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Who is Neil Strauss aka “Style”?

Neil wrote a best-selling book, The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists, released in 2005.  In the book, he chronicles two years of his life after immersing himself in the Seduction Community, where he adopted the pseudonym “Style” and went on to become one of the most well-known personalities within it.

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One of the interesting aspects of this Archive is that you’ll see the posts in which Style originated concepts and routines like the opinion opener, the time constraint, push-pull, the interactive value demonstration, the jealous girlfriend opener, the dental floss opener, the best friends test, and a lot more, including scores of much lesser-known but equally effective lines, routines, concepts, and techniques.  You’ll also get to follow his growth process from AFC to rAFC to PUA to PUG – which means you’ll find embarrassing anecdotes and language in these archives that he wrote prior to the personal development that resulted from his time in the community.

You’ll also discover in these pages that the secretive community he refers to throughout The Game is mostly a reference to the web site, resources, and discussion forum (referred to as “mASF“) on this site (  Many of the attributions of article posts stated in The Game as being from “Mystery’s Lounge” were actually from the mASF Forum on; others were posted in slightly different versions in both resources.

The reason was downplayed in The Game was due to Neil’s and Formhandle’s (Jay Valens, the webmaster of this site) concern that the website and the community might get inundated with too many “newbies,” who would flood the forum with AFC questions that would impede the ongoing dialogue, destroy the low signal-to-noise ratio, and frustrate longtime posters. Now that some time has gone by, Formhandle had a discussion with Neil that the site, and especially the community forum, can now much better manage such an influx while continuing to offer the same great value for site visitors. So now all these details can be made clear. For example, when Neil referenced “the archives” on page 220 and page 278 of The Game, the archives right here on was what he was referring to.

Also, the LA Pickup Summit written about in the book was not actually the first pickup summit but the second one – the first was started in Boston by Jay Valens.  Jay was also the first speaker for the LA Summit.

For those who haven’t read The Game, Neil’s journey began when a book editor asked him if he wanted to turn a collection of online articles (sometimes referred to as the “Lay Guide,” which exists in another form as the “Player Guide” on into a book.  Though Neil at the time had no interest in compiling a how-to book, he devoured the material anyway: despite his writing success, his dating life was nearly non-existent and he was constantly stuck in friend zone with women.  Soon after reading the materials, Neil created the pseudonym Chris P. and began to immerse himself in all the newfound knowledge online.  Through the community, he met Erik von Markovik (aka Mystery), after Mystery offered – for the first time ever in the community – an in-field workshop.  That meeting – along with the meetings of many characters in The Game that Neil met through mASF – is documented in this Enhanced Archive.

In this archive, you’ll discover an abundance of stories from Style, and of course pickup knowledge, tactics, and routines buried for years, ready to be newly discovered.  We are happy to make this resource available to you and hope you find personal value in it.

You may also be interested in reading our archives of posts from Mystery, Juggler, and TylerDurden, all major personalities from The Game, all of whom gained their initial broad notoriety from the community on  You can also find new and influential members of the community using our searchable post archive containing well over half a million posts, or join our very active forum …and, who knows, perhaps you’ll find yourself on the same journey as Neil and discover the amazing resources made available to you by Jay Valens on, such as the mASF Forums and chat, Player Guide, Searchable Archive, PAIR wingman registry, Lair List, Newsletters, and links to the greatest resources in the world for improving your life with women.

Disclaimer: We have the non-exclusive legal right to distribute this archive and are only providing it for your personal use.  No reproduction of any kind is allowed and any further distribution without the explicit permission of both the author and Learn The Skills Corp is strictly prohibited.

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