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Approaching Confidence CD

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Reviews of PUA Training’s “Approaching Confidence” CD

BigBrother (a.k.a. Jack Fontaine) reviews Approaching Confidence:

The difficulty for me in reviewing a product like this is that I’m one of those people who can easily be hypnotized and so each time I would sit down to listen to this, I would go into a “trance” state, and thus, had a difficult time actually concentrating on what was being said. In essence, that speaks highly of the product, as it does work for putting me into the appropriate state of mind.

Eventually, I just put my player down on my desk and played the CD while working on other things, which allowed me to at least absorb what was being said, and also not allow me to fall into a trance. I still had to focus on what I was doing so that I would not drift off, but it seemed to be the most successful way to listen to it. In the end, there really isn’t a great deal gained by trying to understand what was being said as opposed to just knowing that it does what it does.

In comparison to other hypnosis tracks I’ve listened to, there is quite a bit more than would be found in those “standard” hypnosis tracks. It combines the spoken word (on multiple tracks), music, and an advanced structuring of wording to make this a much more advanced hypnosis product, and geared specifically to approaching.

So beyond entering into a trance state, the question really is “Does this work?” The author recommends that this CD be listened to daily for three weeks for best effect. Admittedly, I had not been doing that, but have probably listened to the CD about half a dozen times within that time frame. After each session, I always felt refreshed and much more relaxed than before listening. After the first couple of sessions, I felt a bit more confident, but not that much different from how I normally felt.

Now after listening to the CD several times, I do find myself initiating more conversations than I used to in the past. I feel more confident about conversations (any conversation) no matter how they go. As stated earlier, I feel more rested on the days I listened to it and had a slight mood boost as well.

If you have trouble approaching, or feel that you can improve on that aspect of your game, then this product comes highly recommended. With a concentration of listening time (as recommended by the author), you should have a more marked change than I had within my limited listening.

Please note that you should not listen to this CD while driving or operating machinery, and should be listened to while you are able to take some time to relax, or before sleep.

~BigBrother 2007-10-19

Comments from TokyoPUA (a.k.a. Ray Devans):

I listened to the Approaching Confidence CD a few times myself, and was very impressed. I am very familiar with all the technical aspects of what language usage causes hypnotic response, so personally I am not one of the people who is easily hypnotized. Still, I was very impressed by the language used in this CD and its effectiveness. I have studied NLP and hypnosis for many years but found a number of areas in this CD where new, clever tricks that I had never heard were used. Together with the fact that the speaker has a British English accent, I found the tracks to be very hypnotic and would likely have been fully hypnotized if I had listened to it in stereo at home before going to bed.

Instead, I generally listened to it in mono in one ear while walking through public places like malls, etc. Of course I am very experienced in approaching already, but I did find that even just listening to the product like this made me approach more often than I otherwise might. It definitely can get you in the right mood when used real time, at least this was my experience. So I would recommend people to both listen to it at home to get the deep unconscious change, but also I would say that it can be listened to in mono like I did while walking in a place where there are many potential women to be approached to improve approaching confidence in the moment. The act of walking and the mono input should ensure that you don’t get heavily hypnotized, though test it gradually to see how it works for you. However, to reiterate Jack’s comments, don’t listen to this CD while driving, etc.

All told, this is a great product, especially for anyone who wants to improve their approaching success and confidence.

~TokyoPUA 2007-11-30

Readers of Fast Seduction 101 who have purchased this CD or sat in on a seminar are welcome to submit their own reviews.

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