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Wayne Ross’ Pickup Magic / Seven Magic Words

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Review(s) of Wayne Ross’ Pickup Magic / Seven Magic Words

Via e-mail, 2002-11-15:

Danny C.:

I would like to warn everyone about this product. It is the biggest scam on the Web.   I was taken in by his sales fluff but when I ordered an account, I discovered it was just a bunch of “success stories” tied together.

Wayne Ross does offer some good bonus materials which he has stolen from other sites though.  He cloned a whole copy of Layguide ( and offered it for free.  (Probably to keep customers from asking for refunds because this stolen product actually contains 1000 times more information than his “books”!)  I have already contacted Layguide and it turned out the bonus WAS stolen afterall.   Layguide had no idea Wayne Ross had a clone of their website in his members section.

[Editor’s note: Even the operator of the LayGuide web site is selling that material without permission from many of the original writers. AN enhanced, open, version of that guide is available on Fast Seduction 101, called the “Player Guide”.  And, BTW, the opinions of this review aren’t necessarily endoresed by the operators of Fast Seduction 101.]

I also suspect [Mr.] Ross has stolen the other bonus materials.  I can’t be certain, but the links contained in them show they are out of business so [Mr.] Ross might have grabbed them because nobody would be around to sue him.

Anyhow, save your hard-earned money.  If you want to spend money then go to a SS seminar or buy the tapes, etc… just don’t waste money on anything written by this Wayne Ross guy.

Readers of Fast Seduction 101 who have purchased products from Wayne Ross are welcome to submit their own reviews.

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