How To Stay Harder Longer: The Ultimate Guide To Getting A Rock Hard Dick And Staying Erect Naturally

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Did you know that more men are suffering from erectile dysfunction than ever before? It’s a legit issue in modern society. That’s why today, we’re going to be discussing how to stay harder longer.

I’m not just talking an extra few minutes before it turns into a wet noodle, oh no no. You’re going to be shown how to stay erect naturally... and of course not so naturally (more on that later).

How To Stay Harder Longer - Peruvian Brew

In fact, when you’re done reading, she’s going to be BEGGING you to keep pounding her. There’s nothing more enjoyable to a woman than a firm cock hitting the right spot with every stroke.

How to stay erect longer without pills

Pills are great... BUT, they can set you back a few bucks. And if you are buying a monthly subscription privately, without the help of your insurance, then things can get costly.

So what’s the next best thing? Free natural methods of course. Everything below has been tried and tested by thousands of men. So don’t waste any time in using everything.

Disclaimer: Yes these techniques work, however they aren’t instant. They do take time and effort to see the results. So don’t be disheartened when you don’t see an instant stiffy when you’re ready to bang.

1. Knock back the ginseng

Two words. Panax Ginseng my friend. Also known as red ginseng, this stuff is very potent and has been linked to multiple health benefits such as prevention of the common cold and heart disease issues. But the only one you should be interested in is making your dong strong.

2. Scoff down the watermelon

Not only is watermelon damn tasty, it’s also packed with nutrients that have been proven to give you longer lasting erections. Cool huh?

You see watermelon has something called L-Citrulline which once consumed, triggers a series of events in the body, thus unclogging the penis arteries and removing plaque. You will never look at the humble watermelon again in the same way!

3. Use cock rings

Cock rings help very quickly, but they are tricky to use and not comfortable, so there is a compromise. When you know you’re about to have sex, stick one on your semi erect penis and get yourself fully hard. The ring will keep the blood flow in your penis, causing it to stay erect.

A word of warning though. NEVER use metal cock rings, they won’t come off when the penis is fully loaded and you’ll have to visit A&E to get it removed. Hell naw!

4. Reduce your meat intake

I know! It sucks to hear this, but there have been studies linking meat to erectile dysfunction and boner problems on the whole. Red meats and processed meats are said to be the biggest culprits, so just cut down on them and eat more plant based foods.

5. Slow down on the porn

Dude, seriously. Porn is great, but it’s not so great that you have to watch porn in order to feel sexually stimulated rather than seeing a real life naked woman. So go on a No Fap challenge and see what happens over several weeks. You will start to see more erections that last longer. Fact.

6. Use a pump (and towel)

Penis pumps are awesome for quick and temporary results. But there’s a combo move you can use. Take a pump and get your chap nice and hard, now take a hand towel and drape it over your erect fella.

Now simply lift the towel up and down with your penis, kinda like lifting weights. Do this 20 times every day... you will thank me in 30 or so days.

7. Don’t drink alcohol

Alcohol is a known depressant and harmful to your erections because it actually blocks nerve impulses, so your brain can’t communicate with your cock basically. Hence the saying “Whiskey dick”. The more you drink, the more chance you have of not getting a boner.

Ok, so that’s the natural stuff. Now let’s move onto the more interesting and instant penis helper.

How to stay erect for hours (what the pornstars use)

Serious question here... can we be truthful for a minute? Ok, so natural erection techniques are great and they do work. But the secret to getting a rock hard dick and keeping it hard, whilst you pound your lady for hours is... dun dun duuuuuhhhh....PILLS.

Spartagen XT Pills

That’s it. You NEED pills to get hard fast and stay hard. It’s as simple as that. All the watermelon and towel techniques in the world won’t do for you what pills will. Science is on your side for this one.

Even the professionals use pills. Every male pornstar in the game is popping one brand or another, just to maintain and steady erection for long periods of time.

So what are the best stay hard pills?

That’s an easy one to answer, because right now there’s only one brand dominating the market that will have you a rigid as an iron rod.

They’re called RAIL pills and they are POWERFUL!

Just one capsule and you’ll be rock solid for as long as you want. Seriously.

Check them out here, they really are a no brainer.

Why can’t I stay hard?

There are a multitude of reasons why some guys can’t stay hard, whilst others can. Here’s a list of the most obvious and not so obvious reasons:

How to stay harder longer conclusion

So there you have it. Natural techniques and not so natural techniques. Decide on which is right for you by trying both and tracking the results. You can do this by keeping a calendar on your wall and making small notes every day.

The bottom line is this though. Don’t wait around and think that this ED problem is going to treat itself. You really need to act if you want to cure your erection problems.