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“The Routines Manual” eBook  by Love Systems

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Reviews of the “The Routines Manual»” eBook by Love Systems

The Routines ManualJack Fontaine reviews The Routines Manual by Love Systems

There are lots of books out there that teach you seduction and pickup, and any one of them can be a great source for learning the process, but there is always something missing in all of these books and courses: a decent set of routines to flesh out what you have just learned. And that’s where Love Systems’ Routines Manual comes in, filling a gap that is much needed in the community.

The Routines Manual» is written by the guys over at Love Systems (in association with, and with contributors such as Savoy, The Don, Sinn, BadBoy, Brad P, Captain Jack, and tons of others, this book is chock full of great routines. Routines that are solid and have been field tested to make sure they stand the real world test. This isn’t theory, it’s all working material.

Although the book is laid out with the natural progression of a pickup (openers, transitioning, attraction, qualifications, comfort, etc), keep in mind that it’s not designed to give you an a to z course in pickup and seduction, it leaves that to other books out there (although it does give you the basics in each phase so that you have a clear understanding of what you’re learning). But in doing that, it leaves more room to fill up their 200 pages with golden gem routines which, of course, is what this book is all about. If you would like a fuller experience, you should also check out Love Systems’ Magic Bullets, both books complimenting each other.

Love Systems’ Routines Manual is a quick read, easy to understand, and is clear in its presentation. But it’s also not meant to be read through once and put back on the shelf. It is meant to be read and re-read, picking out what works for you and learning it be repetition (and actual doing, of course). And with its design and organization, it will be easy to go to the parts you need a refresher on. Also, it’s not simply filled with scripts to learn, but integrates the when and where to use each routine, who it can be used on, and also which routines work best together. Additionally, a number of routines include variations depending on what a woman might say to you or the circumstances you might be in, etc. As emphasized many times in the book, this isn’t about memorizing scripts, but learning routines: what works, when and why. All so you understand what routines are all about.

One great addition to the book, and something that is completely missing from any other book or course out there: an entire section devoted to Creating Your Own Routines. So after getting yourself through the already solid routines in this book, you can make routines personal to yourself, and make some things that are all yours. Following the same structure of the book (starting with openers and ending with seduction), this section could be worth the entire price of the book. And just to kick it up one more notch, there’s also a bonus chapter on Storytelling (adapted from Love Systems’ Magic Bullets), making this book a must have to add to your bookshelf.

My favorite routines? Masturbate in the Shower, Last Week’s Lay, and Burning Car.

~Jack Fontaine, 2008-03-24

TokyoPUA supplemental comments about The Routines Manual by Love Systems

The ongoing debate about whether routines can be useful to your game is answered in this excellent manual by Love Systems.

Basically, routines work on two levels. First, they are great when you are just starting to learn as they give you confidence and material to use in talking to women, and thus further help you develop associated social skills and intuition. Then, when this has been accomplished, the next level involves tailor making your own routines that are most effective for you. The truly masterful pickup artist will have a combination of canned routines and his own routines.

For the first level, this book has culled the absolute best routines ever created by master pickup artist around the world. Routines that are known to work if delivered properly. Everything you need to know to do just that is contained in these pages, and in addition you are taught routines for every stage of your interaction with a woman.

For the second level of routine usage, Love Systems has included an excellent primer section on what it takes to create your own powerful routines. Plus, you have all the amazing routines in the book to serve as examples and templates for the book. This is one thing I like about Love Systems products in general, they always add in bonus information that really empowers the user to get creative and eventually take the pickup arts to a new level themselves.

This book is a great tie in to the other Love Systems ebook, Magic Bullets, which I have previously reviewed and strongly endorse as one of the best general books on pickup and dating that you can find. Get them both and really apply what you learn and you can expect to be amazingly successful with women.

~Ray Devans, 2008-03-28

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