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“The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists” by Neil Strauss (aka “Style”)

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Reviews of the “The Game” book by Neil Strauss (aka “Style”)
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The Game by Neil StraussFormhandle reviews The Game:

Being from the world described in The Game, the book CAPTIVATED me.  I’ve known Neil for almost 3 years, and met him in LA soon after he got to know Mystery.  I never knew Neil before he was “Style” so I can’t attest to the drastic changes he’s made in himself since first stumbling on my web site, which over the years has become the center of the community (references for which saturate the book and permeate the core).  I’ve known him almost solely as “Style the pickup artist”, and only later as “Neil Strauss the writer”.

I feel a very strong connection to many of the stories he details in The Game, even having only been present for a portion of their happenings, though being witness to almost all of them in one form or another.  I know and have met just about every character in the book and it was an intense read, very surreal to me.  I try not to judge people on their flaws, but the people throughout the book are as unique as he presents them and I feel that much closer to them now as acquaintances, peers, and friends.

In a sense, The Game filled all the gaps for me and does so in a highly engrossing way.  Maybe my perspective is skewed or I feel strongly affected by the book due to my connection to a lot of what it contains, but I can say for sure that Neil is an excellent writer and he weaves the tail of a pickup artist living through the community in an unforgettable way.  Many might think he’s “exposed” things that should not be exposed but the reality is there is no difference to exposing the basis of ideas and methods in the community than there is to exposing the fact that magazines like Cosmo or Vogue exist for women.  Each sex has their “how to” manuals, resources and, yes, “community”, and both for the same purpose – how to find, attract, and keep desirable members of the opposite sex.

I will end this review by encourage anyone interested in the topic to read the book and anyone who doubts or objects to the content to read the book.

~Formhandle, 2005-09-12

TokyoPUA reviews The Game:

The Only Seduction Book Of Its Kind.  I have been reading and formally reviewing books about seduction and pick up artists for over 5 years now.  And in that time no book among them has been compelling enough to make me read until the wee hours of the morning, no book has been at once so entertaining, so engrossing and so educational… that is until reading “The Game“.  And so I am compelled to write my first review on Amazon, despite the fact that many of the other books I have read on the subject were ordered from this site.

Neil succeeds in writing in a manner that should be the model for how all learning should be: fun, inspiring, motivating, gripping, intense, and controversial, while still managing to actually teach you something.  Even the few reviewers that gave a low rating admitted that the book hooked them from the beginning.  It is simply entrancing, which should not come as a surprise given that Neil has studied NLP, hypnosis, persuasion psychology and more, just as he notes in the book.  It was interesting to me having done the same myself to see these arts transmuted into their written form on the pages of “The Game“.  For those other reviewers surprised by the consistently high marks, realize that the book is structured like a real life pick up using all these tools and it is quite effective in its goal of picking you up.  To my mind the success of “The Game” in this sense is further testimony to the efficacy of the methods of our seduction community, those same methods that Neil shares with you, the lucky reader.

Yes, I know Neil personally and so you could say I am biased, but the fact remains that to my knowledge there is no book like this in existence. I would have enjoyed it just as much even if I were one of those new to this genre.  On the one hand you have a truly gifted New York Times best selling author, and on the other you have one of the most talented ladies men around who combines his skills and writes a book that is worth every cent and every moment you find yourself absorbed in its colorful pages.

So do yourself a favor, pick up this book, get picked up by the genius that is Neil Strauss, and if you have the guts, go out in “the field” and learn how pick up on your own today!

~TokyoPUA, 2005-09-10

Readers of Fast Seduction 101 who have read this book or sat in on a seminar are welcome to submit their own reviews.

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