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Mystery’s Tips and Tactics (from Mystery’s original public web page)

Mystery’s Tips and Tactics (from Mystery’s original public web page)

Content has been slightly edited (spelling, grammar, dead links). Formatting has also been modified from the original for ease of reading. Some of this text might be haphazard and confusing to read – that’s because apparently it’s been thrown together from a bunch of Mystery’s miscellaneous ASF posts, mixed in with his random thoughts.


These basic rules are merely THEORIES that fit the MODEL of the way the playing field is like. The MODEL is only a representation of the real world. In other words, these RULES weren’t handed to us on a stone tablet by a guy coming down from a mountain.  They were figured out by literally thousands of trial and error APPROACHES (mostly error).  To a PLAYER, there are no such thing as failures, only results. We learn from our mistakes and use that knowledge in the future to modify our next approach.

Enjoy this messy area. Julian will hopefully help out in making this all nice and purdy J


  • Dress
  • Go out
  • Find
  • Approach – 3sec rule – “hi”
  • INTRO script – Elvis
  • Main body script #1 music game
  • Main body script #2
  • Main body script #3
  • CLOSE – kiss close and # close
  • Leave – or eject

This format is for EVERY girl you wish to meet.

  1. Find
  2. Meet
  3. Attract
  4. Close

 Openers – learn all about why pick-up lines (AKA: PU-lines) are shit.

Refrain from sitting if at all possible.

When you see her, show her a smile, confidence, coyness, charm, be welldressed, look just a little shy, and be friendly. Don’t PICK HER UP. Don’t HIT on her. Don’t compliment her. Just BE. Like when you are with a good friend. Then tell her you intend on bringing her with you to a get together.

RULE: NEVER give your #, only get hers or TRADE, but NEVER just give yours.

This IS the hardest thing to do … FIND them. Imagine the difficulty for a moose in the forest. It’s the same for some guys. You have to roam around and FIND your potential mate. I KNOW she is out there. There is a 19 year old girl who would LOVE you – she is even within 50 milesof you now. Get a map. Draw a circle. Search this out batman style – you know – with a map on the batcave wall and the deriddling computer. For the not knowing what to say thing: write a small outline of topics of discussion.

Here is my example:

20 min – Question game

5 min – The music game

2 min – Elvis and his hair

15 min – ESP – is it real?

5 min – Titanic connection pattern

5 min – The ant farm I bought for my niece and what I learned

10 min – My friend Tal likes this girl but is having problems…

10 min – My other friend’s girl became a stripper – what do you think about that?

These are TOPICS of discussion that althogether run over an HOUR!

Have you told any stories to a buddy on the phone? Well give the story a title and write that on a list to put in your pocket or wallet. This TOPICS OUTLINE can be referred to while she is right there. You go into your wallet and check something then continue talking. She won’t know you have a cheat sheet.

ALWAYS carry a pad and pen with you. Consider learning sleight of hand with a pen. This will come in handy OFTEN. Take the pen and before you give it you say, “check this out” and make it vanish. That’s a coy and playful surprise. You need to be better at disarming them with humor. You CANNOT enter with SEX on the BRAIN. NO HITTING. NO PICKING UP. Have fun, make them laugh and convey confidence, connection, smile and humor. Then they will want you because every other guys doesn’t do this. They do shit like give beers and other stereotypical mating ritual things. You don’t do that and you are IN baby IN. Honest. You haven’t had a chance to work the club PROPERLY. You do NOT have to be a ‘mack’. Swear.

SOLUTION: smile. When she looks fo the very FIRST time, smile BIG and say “Hi.” THAT’s the 3 second rule. You will get used to saying “hi” and smiling to EVERY beautiful girl everywhere you go. Now you already have come off as playful and pleasant. If you miss this first opportunity to do this, you risk STALING out the girl. That is what you keep getting yourself into. You STALE the entry so you feel awkward to approach. Why? Because you know she knows you have sex on your brain. You have no other reason to approach her. That’s STALE. Now if you smiled and said “hello” in the first 3 seconds of seeing her, then you can immediately start chatting. It’s natural this way.

“My spoon is dirty. (Pause for impact then show a dirty spoon and look at it like its really scary.) My kingdom for a clean spoon. What am I talking about? My kingdom ‘is’ a spoon. A dirty spoon at that. What should I do now? I’m at a loss! Quickly, lets team up and solve this issue together. I’ll do the delegating. You do the field work. No, I’ll be Molder, you be Scully.”

Use the Elvis bit on the potential boyfriend. Everyone with the girl must be disarmed FIRST. They are to like you first. When they are laughing or you feel they are not a problem, then its all good. You can address the entire group, but remember to pay LITTLE attention to the target.

Sure. Just don’t pay particular attention to any ONE girl. In fact, pay more attention to the ugliest and work your way up. This is to disarm the obstacles to the one you prefer. If a woman is with a guy, you must approach HIM first. Direct your attention first to HIM. If a woman is engaged in a conversation… hmmm, thing is, sometimes they are talking about serious stuff. Don’t intrude if they are passionately conversing. But if there are pauses and such, by all means… enter.

Editorial on lifestle:

As disease is a health issue to be dealt with in ANY sexual lifestyle, hetero or whatever, we will not discuss this again. It’s something you must be responsible for no matter WHO or WHAT you have sex with.

What you say is that you are attracted to bisexual women. Thats that.

An appeal to polyamory.

I don’t bother dealing with ethics because the current pop culture thinking is that monogamy is the natural state between man and woman. From a realistic scientific point of view, however, monogamy is merely a religious restraint leftover from church controlled government.

Humans are polygamous, contrary to popular believe. Watch Desmond Morris’ The Sexes on The Learning Channel. Read The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins. Research humanism on the ‘Net. Research evolution on the net as well. Human and other animals.

Men and women are MEANT to have more than one partner in a life. And the pair-bonding that occurs for child rearing only lasts 4 years til the kid is old enough to be raised within its peer group or friends and other family memebers (cousins and sisters and such).

Watch Ricki Lake or Springer and you’ll start noticing that men cheat. Alot! Right now they act as if cheating is a bad thing. Thing is, it’s the natural way. Whether women believe this or not is a moot point. Humans are polygamous. When you realize this (research this to confirm it) you will feel alot better about how life works. You are MEANT to have a sequence of lovers in your life. Instead of asking, “but why didnt this relationship work”, know that all relationships have a beginning AND and ending. Then you move on. Nothing is permanent. Granted you may have parents who have stayed together but this was generally because of their indoctrination into a religious organization as children themselves. You can get out of these cults by educating yourself – check out humanism. Check out the skeptics dictionary on the net – will bring you there.

Thing is, you’d be surprised how accepting girls are when you tell them you are polyamorous. They will ask what that is and you tell them poly (multi) amore (love) and that’s just your lifestyle. MANY women have never considered it but are INTRIGUED. You, having the guts to tell them honestly, you will appear very confident. You’ll be surprised how much of an ACCEPTING thing this is to girls.

I know it sounds weird but thats not the case. I mean, don’t tell them you are dating other women – tell them you are polyamorous. Dating other women is to not care. Being polyamorous is to care for women even more than a normal man.

An appeal to cheating and lying men want to be polyamorous (not with each other). There is one girl who wants to be monogamous (only ’cause she is Christian and doesn’t know better). One of the guys tells her he’s fucked tons of girls. The other lies and says he’s only fucked 3. Who does she like more? See, deception is ok. So long as you aren’t hurting them. Like if you were a fag or something and were a high risk no condom wearing guy or something and you don’t wear a condom with her and shit like that. Be responsible, but cheating includes white lies. Clinton style.

Go out 4 or 5 days a week. Don’t carry a beer bottle in your hand like others.

Oh, remember the first time you drove? How scary it was? I remember how scared I was and I took a course and I actually hated having to do it because I had the responsibility of driving on me. It was such a horrid feeling. Even when I got my license it was a bad feeling. It was this anxiety whenever I knew I HAD to go somewhere. In fact I got that again when I took a course last year on motorcycle driving. (Got my license for bikes 6 months ago). Remember having been through this pain?

Did it go away with time? Yes. Would it have if you only drove once a month? Hardly.

Well, in order to get comfortable with the meeting girls thing, one must keep going out and trying. I am talking 8 to 10 girls a DAY. If you devoted a good portion of your time to this endevour, you would finally solve this problem, nip it in the butt, and be able to attain your desires before they pass you by. It’s not a looks thing. Its entirely style. Ever see Gone with the Wind? Rhett Butler – when you watch the movie, notice how in real life that guy is actually sorta ugly. But he FOOLS us, he tricks us into believing he is great looking by his sytle. He has the VIBE, the confidence, the demeaner, the cockiness of a man who knows what he likes and how to get it. Watch the movie and think about HIM.

Whenever you feel the ‘pain’ of not wanting to go out and meet girls (even though you want to be in one or more relationship – that just a choice thing) your body is sabotaging you. This feeling is not a sign to say, “DONT GO. GIRLS are BAD.” It rather is a very strong indicator that says, “Be careful, get good sleep the night before, eat well, be awake and lucid for the challenge”. Just like driving.

Get a microcassette player and tape ALL your approaches. Its also good because an approach is very formatted: it has a beginning AND an ending. So does a tape. So when you see the girl, you think I want HER. You scan the situation and say, “OK, here goes” and you press record. And in you go. When it is over, you press stop. Its so perfect for your brain. You are going in not to get the girl but rather to perfect the pick-up so you can have the PERFECT tape to play to friends. They will listen and say, “FUCK. YOU are GOOD!” Then you show them a picture of this girl that you fucked and she is a 10!. That is what it’s all about. Getting GOOD at this. Do you see WHY I said to get her to YOUR place? You NEVER have control of the situation at HER place. Phone calls and other unexpected things can excuse her from paying attention to you.

A neg hit is when you are talking to a girl and you do little things that show you aren’t completely interested. EG: “Are those nails real?” When she says “no” reply, “Oh. well, they’re still nice.” You aren’t being an asshole but the end result was to put her down. She will feel a little bad though she won’t think you meant it. You should drop 3 neg hits on a girl in order for her to want try to impress you harder and regain her composure. Another one is this: “Is your hair real? Well its still nice.” Remember to say this with a smile as if you are oblivious to this being a neg hit. See? You ,are HITting on her, but its NEGativie. There are many others that are great.

OK one more, do the pull my finger joke on her. Do it twice. Who the hell would do this to a girl who was a 10?!!! Only a man who is used to being around girls and doesn’t care about getting this girl or not. And this makes you different from the rest. You are toying with her – and it works!

My patience is usually unending… EXCEPT if someone doesn’t TRY, I tell them to fuck off. I care only about people’s learning curves. I know everyone is at a different place on the learning curve but if they aren’t at least PLAYING the game, then they are wasting my valuable input and therefore my time. If someone just tells me they aren’t getting girls because they are too scared, and they don’t attempt any way of beating the fear (excitement) and challenging themselves, then they can fuck off out of this NG because they aren’t PLAYING the game. All this talk of ours in the NG is about the RULES and TACTICS and STRATEGIES and GAMBITS of the game. But if you only READ the rules and never PLAY the game then I say, fuck off, right? Hey, one can SUCK at the game but at least they try. We’ve got teenagers that are getting more pussy than some LAMO adults.

I stand firm on this EXCEPTION. “If someone doesn’t have the guts to PLAY the game at all, they can fuck off. If they have the guts to TRY, then I have the patience to offer advice on playing the game BETTER.”

You have this notion that lying is an EVIL thing. You aren’t HURTING them by lying. You are using deception – so what? All animals use deception at some form or another to increase their chances to survive. Cheating and lying are evolutionarily advantageous. Read The Selfish Gene.

See my new perspective? Cheating and Lying is OK, so long as you benefit… and the other doesn’t DIE.

Yeah I guess the legal thing is an issue, but so far its just for fun and I don’t allow names, too. There is no PROOF within the audio. I will always remove names and change them to NICKS anyway so I’m pretty safe there. You can edit the DETAILS out and edit the audio any way you want to make it shorter and such. It’s really fun, too. To talk in the car about girls gets you PREPARED and to use it in the approach motivates you to really think about what you are saying.

WOW. Ok, DON’T give your CARD out anymore. EVER!!! What I mean by SELLING is that you are a product. You have to package yourself so you look like the TYPICAL perfect man. Smiling and funny, confident and connecting. Pleasant and not HITTING on them. Not buying them beers. Being a challenge. But like a salesman, you have to get ready for the sale. You have to look good, shave and dress well (dont dress LIKE a salesman – never wear a tie but dress well) have shiny shoes (very important) and be confident» like a salesman who knows his product and KNOWS that it sells well so the salesman doesnt even have to try. he just has to make his presence known. Like a pepsi rep. Look good but don’t say, “Will you buy some soda from me??? please???”

Pick up a spoon and walk up to the girl and say, “Look at this. Would you use this? Look how dirty this is. Elvis wouldn’t use this spoon.” Remember to be more absorbed with your disgust with the spoon than the conversation with her.

FIND is the hardest part of the game I think. They ARE out there. In fact, they are looking for YOU too. They have just as tough a time as you. You have to make yourself available to them. I DARE you to go for a walk. Go from store to store on Main St. and ask the cashiers where they would consider a good place. These people are your resources. They know the area and can guide you. “Can I pick your brain for a couple minutes about this area?” say that and they would most likely love to tell you more.

It’s unrealistic to attempt to identify SINGLE girls VISUALLY. If you aren’t sure, go in and approach. That is a RULE to the game. Go in and make them think you are a great guy then ask them for details of their life. Plan to go out JUST to pick up a girl. You can go alone. It’s in fact preferred. Bring a microcassette recorder and talk to it (to us). Where are you going? How many girls are you meeting in a day? You should be approaching 12 in a day (6 girls in 2 clubs in an evening of 4 hours is very fair). You should tape these conversations so we can best help you.

The BF is an obstacle. Obstacles must be disarmed. Do this by befriending HIM. Ignore HER and make him think you are really a cool dude. You ingore her (which is good psyche) and you disarm him. You also have the opportunity to find out how WELL he knows her and if he is even a boyfriend and not a brother or friend. This is standard obstacle disarming tactics. NEVER neg the obstacles. ONLY NEG the TARGET.

Respect the BF ALWAYS. I mean, show him all the attention and he will think you are not hitting on her.

SHE: I have a boyfriend.

YOU: If you think your boyfriend would feel THREATENED by your meeting new people maybe we shouldn’t bother getting to FREELY know eachother.

If a girl says “I have a boyfriend”, I know that I fucked up and made her feel threatened. This is a reflex answer from women who are shy scared girls. If they really HAVE a boyfriend, it is likely they feel comfortable with that and so will appreciate attention from others. Afterall, she feels secure with her relationship so she won’t just blurt out “I have a boyfriend.” If a girl says this, she unlikely HAS a boyfriend but she DOES have a fear of you that must be disarmed. The art of attraction is to get a girl under 2 hours. If not in 15 minutes. You don’t take weeks and weeks. This is so COMPLETELY fucks up the entire system. Trying to get a girl by talking with her for weeks and not finally CLOSING it NUTS, man. Meet the girl, be funny. Now, either get her # or bring her somewhere or kiss her there. Those are the 3 options. In class, you get her somewhere for lunch or you invite her to a party or you get her #. That’s it. Invite her to your place. Once you have chatted for 15 miutes, you will have her attracted to you (that is if you do the SS stuff). That’s it. Now CLOSE the sale. It’s a sale, man. You don’t wait around trying to close a sale for a month. This isn’t selling a $40,000 copier. Its a $300 VCR. Thats it. It’ not rocket science. We need perspective. While you are every day trying to CHAT with her, she goes home and masterbates. Then she meets a guy like me who comes along showing all the traits she would want in a man (a well honed image) and she chases him. He plays hard to get for 10 minutes and then gives in and BAM we are fucking while you are at home masterbating thinking about how you will make her MORE attracted to you. Anything over 2 hours and its a NOGO! Remember. After 2 hours, it’s gone. To attract someone is to BE attractive. ATTRACT her. Convey the traits she wants in a man. And how do you both find out what they are and then convey them back to her? Well, I would suggest CONVERSING with her. TALK with her. DONT HIT on her. Make her laugh for a good 10 minutes and then try to CONNECT. Then go for the kill. Don’t hit on her until she is INTERESTED. She won’t be until she has already been given the traits she wants. SMILE, HUMOUR, WILLINGNESS to LEAVE, CONFIDENCE, SOCIAL STANDING, NICE EYES (don’t wear glasses). Be charming.


  • Establish eye contact. Say “hi”… make it sound sincere. Don’t make it seem like you are trying to pick them up. “Hi there!” is wrong. They will in fact question in their minds why you are talking to them… you may later on tell them.


  • If other people are present, you must get them to like you first before you may show your intentions to the one you want. If one is her brother, he must like you enough to not become an obstacle. If he thinks you’re an asshole, win him over first.

Close – give something personal – a necklace or bracelet.

Don’t use pick-up lines.

Don’t use anything obvious to your intentions.

Don’t buy a girl a beer. Don’t buy a girl a flower. In fact, don’t think about picking her up; rather think about attracting her.

What attracts a person to another?

The person is interesting. There are 2 types of interesting people: good interesting and bad interesting. If you meet a girl and start giving knock knock jokes, that would seem interesting but in a … “this guy is fun, but lame” way.

Be entertaining – that is interesting. People want to hang with others because that person feels good around you.

The second day

  • Most people believe that calling a girl the next day is too needy. I don’t think so. Never ask them out on a date, though. Movies and the like are out. Videos are too soon.

The more pretty the girl, the more she has been hit on. The more likely she is already taken and is only flirting. They can knock you down more quickly because they’ve had practice. However, the more practice you get at talking to pretty girls, the easier it will be to NEG HIT them. NEG HITS are LOVED by 10s!

In each case of my getting laid, I first intro’d, then entertained without obviously showing my intentions to seduce. I merely talked. You have to go through this, too. So perfect the INTRO first. Do it withOUT looking like you are hitting on them. START there!

A woman will assume you want to have sex – you must confuse them into thinking that you actually don’t care about that. That is in fact a difficult thing to do.

A woman must be reached at an emotional level first and foremost. Be intellectual but reach her emotionally. You cannot reach her this way until you have only reached her intellectually (showing no emotional attachment to her like horniness) in the first few minutes.

“I have a boyfriend” – “If you think your boyfriend would feel threatened by your meeting new people maybe we shouldn’t bother getting to know each other.”

The close

Only close when they are attracted to you. Do not close until you have a pretty good certainty that they are (see body language»). Once you know they are attracted, you MUST close or lose!

  • ” this was good”
  • “so when are we going to get together again? I’m going to be performing at a club on the weekend, are you free on fri or sat?”
  • ESP joke
  • Give necklace
  • i want to see you again
  • you want to see me again
  • lets get together again
  • ร‚ยท i like you
  • what’s your #? (Have pencil ready)
  • i want your #


“May I call you sally (or whatever)? You can call me Mr. poo-pee pants.” – great if the girl is a 10!

“If I follow you home, will you keep me?”

“So how do you like me so far?”

“The voices in my head told me to come talk to you.”

“Would you like to kiss me or should I apologize?”

“Hello suzy, your mommy couldn’t make it this afternoon. She asked me to pick you up and take you home. My that’s a pretty dress. Would you like some candy?”

“I’ve never driven a Cadillac… whats your name?” – too sexual for an opening.

“You have an interesting figure.” – good if the babe is a 10!

“Shh! people can see us!”

“You drank too much last night didn’t you?”

Waiting for the subway – “Don’t fall onto the tracks – you’ll make me late for work.”

“Your nose wiggles when you speak. It’s sooo cute! :)”

Pointing to feet … (saying this like you really dont know), “Are those size 10s?”

“I bet you are even prettier without so much make-up on.”

“Your eyes are rather red. You haven’t been treating your body very well lately, have you?”

“Do you know what the C in E=MC2 is?” (constant = speed of light = 186,000 miles a second) If she doesn’t say, “Oh. Well…. nice meeting you. :)”, then turn your back to her.

The 3 SECOND RULE: When you are interested in meeting a girl, don’t wait for more than three seconds before smiling and saying “hi”. You have 3 seconds to do that. ALWAYS do it. Even if that’s ALL you do. Walk around, assessing women (rating them in your mind from one to ten) and if they are 8 and up, smile and say “hi”. Then you are committed to following through. NO MORE FEAR because you will find yourself doing this to ALL. Remember to SMILE and say “Hi”.

There are 3 TYPES of WOMEN, each must be treated differently. You must accurately assess their rating:

TYPE C: girls who are 7.4s and below – what to do? Avoid them. They are ugly!

TYPE B: 7.5 and 8 all the way to 8.9. They are pretty but the know they aren’t MOVIE or TV quality.

TYPE A: 9s to10s. These girls seem to be the hardest. But they aren’t. They are just DIFFERENT. A dif approach is needed. You must give them 3 NEG HITS first. Things like, “Oh those are very nice nails… are they real?” When she says “no”, say “Oh. Well… they’re STILL nice :)” It’s a put down without putting her down. Read another post of mine about that.

I suggest getting good at internal fear stuff by chasing Cs. WHY? Because you don’t have to have sex with them, you can just be friends and use them to learn about women from. Going out and having girls already around you increases your probabilities 10 fold.

Type Bs are fun. They are numerous enough to enjoy greatly. They are very attractive but aren’t the TV model type. That’s ok because they are very NICE girls.

READ: The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins

READ: The Machiavelian Guide to Womanizing – great fucking book

READ: How to Pick-up Beautiful Women Without Really Trying – great

As REAL pro-players know, the other people within the group are considered OBSTACLES. If you can make them like you, then they will give their consent and ALLOW you to have time with the girl you want. The fact that her peer group likes you will cinch her accepting your advances. Let’s say there are 4 girls as an example. You introduce yourself to ALL FOUR. Begin by saying… “ladies.” and smile. You are addressing the entire group this way in a polite manner. Remember to SMILE! Enter with the Elvis script as an example – though there are TONS of INTROs. You are playful and fun and confident. Then continue into other scripts or topics of conversation IGNORING the one girl you want. You aren’t paying particular attention to any ONE girl, just adressing the group and when the vibe is good and you’ve gotten EVERYONE laughing, THEN you pay attention to the one you want. See, if you paid attention to the best looking first, then the UGs would get jealous and dislike you immediately and pull the girl from you. By paying more attention to them first, you make them like you as a person (the TARGETS friends must RESPECT you for you to get ANYWHERE with one of their friends) and at the same time the pretty TARGET feels a bit self-conscious that she isn’t getting the attention she usually gets. Only when everyone likes you do you FINALLY give the TARGET the attention she now craves. Since everyone likes you, the obstacles have been thwarted and the peer pressure will be great for the good looking girl to pay attention to you. When you notice you are paying a bit too much attention to her (afterall, you will get along with her GREATLY) that is when you ask for permission from your news friends (the other girls) if its alright that you pay particular attention to her. They will appreciate you for being honest and have enjoyed the romance of the two of you smiling and holding hands… and THEN you wisper to your TARGET, “Look at what you made me do. I had to make EVERYONE here like me before I could talk to you. See that? This would have been so much easier if you were alone.”

Alright gents, THAT is the way. Instead of wussing out and slipping her the lame card (fucking goofs do that) instead you take the fucking bull by the horns, go in and mow that sucker down. It’s systematic. Make friends with ALL of them. Make them ALL like you. And then PICK what you want.

The question game – Mystery

The hot seat – Mystery

Elvis and his hair – Mystery

Blow job pattern – Ross

Chaos Theory – Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic park

Pull my finger – Mystery

Cosmology – Mystery (discussing the nature of the universe)

Connecting pattern – Ross

My Ant Farm – Mystery (discussing how humans weren’t meant to live alone in an ant farm)

May I suggest verbalizing what your intentions are first. That way if she says no you can say “Wow. you really wrecked a moment! Your boyfriends musta really hated that about you.”

So you can say, “I want to kiss you.”


“Kiss me.”


“Do you like having your neck bit? Why? Because right now all I want to do is bite your neck.”


“Stick your tongue out.” Then slowly go up to her face and suck on her tongue. This is MY personal favorite kiss close.

They are just considerations. I found just going for the kiss without indicating your intentions can sometimes lead to embarrassment – more than her saying NO. At least you can save face from the chat than from the situation where she moves AWAY from the kiss.

“Would you like to kiss me?”

If she replies with a question instead of a blatant NO, it means she DOES want to but she is unsure of public protocol only.

“Why did you ask me that?”

“Shhh. come here ๐Ÿ™‚ *kiss*”

Shit, I can’t figure this one out you say to yourself, fuck it, 3 second rule, I’m IN. BAM, you walk up. “Hi. *smile*”

Girls: Hi.

You: My kingdom for a pencil.

Girls: Here. (giving one)

You: (sharpening it then giving it back) How’s THAT for a random act of kindness, hmmm?

Girls: Where’s the kingdom?

You: My kingdom IS a pencil sharpener.

Compliments are good on women who are 8.5 and below. They are very useful (but never looks or anatomy or something that you know the girl got complimented on alot before). But a 10? Uh-uh. Don’t do it. She gets them ALL the time. By NOT giving them, the girl will feel the LACK of attention (a self-esteem thing) and she will do things to TRY to elicit a favorable response from you (which means she is now CHASING YOU.)

Telling a girl, “You need to wash that dress already!”

I took a gum out and offered it to her. She said, “No thanks Im drinking beer.” I replied, “I know … take the gum.” It was fun.

“I know some women who have enough love for TWO men! So… do you have the room in your house for me?”

Let us kindly differentiate between a NICE GUY and a GENTLEMAN. Like Satan himself, a womanizer or pick-up artist is a GENTLEMAN, but not a NICE GUY. 100% true! Do the approaching and initiate a conversation, but be funny and cool and a tad cocky even. Appear to not care whether you ever see her or not again. That is why openers (or INTROs) must be non-sexual.

NEWBIE MISSION: Pick 4 nights this week to go to night clubs. You are NOT to pick-up girls. You are simply to approach 12 girls per night of the 4 days and OPEN with the ELVIS SCRIPT (ask around). Then leave saying, “Pleasure meeting you.” With 48 approaches under your belt, you will discover the nuances. You aren’t attempting to hit on them and therefore you CANT get rejected. You are just chatting. OPENINGS have to be INTERESTING and thought provoking, NEVER use a line. NEVER buy a girl a beer. Never say, “Excuse me but…” Always smile. NEVER compliment the girl as an OPENING. Approached 48 girls in 4 days. If you can’t do this, you arent committed enough to get GOOD at this. I’m not saying 4 days in a row, but 12 girls PER day (a 4 hour set from 10pm to 2am is cool). Go ALONE. This is work. Get this over with and you will FLY brother!

Audio tape all your approaches with a recorder hidden. Then post the approaches. Newbies out there could really use your inspirational audio. “Give me ten minutes to talk away my ugliness, and I can bed the queen of France.”

We are all artists, all with many tried and true lines, routines, scripts, sequences or patterns. We give ourselves a different TITLE such as player or pick-up artist but are all still gentlemen. Like the devil himself. Formal courting sucks because it sets up classic behaviors – well defined ROLES each must play. Forget formal situations. Dancing, formal dates, etc. Don’t buy her a beer or any other stereotypical mating ritual until AFTER you know they are interested. Candles and incense is good to burn in your room if a interested girl comes over, but if she is just hanging, these things will tip her off as your immediate intentions and she’ll feel uncomfortable.

Here is my favorite all time any situation opener… “What are you looking for?” The first response is almost always “Huh?” or “Nothing.” To which I reply, “Everybody is looking for something, unless…you’ve found it. My name’s ______, what’s yours?”

Definition: OPTION. And option is not a phone # on a piece of paper. This paper is merely a representation of an OPTION to fuck. The OPTION is the attraction of you that the woman holds in her head. Hey, this may actually be HER option. Consider learning about GENES. Watch The Sexes on TLC and read The Selfish Gene to understand WHY we do what we do. Very thought provoking. From there get out there and solve the 11 month issue. OUCH! How could someone go THAT long without getting some? You just aren’t focusing enough energy to the task at hand. NOBODY should go without some sex for more than a MONTH TOPS! It’s unhealthy for the mind and the ego.

All the other girls were OBSTACLES. You have to REMOVE the obstacles first buddy, this is textbook. Spend MORE time with all the others than you do with the 10. thats how you GET a 10. Here’s the reasoning: the friends NEVER get the attention because of the 10. So when you come and IGNORE them, they see you as just another guy. Instead, if you ignored her (putting her in her place) and payed attention to the friends, they would like you for two reasons 1) you are paying attention to them which feels good and 2) you aren’t paying attention to the 10 which makes you look like you are in control and therefore a perfect match for the 10. It’s textbook. REMEMBER, ALWAYS remove the OBSTACLES first.

GUMPTION week – do not succumb to the STRAWMAN SYNDROME and get scared to meet and kiss a girl.

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