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“The Art of the Pickup” DVD Set by Learn The Skills Corp (founders of

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Reviews of the “The Art of the Pickup” DVD Set by Learn The Skills Corp (founders of

The Art of the PickupSavoy Reviews The Art of the Pickup

So my good friends Jay Valens and Ray Devans dropped by the other day, sporting a copy of “The Art of the Pickup” – a 2DVD set that runs for a generous 6 hours that claims to give viewers the tools to be more successful with women. I agreed to check it out.

Watching it, it’s clear that it’s not a typical “community” product. The production values are very high and the whole DVD has a feel of professionalism to it. The deep-voiced narrator and “what are we going to learn next?” approach made me feel like I was watching something on the Discovery Channel. That’s a good thing; I love the Discovery Channel. Nothing technical will stand in your way of learning – you can zip around the menus, pull down exactly what you need, and when you’re watching the scenes, it’s really easy to pause, slow-motion, get more information, and so on. You can tell that they wanted to put together a product that looks and feels significant and can be used again and again as a reference tool.

As for the content, when you first put in the first DVDs, you start at the beginning. I mean, really the beginning. All the way back to being confident and not supplicating to women. This will be old hat to most of the guys who keep up with dating science forums like or, but it’s important for new guys and it doesn’t take forever. I know Ray and Jay and I know they are successful with women – and it’s not always an easy thing to bring yourself back to a level of not assuming that your viewers are as familiar with the subject and techniques as you are. So props to them for that.

I liked that they covered the background theory on female psychology, evolutionary biology, and social programming so that the tactics and techniques become understandable. Too many guys talk about abstract subjects without getting into the specific, solid, implications of what they are talking about. We all know the reasons why women can be reluctant to agree to sex, even if she wants it. Good teachers go beyond that into specific, tactical steps that allow you use this knowledge to help you succeed. And these DVDs do that. They get into “scenes” showing sample pickups, dates, and so on. It’s not hidden-camera footage and, to its credit, it doesn’t pretend to be; the scenes are played out by actors. That’s alright. They give good visual examples of body language», tonality, pacing, and responding to curveballs a woman might through at you.

The 2nd DVD was more of a potpourri of content, with interviews, seminar excerpts, and so on, but most of it is useful, interesting, and presented appropriately. You can tell that they put the same production efforts into it, and the DVDs look as good as you could expect from the material.

All in all, its a great introduction to dating science. For a DVD product, it’s probably the best introduction I’ve seen. If you have a buddy who is never going to sit down and read Magic Bullets but wants to get better with women, The Art of the Pickup is the place to go. It’s at about the same level of complexity as Double Your Dating or the first couple of chapters of Magic Bullets before it gets into the Emotional Progression Model. These DVDs would make a great gift to someone who is newly single or too much of a nice guy, or who hasn’t heard of “the community”.

If you’re looking for ultra-advanced stuff or the next big thing, this probably isn’t the DVD set for you – and it doesn’t try to be. There are a few places in the DVDs (fashion, for example) where you can see the creators following the 80-20 rule – they’re taking about 20% of the time to give 80% of the value. And if you’re going to try to cover the seduction process from start to finish and you’re starting from first principles, it’s probably the right approach to take. Otherwise the DVDs would run for hundreds of hours.

All in all, I would recommend this for anyone who is not already very familiar with dating science – and especially as a gift or as an introduction and way to make progress quickly for someone who is having trouble getting going…


~Savoy, 2008-03-27

PlayboyNZ Reviews The Art of the Pickup

AOTP is a very well presented step by step process on how to pick up women. It keeps everything very short and simple and tells you what will work and what will not. I work for a major marketing company in nz and watching plus putting it into practice has not only boosted my success with women but also amazingly helped me with my selling skills = pick up skills. I would recommend it to anyone who is struggling with this overall skills on how to relate to people. It is a great start for beginners and alot of practice and hard work seems to have been put into making it. Its more practical oriented than theorotical which distinguishes it from the rest of the seduction material out there. I would grade it an A++. Go get yourself a copy right now if you havent so..

~Savoy, 2007-01-24

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