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Player Guide: Our World routine

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Our World routine

The Our World routine, contributed by Maniac High (, constructs an imaginary world for both you and the girl, where the two of you can feel happy, comfortable and relaxed, and free to do anything you wish irrespective of the rules and norms of society or the attitutudes of other people, because quite simply – you are now in a different world, a world without any outside influences, a world where normal rules don’t apply, a world for just the two of you. You are in “our world”:)

The desired outcome of building “our world” in a conversation with the girl is to agree on ending up at your place the next time you two meet. This also works very well when arranging a “date” over the phone. But don’t start building the world until you know exactly, what it needs to be like. So first you have to find out about her values and principles and her possible objections to meeting you / ending up at your place. After you’ve done enough value-eliciting and come to know her possible objections (she might have a boyfriend, she might be afraid of social labelling etc), you can start building the perfect world for the two of you, which represents all of which she values, circumvenes everything she objects to but most importantly (and this is what you are striving for:) – is free of any usual social restrictions and objections to sharing, loving, touching, feeling wonderful in each other’s company, you know where this list is headed to:)

The following example assumes the girl has a boyfriend as an additional obstacle (modified from Maniac High’s post to ASF describing yet another Japanese PUA in action).

The first thing to do is fluff talk and finding her interests, then shifting from interests to romantic talk ASAP. For example, if a chick says she likes snowboarding, you’ll ask if she ever had a BF who liked snowboarding. If she did – start talking about that BF, and what he was like. If not, you can ask if she had a BF with any similar hobbies and then what he was like etc. Soon you can move into what she likes in a guy, and relationships, and the onto the general nature of human beings. Make sure the girl is fairly intelligent for such themes though, beacause if she isn’t, she might feel like you’re flying over her head and leaving her in the dust, in other words – miserable and bored. So if she responds – continue; if not, switch themes.

Assuming she is able to keep up with the conversation about the nature of all human beings, you can continue talking about what a human being is like in his/her essence and what are his/her natural desires – a need, a craving for affection and nurturing; giving, receiving and sharing love; feeling close and becoming one with another human being; feeling protected and safe, yet free to do whatever her heart wishes to do etc. Then compare that with how society restricts her in certain ways, like being able to have only one BF or one husband. Then talk about how it is interesting that in other societies, like Arab or amongst certain Mormons it is different – the woman is free to have several men and not feel ashamed or embarressed, because it is just an expression of natural human feelings anyway (this one is tricky though – she must be intelligent enogh to keep up with the conversation but not intelligent enough to know that those claims are actually FALSE! So watch your step:). In western cultures however this is (unfairly) looked down at.

This is where you introduce the concept of “our world”. Suggest and idea of “our own special world”, where the rules of society don’t have to apply (with the underlaying message of “cheating on your BF is fine”:), and where you can hold each other and hug, be comfortable in each others arms, relaxed, happy and feel secure. Your goal here is to make her feel secure and free to betray her BF, because all of this takes place in a “separate world” of just the two of you (apart from this example of using “our world” to overcome her objections to cheating on her boyfriend, remember that you can use “our world” to overcome any possible objections she might have).

After this is done and all set up, you then make the pitch for her to come over in order to enjoy that separate world where you can be together and hold each other in “our world”. You describe how you can celebrate, hug, and don’t forget to say directly that she doesn’t have to have sex if she doesn’t want to (continue building a world of security and freedom). Say something like “Have you ever felt/noticed when holding each other, how it feels good, how it feels to connect with each other and feel fabulous. I think that sex, well its like a recognition of this connection”. Usually around this point, she accepts to come over and you agree on a time/date.

But you’re not home free yet. Either when talking to her over coffee or over the phone, don’t end the conversation here. Her agreeing to come to your place might mean she will be comfortable and then again, it might not. And even if she feels comfortable about it at the moment, she might just freak out at the last moment the next time you meet and bail. Women have a much more easier time accepting almost anything, if they have been told about it in advance and they know to expect it. So instead of leaving now, introduce and describe to her the next time the two of you are going to meet. Describe the initial encounter in beautiful, wonderful, uplifting and positive terms. Plus don’t forget to add some important details:)

Here’s an example of what to say: “It will be a wonderful day, which you can already imagine now… as I meet you at the (station/place), I will hug you, and that connection will be visible, I will take your hand, and we will begin the journey to “our world” (my place:)… and then when we arrive at the gate/door, I will kiss you, and we will enter together and how nice it will be to connect, hold each other, being free from restrictions of the outside world, when we are in “our world” together, and feeling fabulous together. And how wonderful that will all feel. You can imagine that, can’t you?”.

Now that you’re scripted the encounter, the two of you can depart. And when the day comes, act it out exactly as you described it (you can’t do anything about the weather though – if its raining when you were describing a sun-shiny day, well, a bummer, lets hope she won’t mind:).

So you meet the girl, hug her and say: “Welcome, I am glad you have come to share “our world” today”. You then take her and go to your place. At the door you say: “Welcome to “our world”, and add that you want to kiss you before you enter, like you said on the phone. Usually the girl agrees and you can kiss her gently outside (setting the stage for when she gets inside).

You go in, sit down. Talk about a relaxing secure hug, then start to hug on the couch or wherever it is you sat down. Then kiss her again – which is okay, since you already started outside. Then some more kissing… and more touching… neck… ears… breast (okay, you’re on your own from here on:).

Maniac High: “He says it works every time. It runs like clockwork, and he could lay a girl after about 20 minutes after they got in.”

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