontario are jerks.  The place seems like a goldmine for PUA’s!  If I were you I’d actually join one of those online sites  There are alot more on search engines, and from what I’ve seen and done most chicks won’t even bother replying if you’re not from the same city as them, so you’ve got a good chance of at least communicating because you actually live in the city of lonely women.


It is mainly laziness (and some lack of time) that prevents me from running an updated list of singles/dating sites» that are completely free (free to advertise and free to respond to ads; sites like friendfinders and questpersonals, etc. may give you a free trial but as a general rule, responding costs money).  If anyone has a list of similar sites, send it in and I will eventually add the ones I have run them here.

Readers of Fast Seduction 101 who have used any of these products are welcome to submit their own reviews.

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