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Review(s) of Speed Seduction»

Formhandle reviews a Speed Seduction» seminar:

I had the opportunity recently to sit in on a Speed Seduction» seminar in Montreal.  TokyoPUA attended the same seminar with me and will be writing up a separate review.  We missed the first day due to work responsibilities, but observed the 2 following days.  Ross & associates were kind enough to fill us in on what was covered the first day.

What I got the sense of through the seminar was that Ross Jeffries teaches the process of using SS over rather than just the structure.  Ross intelligently walked students through the process and displayed multiple demonstrations of using SS in both a linguistic and demonstrative way.  He also went over a lot of demonstrations of visual and physical anchoring which are hard to describe without seeing them.

Ross also took time on individual students that needed it, and even did exercises with them, when necessary, to work them through their issues or blocks.

Although I had already been exposed to a lot of SS over the past 3 years, I still was able to garner much new knowledge, some of which I put to use on a later trip to Korea to help me get a same-night lay (a report of that will be posted to the mASF forum).

What I liked, also, was that Ross taught how to use SS to allow a guy to say what he wanted without concern over whether a particular woman’s archetypal image of a man was being portrayed or not.  Mainly, he showed ways to create interest regardless of whether that archetype was being matched or not, by focusing on the linguistic and kinesthetic/anchoring aspects of seduction.  He also covered a good amount on initial stages of approach and initiating with a chick to create a strong base for further seduction.

I’d like to add that I also learned a few new things from Yates Canipe, Ross’ business partner – the mental exercises that he taught and examples of psychological communication skills he displayed were very helpful to me.

~Formhandle (Fast Seduction 101 Webmaster), 2002-09-08

TokyoPUA reviews a Speed Seduction» seminar:

The SS seminar in Montreal was a great experience.  I basically feel that Ross really started the genre of “seduction learning”, and this feeling was reinforced seeing him in action.  Ross had a really great energy and despite my having long ago bought the BHSC and having listened to it many times, I really learned a lot of new things.  SS is very powerful, but it does help to see it applied firsthand in order to truly understand how to use it. In my previous study of SS, I had adopted a lot of the attitudes and ideas, but had seldom done any of the patterning and zero sub modality manipulation in my seductions.  Seeing Ross do it in person made it really easy to understand and emulate only a few weeks later as part of my seduction of a gorgeous 9.5 Korean aerobics instructor.  Ross had done an example with sub modalities that I changed a bit to fit the situation and it helped as part of my overall seduction of this woman.  She later commented that she had never met anyone like me, and I think it was largely my use of this particular routine that set me apart in her experience.

I was particularly impressed with the amount of attention Ross gave to individuals in the class.  His style was aggressive, but it was clear that these guys needed to be shocked out of the patterns in their life that were holding them back from success with women.  At first the guys he worked with seemed to get upset with him because he came on so strong, but as the seminar went on you could see a clear transformation where they actually became grateful for the progress they were making.  I would describe it as a sort of boot camp for seduction, and indeed Ross had a lot of fun with inducing these neophytes into his “Sargy Corps”.

There was also a lot of guided hypnosis done also by Ross’ partner, Dr. Yates Canipe.   If you have never had this kind of thing done, it’s a really powerful way to change yourself at a deep subconscious level.  Yates also had some really good things to say about seduction in general as well, and these all went into my notes.

The course is of particular use to newbies, but even a really seasoned PUA like myself can find benefit in it.  I also found it really entertaining from a humor aspect, as Ross is one of the funniest guys you will meet.  All around it’s a great experience that you will have, and I recommend it highly.

~TokyoPUA, 2003-01-02

Formhandle’s comments on Speed Seduction» products:

This isn’t a review, per se, of the SPeed Seduction» courseware. It’s more of an endoresment that if you’ve been reading this site and the newsgroup regularly, and want to put some real SS skills to use (as opposed to the basic free stuff you can gleam from free public resources), it is probably best to actually get the products.  The courseware and audio materials are quite good and do help as an additional method to properly structuing a pickup and seduction.

In my own experience, I’ve primarily used Speed Seduction» methods as a means to move a chick from one state to another, in the direction I want to lead her, get her to think of things in the way I that best suits closing the pickup.  I don’t use Speed Seduction» as an entire structure, that is not (at least in my experience) possible – to me, it’s only one aspect of an entire structure, sometimes it’s not even needed.  However, where I have used it, it has been extremely helpful.  Whenever I need to lead a chick’s state or am at a loss as to what to say next, I just think about what I want to happen and create NLP seduction patterns on-the-fly to suit the occasion.  I don’t really use any canned patterns, because I think each situation is unique, but I did find the SS materials useful in helping me understand how to create my own patterns and train me t come up with them quicky, in the spur of the moment.  Very helpful stuff.

~Formhandle (Fast Seduction 101 Webmaster), 2001-08-19

SS Palo Alto Videos Review, submitted 2001-01-15:

The videos teach seduction in a totally new way. After watching these videos, I replayed the first video over. It is breakthrough in seduction technology, Like when the atomic bomb was first made. Its a VERY HUGE leap. Ask any of the few that have watched these videos, especially the veterans.

You do not need the base foundation of the BHSC to get value out of this. However to get the full benefit of this breakthrough, having the BHSC is essential. If you do not have the basic of language, patterning language, embedded commands, it will lessen the effectiveness of your abilities. Now, for the core of the review.

Through out the video series, Ross Jefferies goes over transforming an Average Frustrated Chumps into a very well grounded, outwardly , fun loving energtic being. After you do the excercises in the first tape alone, there is a dramatic shift in dealing with people. Not women alone, but people. RJ spends a good amount of time forging a person’s beliefs on seduction. By changing how you focous and how you work with your own energy, it sets the foundation. The first tape is excellent on this subject.

Another core topic of the tapes, is beliefs itself. What beliefs a person should have when interacting. He clearly demostrates WHY, but most importantly HOW to have those beliefs. Those on the SS List, probably have seen the list, but seeing it displayed and gone over in detail is worth gold. The videos also have a section on the gold coin. Which, I found personally useful.

Ross talks about intent. How you are going for milestones, not pattern after pattern. There are different ways to get to your milestones, one is patterns, other is demos, and the other is SRT. SRT is the ultra lazy way of getting the effect. It goes for the feelings, not sensory rich filled descriptions of patterns to get the feelings. Intent drives the communication. While keeping the intent in mind you direct the interaction to that milestone. The intent does change after each milestone.

There is extensive part on demos. How to give a demo, a virtually step by step idiot proof guide on giving demo’s. It is like demo’s are made easy! I like the insight that was given on the internal process of how the demo is given. When to do what, and and what time do you do it 🙂

There is A LOT more in the videos, and maybe I will write a second review or add to this. I personally was SHOCKED on how well these where done. A great job. I forsee this as being a classic and must have just like the Essential Skills Videos.

Video quality is excellent, its top of the line quality.

My recommendation is a very strong buy. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at pdk***e@ad***.net[ ? ]



Readers of Fast Seduction 101 who have used any Speed Seduction» products are welcome to submit their own reviews.

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