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Reader Reviews of the “Seduction Science»” products

Seduction ScienceReview by TokyoPUA , 2003-05-06:

The first thing I noticed about the Seduction Science e-book series was that it’s a very well rounded approach to seducing women. There are 3 main volumes and a supplement, and each covers a different aspect of seduction. The first volume is full of the hardcore advice, a lot of which is derived from NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). The second volume is more of a guide to the more physical aspects of how to be generally attractive to women. This includes things like how to dress, how to whiten your teeth, etc. I think this is a part of seduction that is often ignored or under rated, but is definitely a cornerstone of my personal success with women. The third volume really focuses on online seduction. There is also a “fourth volume” which is a supplement about pickup/opening and more importantly, pickup opportunities and venues. This last volume makes pick up lines more useful because it gives you different lines for different contexts.

The first volume deals a lot more with your internal game, which is really where you need to begin before anything else. The book has a lot of exercises, not just explanations, and so it’s a “learn by doing approach”. The exercises are well organized and put in an easy to read, step by step format. Some of the exercises remind me of things they made us do in my college fraternity during my first semester in college. For example, I was made to ask 100 girls to write down their phone number in a notebook. I remember I was really shy at first and had a hell of a time getting around to asking for that first number. Yeah, there were some rejections, but those became meaningless after awhile, and I began to really enjoy and get good at the process. I got numbers from all kinds of hot women that I would never have before. You will find a lot of the exercises in this book are going to have that kind of effect on you, and in addition you may luck out and get laid just as a result of doing the exercises!

The second volume was more centered on what could be called “external game”, especially as regards your presentation. It was informative to me because I have spent so much time concentrating on the internal things like learning NLP, and the attitudes and actions that help in PU, etc., that I had let some of things go by the wayside recently. Things as simple as how to make yourself look really tanned, how to get whiter teeth, how to dress, etc. You can get a lot of this piecemeal from reading men’s magazines, but this volume was a good summary, and I personally learned some useful things I never knew before.

The third book is one of the most detailed log of internet chat seduction I had ever read. It’s not exactly a how-to manual, but rather a lot of excerpts from the authors own personal chat seductions of various women. What is really cool is that he writes his own comments (in blue for easier readability) about what he was thinking along the way, explaining what he why he wrote what he wrote. There were even a couple of places where he even talks about things he could have done better. Online seduction isn’t for everyone, but I personally have used it to good effect on occasion. If you want some great examples of how to escalate things smoothly over chat, this third book is a great read.

In the supplemental volume, “3 Master Keys to Pick-Up Lines”, you get one of the better explanations of when, where, and how to use an opening line that I have read. I felt it was very similar to Formhandle’s pAImAI theory, and could in fact be considered an application of pAImAI to pickup lines. He boils it all down to three main concepts that are fairly easy to remember and apply. Finally you get a great mix of openers for all kinds of situations you will find yourself in needing to talk to a women, and he tailors his lines to each.

TokyoPUA’s favorite part:
-I personally liked the section in the first book that has the interview with a player named Zach. If you can truly master the attitude Zach talks about and combine it at least some of the other things you learn in the Seduction Science books, it will get you laid much more often. Basically Zach talks about not caring about what other people think. I talk about a similar thing often, which is to pretend that the world is your “Pick Up Chicks Lab”. It is advice that if I followed more often, would probably double my already considerable success with women, and it can do the same for you.

In closing, I found that the books were full of very good, practical advice, ranging from keeping a journal to realizing again that women are an abundant resource, etc. On the other hand, there are a lot of fairly deep hypnotic, NLP type of exercises (some of which even have a sort of tantric touch to them), which creates a good balance with the practical advice. You can tell the author is someone who dedicated his life to the pursuit of women. I recommend this book to readers of all levels who want a well rounded system for improving their success with women.

Review by DOMN8R , 2003-04-16:

A first look at the Seduction Science» web site ( reads like an infomercial for the latest “miracle product.” After all, it promises to remove all shyness, make women wet instantly (with the ultimate secrets of attraction — of course), and even offers “ten easy sure-fire ways to get laid.”   It sounds exciting, but in this day and age, a guy’s got to be careful.  Is it just a bunch of hype, or is it the next best thing to looking like Brad Pitt?  We here at go behind the hype and pictures of scantily-clad women to help you decide.

When you first sign up, you receive four e-books. This means instantaneous access, but it also means you won’t be getting any fancy package at your door, so be prepared.  Fortunately, the e-books are well organized and easy to print with about 150 pages in total.

The writing style is similar to that of a magazine article: friendly and lighthearted.  To start off, there are NLP-based exercises for relaxation and confidence, but even if you don’t know what “NLP” means, don’t worry — the exercises are presented in an easy, step-by-step format.  You need to be willing to sit down and do the exercises to get the most out of this book.  If you are willing, the exercises are great.  There’s everything from feeling positive, to how to come up with an opening line, to conversation improvement.

Overall, the first volume is great in that it provides both specific things to do and say, but at the same time, gives you a framework for coming up with your own material, which makes it a great starting resource.  It also gives you some “moves” on how to get physical, and some tips for setting up your home. At the end of the chapter are a couple example pickups.

The second book has opinions and suggestions for image improvement.  Everything from clothing to teeth to basic bodybuilding is covered.  Beginners will find this volume a good reference; for the more advanced, this volume will be a complete disappointment as most of it will seem like common sense.

In the third volume, you’ll find three very detailed online pickups: 40 pages of word-by-word chat logs.  You’ll either hate this volume or you’ll be fascinated at seeing the author go from saying hi to creating sexual tension to getting the girl’s number (unfortunately, we don’t find out what happens afterwards).  If you have the patience to read through and study the logs, you’ll be able to pinpoint conversational techniques that you can easily adapt for your own on- and off-line use and you’ll find this to be an excellent read.  On the other hand, if the idea of reading 40 pages of chat logs doesn’t appeal to you, then you won’t enjoy this chapter.

In the last book, “3 Master Keys to Pick-Up Lines,” the author describes the keys to successful approaching and offers a number of approaches, many of which are specifically suited for certain environments.  This is a short book (16 pages) which reads like a continuation of the first volume with more good information.

Closing Comments

While Seduction Science» isn’t quite the “ultimate secret of attraction,” this is a solid, well-rounded foundation to getting laid.  You will get the most out of these e-books if you have the patience and discipline to perform the exercises and read through the chat logs.  On the other hand, if you have a closet shelf full of seduction books and tapes, you won’t see anything truly groundbreaking here — in fact, some things may seem suspiciously familiar — but you will find some useful tips and new perspectives on ideas, along with unique seduction conversation logs.  If you have a long flight or road trip coming up, print these books for an entertaining and educational read.  The web site boasts a remarkable 365-day money back guarantee and 60 days of coaching.  Note: The first time I went to the web site the price was $80, which I thought was a little overpriced.  Now, it seems to be $40, which is a good deal for this well-rounded package.  Overall, I would highly recommend it for beginners or for those who would like to expand their toolset.

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~DOMN8R , 2003-04-16

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