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A collection of reviews of products on: Pickup, Attraction, Seduction, Dating.  We’ve got reviews of eBooks, CDs, DVDs, Seminars, Workshops, Bootcamps and other forms of coaching.

The following pickup product reviews have either appeared on Clifford’s Seduction Newsletter (archived on this site), or on the mASF Forum, or old ASF newsgroup or have been written up specifically for this section of the Fast Seduction 101 web site or submitted by email to us.  Source and original reviewer notices have been provided in all cases.  If you would like to submit a product review or would like to recommend a product not already on this list, please contact Formhandle and let him know.

Top items:
The Art of the Pickup

Review: The Art of the Pickup
DVD Sets by Learn The Skills

Learn The Skills Corp is the owner of and operated by Jay Valens (aka Formhandle) and Ray Devans (aka TokyoPUA).

web site:
purpose: overall advice, pickup structure, foundations

High Status Male
eBook by Mike Pilinski

web site:
purpose: self improvement from the inside out, truly on-target alpha mindset

Way of Gun Audio Course &
Dynamic Sex Life eBook
by Allen “Gun” Reyes

web site:
purpose: how to apply sexual state and basic human sexual biology as your main method

More items:
Magic Bullets by SavoyThe Routines Manual from Love Systems

Magic Bullets eBook by Savoy of Love Systems

The Routines Manual eBook from Love Systems (in association with

web site:
purpose: pickup structure, in-field training

Real Word Seduction eBook by Swingcat

purpose: storytelling, push-pull techniques, getting women to believe you are the PRIZE

David Shade’s Manual – book about advanced sexual techniques to give women incredible pleasure

web site:,
purpose: how to sex a woman once you’ve got her
David also writes a column here on Fast Seduction 101: David Shade’s Journal

The Mystery Method Workshops & Seminars (with Stripper Seminar review)

purpose: seminars and in-field workshops

“The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists” Book by Neil Straus

web site: Buy the book on
purpose: literary documentary about one man’s journey through the world of pickup artists
Written by New York Times best-selling author, Neil Strauss.  Neil weaves together a fascinating novel about his experiences as “Style” in the community of pickup artists (all kinds of people known from this site are found in the novel).

Meet Women Online DVDs from Double Your Dating / David DeAngelo

web site:
purpose: online dating, personals, email, chat, etc

What the Hell do Women Really Want – a book that gets deep into the core of what women want, written by a woman

web site:
purpose: understanding the inside of women’s minds

KenXtions System – a thorough set of basic materials to help beginners get beyond simple approaches and meeting women

web site:
purpose: simplified approaching, openers, simple boot camp materials

Miscellaneous reviews…

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