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Player Guide: Networking and pivots

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Networking and pivots

Here’s a rule never to forget: ugly girls have ugly girlfriends, mediocre looking girls have mediocre looking girlfriends and… yep, you guessed it:) – beautiful girls have beautiful girlfriends:) Networking in the context of this guide is getting to know every beautiful girl’s girlfriends – either she introduces you to them, they want themselves to be introduced to you by her or you hang out together and you get to know them naturally and… then you move on to those girls and their girlfriends:) This is why it is important not to lose one single girl – you will not only lose the girl but also a chance to meet all her female friends and their female friends etc.

What do I mean by losing? The most glaring example is her “LJBF“-ing you – then you’re pretty much dead (and no, you won’t be “friends” with her and get to meet all her friends this way:). Naturally, if you play it right, it will never happen to you – she either falls for you completely, or when you see that you’re not getting anywhere you cut your losses before she notices anything (and has a chance to LJBF you), or she simply is not up to your standards and you LJBF her instead. Besides being LJBF-ed you could lose a girl in a number of similar ways – negging a sub-9 who’ll hate you for it (see neg hits), confronting her with a proposal she outright refuses (“can I buy you a drink?”, “wanna dance?”, “your place or mine?”:) – all of which communicate you a message of “I don’ want you” (“at least not now” or “at least not this way” or “at least not here” to be more precise:). (With enough knowledge, experience, sensitivity and persistence you could of course regain control of the situation and even win her back. Would you however have had those qualities in sufficient quantities, you should never have encountered a situation of losing her in the first place:) So whenever you are on the verge of losing a girl, remember that her value is not only in what she herself has to offer but also in all her girlfriends you could get to know. Thinking about it like that, it should become much easier for you to LJBF her first (which in fact has much more of a chance of getting to be her friend than her having LJBF-ed you:) or to keep her as a pivot instead of cutting her loose.

In addition to being able to make friends with all their girlfriends, keeping girls as pivots has the added benefit of letting you be seen with girls. This makes other girls envious and intrigued about you, and presents you as a challenge as opposed to you being alone, thus “easy” and a bore plus a “looks-like-nobody-wants-him-anyway”. So get to know beautiful girls and their girlfriends, hang out with them, network, make them your pivots whenever appropriate. One word of caution though – don’t forget that “being friends” with beautiful girls and making them your pivots is not your GOAL, it is only a side-strategy:) You do remember what your goal is, don’t you:)?

NYC (ASF): “BASICALLY… it’s use it or lose it. She has first right of refusal. We are either going out as a guy and a girl that are going to be all over each other and fuck at the end of the night, OR we are going out as ME trying to get more bitches and you doing whatever the fuck YOU want to do, OR we are not going out at all! Imagine taking your own PERSONAL COCK BLOCKER with you somewhere? FUCK THAT! If she’s not interested in having sex with me, it’s INSTANT LJBF and I will describe to her her role in getting me other chicks. I also tell her DIRECTLY that I want to meet all her girlfriends. If she isn’t down with that, she’s THROUGH!” Pretty graphic but to the point, NYC:) See also “The pivot theory” for an elaboration on this.

The magic of pivots further explained by Johnny Shack (
“If you are going to the same place all of the time then it is a good idea to meet up with girls and hang in a group. Have you ever noticed how girls pay you obvious attention when you are with a girl? If girls see you with other girls it makes the world of difference. They all of a sudden want to know you. They become a lot easier to start up a conversation with once they have seen you around girls. It’s as though you become a prize to them to see if they can manipulate you into their web. They want to see if they can lure your thoughts into their’s thus winning out over the girl you are with. Girls are very bitchy and competition between them is played with a completely different set of rules than men. They also feel safe giving you “FUCK ME EYES” because they know they can tease you and you probably won’t approach them. I think sometimes they are living out a fantasy being as forward as they choose to be with guys who are supposedly taken. They know they are being tarty but the beauty of it is that they know no-one will ever find out. If girls know in their minds you will not tell anyone about having sex with them that night then you are half way there if you have the girl interested in you [see also The Trust pattern for an additional technique of alleviating her fear of people finding out the two of you had sex].”

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