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Natural Game eBook

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Reviews of PUA Training’s “Natural Game” eBook

BigBrother (a.k.a. Jack Fontaine) reviews Natural Game:

For those out there wondering how to go about learning to become that “natural” they see out there, you should take a look at this book. The basic goal laid out by the author is not simply to teach you a process of pickup, but to show you how to become what others might term a Natural, eliminating the need for canned lines and stories.

Beginning with a brief history of the author (Gambler), we’re taken into the Pre-Game phase which will give you the right presentation to have when entering into a pickup and seduction. Going from what to wear and the proper posture, to your basic mind-set when in a pickup, it covers the basics you should know before you go out on your first attempt. It should be noted that unlike most other books on the subject that start off by getting you prepared with improving your Inner Game», this book saves that until later on and goes directly into pickup. This is not meant to downplay the need to have a good Inner Game» as well as a good Outer Game, but it puts the importance more on action than an internal thought process, and emphasizes the need to go out there and “do it” over waiting until you’re “ready”. Remember, a natural doesn’t really think much, he just acts.

From the Pre-Game, we’re then introduced to the 3 different “Characters” you play in seduction. The book explains how to take the different characters you play during a pickup and blend them all together into a successful pick up. This is a great section to show you how each part of a seduction requires a different “persona” to make things work.

After a brief intermission entitled “Making things easier” where we are introduced to the different types of openings and how to take full advantage of each (thus making your game easier), we’re taken into the heart of the book, the System. This is where we will learn the complete pickup process going from the approach, to building attraction, to the close, and all the nooks and crannies in between. The author provides a number of hints, tips and techniques on how to eliminate the possibility of failure, and gives us a number of real world examples. Because of its importance, closing has a separate section devoted to it. Another nice addition to this book that others seem to neglect is a section devoted to Day Game. This system is not just for bars and clubs, but is for anytime, anywhere pickups.

For those that have mastered the basics and are ready to move on, Natural Game even includes a section on Advanced Techniques which includes AMOGing, Objection Management, Breaking Rapport, and NLP to name a few of the subsections (don’t worry about all the terms and acronyms, there’s a definition page for all these in the book).

And if you’re someone who needs to work on your Inner Game» (or build it from the ground up), then this book does not fail you in that regard. A full section is devoted to showing you how to improve your mental state, change your perception of yourself, help eliminate or reduce approach anxiety, etc.

The final section is a couple of example pickups for you to reference and see how the Pros have worked through their pickups from beginning to end.

Sprinkled throughout the book are a series of Missions to help you build your pickup skills by having you take what you have just learned and applying out in the field. This way, you’re not trying to take a massive amount of information and fail because you have a lot to remember. Each mission is designed to get you into the next level, and it’s best to continue reading the book only after completing a mission.

Another thing you’ll see throughout the book are diagrams that help illustrate the process of each phase of a pickup, so that you can get a better visual sense of what is happening, and what the potential outcomes are, etc. This makes for a better understanding and will help the learning the process.

Overall, this is a great book for those that want insight into the mind of a natural, and with the advanced section and the section on Inner Game», it will also be useful for those who have been doing this for a while. For those interested in becoming the natural they are jealous of, this is a great find and will be a great addition to your library.

~BigBrother 2007-12-04

Comments from TokyoPUA (a.k.a. Ray Devans):

I only had a chance to read briefly through the book but the concepts described all looked sound and on point to me, so I can also definitely recommend it based on my looking at it and on Jack’s review.

My favorite thing about the book might be the fact that the author was brave enough to put pictures of himself in the book that show his own fashion and looks transformation, which is something you almost never see in eBooks on this subject. These pictures are pretty inspirational and even made me rethink just how much I might still be able to do to further improve that aspect of my own game.

Since the original review the guys at PUA Training have actually added even more information to the book, so I hope to get a chance at some point to review it in more depth. But in the meantime, I still think it will be a great addition to your library, check it out now.

~TokyoPUA 2007-12-27

Readers of Fast Seduction 101 who have read this book or sat in on a seminar are welcome to submit their own reviews.

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