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Speed Seduction Hyper-Response and Core Attraction Audio CD’s and Video Course

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Review(s) of Speed Seduction» Hyper-Response and Core Attraction Audio CD’s and Video Course

Formhandle reviews the Speed Seduction» Hyper-Response and Core Attraction Audio CD’s and Video Course:

This course is also referred to as the “Palo Alto Video Course” as it’s based on the 3-day September 2002 Palo Alto Advanced Speed Seduction» Seminar. The course comes with 11 Audio CD’s, 7 VHS tapes, and a courseware book.  The videos and CD’s have good production quality and Ross is a captivating trainer (both on tape and in person).   At times, it was difficult to hear some of the questions the students were asking, but Ross did a good job most of the time of rephrasing the questions while answering the questions.

In the videos, Ross certainly does a good job of describing the differences and enhancements of Advanced Speed Seduction» over past courseware.  Ross refers to Advanced Speed Seduction» as the “new model” of SS.  The original BHSC courseware is still a very solid base for guys to learn from, and this advanced material is a thorough enhancement of that base.  I recognized much of the material from my experience of Ross’ 2002 Montreal Seminar (which took place a month before Palo Alto) and it was a good review for me.

Tapes 1-2 (Day 1) are a good intro as to how guys can change their current belief system to optimize the understanding and absorption of the information, Ross provides ample examples and experiences that most any guy can relate to.  In Day 1, Ross even works directly with a number of the seminar attendees to make immediate positive improvements in them, getting some guys who had been terrified of even talking to attractive chicks to go out in the middle of the seminar and do what they feared most, and actually get past those fears.  Ross talks about “autopilot” modes on Day 1, how most people thought processes are on autopilot and how that understanding helps in making use of SS skills and also how to remove yourself from such a limited way of thinking.

The next 2-3 tapes cover Day 2 of the seminar.  This is where Ross starts getting to the meat of the new model of SS, which involves eliciting, self-anchors, and making use of woman’s “familiar” to shift them into the “new”.  He also covers “demonstrations” as a means to enhance participation elicitation and how to make women you are interacting with want more.  He describes how to set up rapport before “demos”.  He also covers an excellent concept of “filtering” a woman’s perception of you as a means to support all further techniques you might use with her.  He describes the purposes behind it, explains the procedure of setting up such filters, then provides a couple of demonstrations of how to use SS to make the filter real in her mind.  Good stuff.  I liked Ross’ examples of how to make use of SS in the new model because they correlate well with many psychological principles I’ve learned from Robert Cialdini (via the book “Influence: Science and Practice“).

The last couple of tapes cover Day 3 and takes you further into understanding how to shift from rapport, eliciting, and demonstration type techniques into sexual leading.   Ross introduces his E.A.I.E. (Energy Awareness Intent Extended) model and covers, in detail (both in purpose and direct use of technique), many of the elements which are important to establishing yourself as an extremely attractive male to your target woman: rapport, intrigue, challenging her self-image, evoking strong processes, “holding” & anchoring, amplification, ratification, establishing authority in her reality (whether her current state or overall reality), and demonstrations as well as calibration to be able to better deliver an experience and have more control over outcome.  In Days 2 & 3, Ross really does prepare a guy for interaction with women.

Overall, I think the tapes are very useful to any guy who’s either already begun with other basic PU materials or have already gotten comfortable approaching and meeting women, but need a more specific tool to help with moving from those initial stages into building attraction, and directing the outcome into something more predictably sexual.

My recommendation of how to use the course is to first go through the course book if you don’t already have an understanding of SS or NLP, first read through the course book, watch the tapes (take notes for yourself), and then, as a review, it then helps to listen to the CD’s in your car or at night before you go to sleep.  The most important thing of all, though, is to go out and actually practice what you’ve learned.

[Personal note: It was interesting to see, at one point in the video, Ross asking Yates to hand him his Sony Clie NR*, the PDA TokyoPUA & I have been introducing to PUAs all over the world as a truly useful PU device.  It’s so useful as a PU tool that I might someday soon create a special “technology” section for that covers all the angles of gadgets to enhance PU.]

~Formhandle (Fast Seduction 101 Webmaster), 2003-03-23

TokyoPUA reviews the Speed Seduction» Hyper-Response and Core Attraction Audio CD’s and Video Course:

Ross introduces a newer model of speed seduction whereby you as the seducer have even more power and success than in the old model.   He does this by helping you understand your own self worth through affirmations, excercises, etc. and then leverages this awareness into a frame where in every interaction with a woman YOU are doing the selecting, you are the one deciding whether she is worthy of you.  This idea was not absent in previous SS products, it just wasn’t emphasized as much.  From personal experience, I can state that this is a very powerful mode of interaction with women, and it immediately differentiates you from 90% of the guys out there.

Ross also de-emphasizes the use of memorized patterns (though he explains where they still have their place).  Patterning language is still important but it is used in the newer model more “on the fly”.  This is a great improvement in my opinion, since those who have already memorized patterns can still use them, and those who find route memorization a chore can still be very successful in the new model.

Two new really cool elements of the new model are “demonstrations” and “signal recognition”.  He shows you how to have a woman recognize the feelings she gets on the inside when falling in love, feeling attraction, etc. and then have her participate in a demonstration where you amplify those feelings and link them to you.  I first learned how to do this in the Montreal 2002 seminar, and immediately used it in my seduction of a beautiful aerobics instructor.  Its worth going to a seminar to learn how to do this kind of thing, but these tapes are a nice substitute that you can use until getting to a live seminar for learning signal recognition and demos, etc.

As Jay mentions in his review, the course also comes with CD’s.  I also recommend first watching the tapes, then listening to the CD’s.   Do what I did with the BHSC and listen to the CD’s over and over again in your car, etc.  I listened to the BHSC so many times that I often found myself doing things automatically that had been recommended on the tapes without consciously realizing I was doing them.  This kind of thing is very powerful in my experience.

As with the Montreal Seminar, I recommend this product strongly, especially for those who are just starting or have real problems even approaching women, and for advanced students of seduction as well.

~TokyoPUA, 2003-04-27

Readers of Fast Seduction 101 who have used any Speed Seduction» products are welcome to submit their own reviews.

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