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“Sex God Method” Book by Daniel Rose

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Reviews of the “Sex God Method” Book by Daniel Rose

Ray Devans (aka TokyoPUA) reviews Sex God Method by Daniel Rose

Sex God MethodSo I am here to Review Dan’s book, but first let me get some necessary “bragging” out of the way so that my comments will carry more weight.  To paraphrases Morton Downey Jr. at the end of the movie Ironman, “I am a Sex God”.  I have had sex with women in the triple digits, I can make women come more times than they can count, I can have sex pretty much all night, and I can make women literally cry from the new pleasure of a squirting orgasm.  So if Dan’s book wasn’t good, I would be the first to say so, I wouldn’t hold back the punches.  And if I learned even a few new things from it, which I did, then I am sure any other man out there can definitely benefit from the book as well.  OK, brag mode off, let’s get to the review.

This was a great book, one that I wish I had been able to read over a decade ago in high school or college, I would have become a Sex God much sooner.  This is not to say I didn’t read my fair share of sex books in college, I actually read a lot.  I knew all about how to give the best oral sex possible, where the Gspot was, tons of sex positions, etc.  I had good sex but was lacking in the area of dominance (an area well covered in this book).  I won’t go into the full story, but both the lack of dominance in and out of the bedroom probably cost me a relationship with the most beautiful woman I had ever seen in my life up to that point, she wound up leaving me for an ex Marine who wound up screwing up her life.  Anyway, in Sex God Method, Dan covers what is left out of the sex technique books and centers on the more psychological aspects of sex.

So for those expecting to learn some special hip movement or oral sex technique, this book could leave you a little disappointed at first.  But if you fully apply what Dan is talking about you will realize that technique is less important in the long run.  It is often said that our brains are our largest sexual organ, and it really is true.  Sex God Method takes this realization to heart.

The book starts out with a preface chapter that sets the tone for what is to come.  Dan shares some of his painful sexual past failures, which I think helps the reader understand that if they have any issues now, like Dan they can rise above them.  Dan also covers a lot of what not to do in bed in this section, and breaks guys down into four archetypes of bad lovers, so you know what to avoid.  For example, going back my early college years, had I read the book I would have likely been leaning toward the Bedroom Technician somewhat.

Beyond the preface, the book is largely centered around the DEVI method Dan has devised, basically a clever acronym that stands for Dominance, Emotion, Variety, and Immersion.  The marketer in me immediately wants to add two more letters” N” and “E” (maybe have them stand for Nasty and Ecstasy or something) in order to make it the “DEVINE” method, which would of course be even more befitting of a Sex God.  But I digress….

Basically, he breaks down the method and describes what each aspect of the system entails, and how to evoke each aspect through your actions in and out of the bedroom.  The engineer in me enjoyed his “DEVI Graphs” explanations and the technical crowd out there will probably also relate to this as well.  Then each part of the method is given its own section in detail.

The section on Dominance is great, especially since Dan volunteers that he himself is only 160 pounds and that it really is your actions and not your physique that determine your level of dominance.  This section covers the importance of leading in the bedroom, “pain elements”, dirty talk, etc.  I am pretty well versed with being dominant in the bedroom and agree with everything I read, but I did find one gem that stood out for me, Dan actually figured out the most effective way to rip a woman’s panties off while ensuring it doesn’t hurt her at the same time!  Again, this was the aspect I was most missing in college, and the how-to explanations in this section would really have been awesome to know back then.

The section on Emotion provides an immediate interesting counterpoint to the section on dominance, it is sort of the Yin aspect of the system if we consider Dominance to be the Yang aspect.  This section is especially important for maintaining relationships with women, and making the sex awesome.  Women are incredibly emotional and sex without emotion will not satisfy them for long as Dan points out, but awesome emotional sex will conversely make them hooked on you and not cheat.  Another little gem from this section that I could relate to was the idea that great sex is one of the greatest demonstrations of high value (DHVs) you can achieve, it is like the great equalizer.  Men tend to spend so much effort to impress women with material means, but if they suck in the bedroom they will often lose out to the man who is a Sex God.

The section about Variety contained about what you would expect, namely the importance of mixing things up sexually, in terms of timing, location, Dominance vs. Emotion vs. Immersion or combinations of these, etc.  Dan also brings up archetypes of lovers with colorful names such as the Sexual Beast, The Passionate Lover, the Tantric Master and  the Shapeshifter.  Psychological vs. physiological variation is also discussed, and a lot of good tips on how to keep things constantly interesting are given.

The final section on Immersion was one area that might be the least obvious to readers, but basically it is the idea of being really relaxed, present, and “in the moment” during sex, sort of like going into a meditative state.  This deepens the experience for both you and the woman you are with.  A big aspect of this revolves around getting over limiting psychological beliefs, and dealing with any physical performance issues you might have.  Dan debunks the top ten limiting beliefs men have and gives a plan for eliminating them from your mind.  As a great example, he deals with the usual issue of men worrying about the size of their penises, and even goes so far as to share that “at about 5.5 inches, my own cock is eminently average. “  In a world where guys are culturalized to brag about this physical statistic, it is refreshing to see Dan just matter-of-factly state how it is not important to becoming a Sex God.  Similar to him talking about not needing to be a huge guy to be dominant, I liked this “if I can do it, you can too” aspect to the whole book.

Act Three of the book is called The Sex God Archives, and covers a lot of ground.  This part of the book is the part that covers more of the physical techniques.  There are no illustrations, but you can find illustrations all over the web so that is a non issue really.  I pretty much agreed with what I read, though I felt some more time could be devoted to fingering and oral sex, and I disagreed a bit with Dan’s assertion that orgasms from these two techniques were less powerful than those from straight sex.  I have seen women almost implode from oral sex, and have made some literally cry in pleasure from fingering them to a squirting orgasm.  But over the whole, I do agree with his excellent point that orgasms from normal sex are much more psychologically powerful for women, and this is something guys need to realize, ie. they are never really in competition with a vibrator lol.

A novel part of this section was the tips on getting women to what he calls the Continuously Orgasmic State.  Pay special attention to this part, because when you can achieve this for a woman that is when you really stand out from almost any other man she has been with and sex with other men will be meaningless by comparison.  You also get a bonus chapter here with 10 ways to keep her sexually interested once in a sexual relationship.  There is a ton of other interesting stuff in this section, but the book is a massive 285 pages so I can’t cover it all!

Act Four is a nice summary of the importance of using fantasies, how to introduce them properly, etc.  Dan covers 10 major fantasies in great detail, and what was really interesting to me was that he was able to categorize them into this system, with beginner, intermediate, and advanced fantasies for the Dominance, Emotional, and Immersion aspects.

All told, this is a GREAT book, I would recommend it even to the Sex Gods reading this and it is a “must have” for those who know they need improvement in this aspect of their lives.  What you learn will be immediately useful with any woman you are already having sex with, so you get return on investment immediately unlike many pickup books where you can’t always guarantee you will be able to implement what you read right away.  And longer term learning this material will ensure that you can keep any woman you start a relationship with fully sexually satisfied, in fact beyond that, you will be able to make her sexually obsessed with you.  Get your copy now, and join the elite ranks of the Sex Gods!

Ray Devans
March 1, 2009

P.S. Turns out after I did the above review, I found out there is a full website they built dedicated to enhancing your education to become a Sex God which you can also get access to.  They kindly gave me access and though I didn’t have time to check it all out, it has TONS of great information in the form of instructional videos, sex positions, and a VIP mastery lounge!

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