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“Way of Gun” Audio Course by Allen Reyes (aka Gunwitch)

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Reviews of the “Way of Gun” Audio Course by Allen Reyes (aka Gunwitch)

Way of Gun Audio CourseOckwick reviews Way of Gun Audio Course

Before I dive into the review and answer some common questions about Way of Gun (from now on I will use the WOG acronym to refer to it), a bit about me: I’ve been a regular mASF and chat contributor since 2002, at first under the username mistyc. Yep I’m that old lol, I was here when TylerDurden was starting to surface, I was here when people like Fatass were posting LRs and FRs, I was here when many of the old hats were still dishing out advice.

I’ve gone through a lot. I’ve tried many many many methods and techniques. Heck I started out as a virgin who had never had a gf, and I was a man on a mission. I’ve faced (and still do) many many issues during my journey, and as such  I’ve been able to help many people (both on the forums and on the chat, where I’m a moderator) deal with the same issues. During that time, I’ve become a friend of Gunwitch, and he has helped me a lot in developing my game and getting laid for the first time in my life.

One more thing to disclaim before I proceed to review WOG: I’ve been given permission by Gunwitch to translate WOG in French and plan on selling that in 2008. My opinion of the product remains unchanged whether I’m working on this project or not, and I will present as much as I can an unbiased view considering the above facts.

Now, on to the review of WOG:

We all know who Gunwitch is (if you don’t, you didn’t do your homework upon joining this forum and read the relevant materials). He’s made an undeniable mark on this community and PU in general. His Gunwitch Method is one of the most read seduction texts out there. And it works, if we consider all the LRs and devirginized PUAs thanks to his method and his advice.

A common question then, is what’s new in DSL (his previous ebook) and WOG? If GWM works, what does WOG offer that GWM doesn’t?

That’s always a tough one to answer. Gunwitch has never made any pretense. He wants to get other guys laid. He wants others to have the tools to do it on their own. That’s why he was late to the commercial game, that’s why he posted nearly all his advice for free, heck that’s why he’s the only so-called “guru” who still hangs out on the PUA chat and helps people. For free.

When people usually ask me in chat what’s the diff between WOG, DSL and GWM, I usually answer something along the lines of:

GWM 1 – “this is how I get laid when I’m horny, step by step”.

GWM 2 – “this is what happened behind the scenes that helped me become the PUA I am who gets laid as per GWM 1”

In essence, GWM 1 is a step by step method, while GWM 2 is a method to become a more natural masculine man.

DSL is more or less a synthesis of both, along with missions, and deeper explanations.

Where does WOG fit in, then?

It’s structured more like a course. It gives you a method to learn a method, in essence, something that is often lacking in PU products. It’s more like reference material, that you go back to again and again as you advance in the game. It explains from A-Z everything someone needs to know about social conditionings, states, masculinity, how to meet women, what to do and what not to do, and a plan of action.

And to top it off, it then offers 20 missions to help you progress your game to mastery level by getting you to practise one area of game at a time until you get it right, before moving to the next. These are the same missions Gun himself uses when he gets rusty or discovers something new; the same missions he gives students when he coaches them.

These missions allow you to internalize PU one step at a time, and thus you almost make it your own method, based on who you are, based on the kind of environment where you live and that you favour for PU. In other words, as opposed to just learning GWM 1 which tells you “go to magazine racks, hover, rapport, state matching, project sexual state, isolate, fuck” (which is very limited, though possible to apply in multiple contexts), you learn instead: “how to become a natural» man, who meets women in his chosen environments, who influences them properly to achieve rapport and arousal, and isolates them to fuck”.

Similar, yet more widely applicable. This teaching methodology also explains the way the course has been set up, in 5 discs:

Disc 1: Inner Game». Everything about busting negative social conditionings and replacing them with better ones, that allow you to enter the necessary states of mind and project them properly to women.

Disc 2: Availability. Something missing often from PU method: Dealing with approach anxiety, and various openers and a few opening routines (yes, routines, though not the same kind as in other methods. These routines are simpler and more free-flowing. ie, you ask a question and you can go any direction that you prepared, based on her answer, as in Gun’s classic GWM rapport question “are you from around here?”). Surprisingly, he also explains how to approach women in clubs, for those who wish to PU in clubs.

Disc 3: Outer Game. Everything you need, from basic hygiene to behaviours to avoid, to how to dominate the frame and induce sexual arousal in the woman. This disc literally blew my mind, as sexual state induction has never been explained this fully before. Half the disc is dedicated to this area of Gunwitch’s method which is often misunderstood. It also covers a new concept that Gun came up with: Gender Indicators. It’s a sort of unifying theory of body language», looks, dressing style and peacocking. All geared towards helping you project more masculinity and get an edge during PU.

Disc 4: Logistics. Another area that’s often overlooked or outright ignored in some PU methods. Stacking the odds in your favour, really, is all it is. Includes logistics for both daygame and clubgame, as well as starting a relationship with a woman and how to keep it going in case of trouble. It’s not as complete as, say, the Relationship board on this forum. It’s enough to get someone started though, and contains very straightforward advice about relationships.

Disc 5: Synergy (aka Missions). Putting it all together. There’s no way anyone can listen to the first 4 discs then become a PUA, without some plan of action. These missions are structured in a way that first gets you working a bit on inner game», and then approaching women, building rapport with them, sitting down with them to seduce them and isolating them. If disc3 blew my mind when he explained sexual state induction, this one was like a nuclear bomb. I was amazed at the progression and how fast he goes from simple rapport to frame dominance and sexual state induction.

This last point was very important to me.. As it made me realize that I very very very often “run around the pot”, so to say, in a sarge. I hesitate to close in and dominate her fully and induce sexual state. This is still something I need to work on, but simply listening to disc5 has pointed out this flaw in my game.

Another very very very useful disc for me was the 2nd one. Gun spends 20 tracks dedicated to one thing only: approach anxiety/blocks. Yes, that many. Half of the Availability disc. He goes into deep analysis about the most common psychological lock-ups that occur. Since I used to have major major major issues approaching, and Gun helped me a lot over the past years, I often felt as though these tracks were all based on me. I recognized myself in many of them, and applying the solutions Gun gave me helped greatly.

After a few weeks of listening to WOG and doing the missions, I was approaching nearly effortlessly (then I got rusty again, being in an LTR lol). I was also getting generally better reactions from women, due to projecting better states from a healthier body and more relaxation achieved from the missions.

From doing the Core missions (Core being the inner game»), I have changed. I didn’t really notice as it happened, the change was more long-term. I procrastinate a lot less. Heck I started writing this review 20 minutes ago, while a year ago when I tried writing a review of WOG I just left it aside never to return.

I do more exercise and am healthier. I eat better. I socialize more. I accomplish things. I get things done, thanks to exercising my willpower more and believing more in myself and what I do. I owe that as much to myself as I do to the missions.

One thing to note. This product is susceptible to bruise many egos. Gun doesn’t hold back. He believes strongly in what he says, and he knows from being in the game over a decade and helping countless people that what he teaches works. He does however bust through many concepts that are long-held as true, such as social proof, picking up in clubs or strip clubs, using humour in PU, etc. If you ascribe to these concepts a lot, you need an open mind to understand where he’s coming from and what he’s trying to accomplish. He’s not saying these are completely useless, but he’s trying to give the student a better SEX LIFE. Not to be a superhuman PUA who can compete with anyone in any environment. That is something that can come later, if you want to at all at that point.

Now the thing is not all milk and honey of course. First thing to understand is that it requires EFFORT. I myself have been quite lazy since getting a gf that I haven’t applied the material fully. To someone who is not ready to make the effort, this product is wasted money. Another thing too, which comes from Gun not holding back, is that he sometimes chokes a bit or stutters or even swears. This is no course catering to political correctness, feminists or people who seek perfection. This course is about content. If you can’t handle listening to something that uses words such as “fuck” or “shit”, or has the speaker sometimes hesitate on how to say a sentence, then you are really looking at the wrong things or really trying to find some flaws for various reason.

Remember: Gun is genuine. Very very very few teachers nowadays still advocate same-day lays, especially from daygame. Heck I remember how saddened I was a few years ago, once PU got in the media, when a very respected and very well-known teacher’s newsletter suddenly suggested buying flowers and going on dates. What happened to “fast seduction”? What happened to “getting laid”? Seems so many products now talk about “finding the one”, as if they are afraid their market will dissipate when the PC/feminist police finds out they want to teach guys how to get laid. You won’t get any of that from Gun. You want to get laid, you want to learn how to get laid, learn it from someone who teaches it without pretense.

You won’t find a complete GAME course here, but you will find a complete course where you can get a great sex life. That’s the focus, and way more important than being able to PU strippers and celebrities and so on. Leave the ego out of it. Learn how to get laid with the most efficiency, using the cards that were given to you, without any crutch on any social circle, money, connections or celebrity. If you are ready to make an effort to change your lifestyle and do something different, then this product will pay off. It will give you the tools necessary to get that great sex life, coming from one of the established masters who revolutionized the PU community, whose method has matured a lot over the past decade rather than change every year to fit trends and marketing purposes.


~Ockwick, 2008-01-01

Jack Fontaine reviews Way of Gun Audio Course

Based on the Way of Gun ebook by top PUA Gunwitch, this audio course is essentially that written work put to audio with Gunwitch himself reading it to you. With the spoken word you get a great sense of Gunwitch’s style and directness as he speaks his mind and doesn’t hold back. He’s not shy with his use of words, with a liberal amount of swearing throughout the audio course. This is not meant as detraction or distraction, but to help you understand that Gunwitch is not about prettying up the process, he’s about one thing: getting guys laid. He’s direct and honest, and it shows from listening to his passion as he speaks.

The audio course consists of 5 MP3 audio discs (from 1 and a half to 2 and a half hours each) taking you through the various stages of the Gunwitch method». Starting off in Disc 1 with Inner Game», Gunwitch shows you how best to get into the right state of mind for pickup. Where you are mentally affects the entire game. Although not a negative, this is the shortest disc in the set (besides Synergy). A lot is packed into this hour and a half long disc, and just is a sampling of the amount of information left to be shared.

Disc 2 is about Availability, which is something you rarely see in any kind of a course like this. This is an extension of Inner Game», bringing you into the thick of the action with simple “routines” to get you started and help eliminate some fears you might have, including a healthy amount of audio about approach anxiety and how to overcome it. Note that these are not structured routines as are lots of other Pickup courses, but are more a way of progressing a conversation with what might appear to be open-ended questions, but are still structured to allow you to control the conversation. This is a great lead in to the next disc:

Disc 3 talks about Outer Game. Everything from how you should dress to facial hair, and even how your place should look. It includes hygiene and grooming, habits to break, habits to learn, how to act and be the dominant one in an interaction (although Gunwitch does not go into Alpha/Beta male roles as that’s not what it’s about for him, even though he does discuss dealing with “Alpha” males on the next disc). Gunwitch also goes into his thoughts on sexual state induction, and fills up quite a bit of audio with it.

Disc 4 is another area that is rarely covered: Logistics. This is in reference to where and in cases when (i.e. Day Game) to approach. Gunwitch gives you the differences between approaching at different times of the day, where the best places are for such approaches, and what things to avoid. From approaching women at stores (including when the best times are) and goes into picking up women at clubs and how they are similar and how they differ. This is the longest disc in the set, running at about an hour and a half.

Disc 5 is labeled as Synergy, and the purpose of it is to lay out a series of missions for you to accomplish each phase and improve your overall game. Taking the last four discs of information and creating what will be a Synergy off all that and becoming the PUA Gunwitch is teaching you to be. I believe there were 20 missions set out for you to accomplish, which is a fair amount to do. Set in order from approach to the final lay, it’s logical and the best way to apply (and continue to learn) the stuff that is presented to you.

Overall, this is a good addition to add to any PUA’s collection. If all you want is to get yourself laid in a straightforward way, then this might be worth a look. Keep in mind that this is not designed as a way to create a relationship, and doesn’t even go into any kind of further information past getting laid, so if you would like to go beyond that, then this will be a good start on your journey, but should be supplemented with other material. Another thing to keep in mind is that Gunwitch is fairly unique in his style and will be a complete difference to others you may have watched, listened to or read about, so keep that in mind when looking at this course. It’s always best to have an understanding of what else is available as this course might put some people off if not listened to with an open mind.

~Jack Fontaine, 2008-02-15

epitome reviews Way of Gun Audio Course

As per the posting guidelines for this forum, my account has been active for a full 5 years. It was first first registered on February 5, 2003.

I didn’t create this account to write this review. I am a guy who has contributed to the forum extensively and to the chat interface of this forum. My posts total over 1700 in number. I have been a regular in chat for about 5 years, on top of my involvement in the forum. I have also been around the seduction community for almost 7 full years as a lurker and through another forum.

A little about me: I went to an all guys high school. My friends have always been predominantly male and I don’t meet women through friends. I’m not rich and I have no status. I don’t want to change my lifestyle or friends to party all the time in order to meet women. I don’t want to be up to late hours of the night partying. I want to meet women where I am at – in public places, the mall, subway, coffee shops, restaurants, literally on the street, the library, etc. I suspect most guys similarly, don’t want to be out late all the time or change their friends just so that they can get women.

This is where Gun comes in. I first met Gun in the chatroom on fastseduction. This was about 5 years ago. His method was unorthodox and it was out there for me. I was coming from different schools of seduction and influence that were more conducive to slow seduction than to fast seduction. I was also a virgin and got caught up in my ego thinking that women should chase me to make sex happen. This was an unrealistic world view and I’m glad I have learned a lot since then. I didn’t have any success with other methods, which I had been testing for about a year and a half before then. So when I came across Gun and the original Gunwitch Method», I kept an open mind, despite being skeptical, and put it to practice. I had nothing to lose, given I wasn’t getting laid.

I finally got laid after implementing his method. – it took about two or three months of trying his stuff to get laid. If this sounds slow to you, keep in mind my background in regards to women – I never really interacted with them. Some guys are better off with women by default, from upbringing, experience, exposure, etc. I was worse off. I had been trying to get laid for a whole year and a half before I found Gun and didn’t get laid once for a good couple hundred women approached. I went from having abysmal success to having some success. Right now, 5 years later, I have had sex with 19 women. All of them I have met as strangers from some public venue. And I don’t have all the free time in the world. Nor am I able to bring women back to my place. I have responsibilities, I work, and I have my own hobbies. I even perform in an amateur folk band. No, I don’t get laid through it – it’s a folk band. But my point is, I don’t have all the time in the world to devote to women, and wouldn’t want to, even if I had the time. Yet, I have had a better sex life than everyone I know and more importantly, my sex life suits me. There is nothing quite like meeting a woman who turns you on, and the same day you meet her, you have sex with her. These 19 women – I, for the most part, have had sex with them the same day we met. And the odd time where it was the second or third day, I didn’t blow my wallet, and didn’t invest more than 7 or 8 hours total time before sex.

These women aren’t dirty or disgusting or repulsive, either. These are women who turn me on the most, who enjoy sex, but want to have it with a guy who is classy and who can be discreet about it. I even entered relationships with some of these women.

It is simply amazing – just how far I have come.

Gun is the person most responsible for my sex life, aside from myself. He has always been available to help me and others through the seduction community, through the forum and chat. And his students’ successes speak for the efficacy of not only his method, but his ability to teach. Gun continues this tradition of excellent material and quality instruction in the Way of Gun audio course.

The best thing about the Way of Gun audio course is that Gun knows what he is doing in presenting his material. He doesn’t present it haphazardly. He has in mind how people come to learn and understand concepts. What this means is that when you listen to his CDs, you can expect to ingrain more material for any given level of effort you put into it. You can also expect that over the course of listening to the CDs, you will see connections between things and will develop a better understanding of what is needed to have a good sex life.

Many of the concepts in the audio course overlap. Why should they do so? Well, they don’t overlap redundantly. It is actually useful. What I mean is that a concept that is first presented will reappear in a different context. Say Gun talks about women as sexual beings in the Inner Game» Disc. The idea that women like sex may be foreign to you. It certainly was to me when I first came to the seduction community. Well, what will happen with most of you is you will see some truth to what he writes, but you won’t fully realize the implications of women liking sex and how it affects your game. You may also not fully yet see the truth of how women like sex. When you get to the logistics CD, you will realize that other people are a logistic to deal with. They offer judgment and shame a woman when a woman acts on her desire for sex. In essence, Gun has shown you that while women like sex, problems can occur when they act on them. By working the logistics, you can help keep these problems at bay by approaching lone women, or at least women who are semi-isolated from their friends. So the concept that women like sex is repeated, but in different contexts and this allows you to improve upon your understanding and fill in any blanks you may have.

Gun offers missions in which to apply the concepts from the audio course. He follows an excellent principle – work on one thing at a time. This is so that you can master what you are working on, and so that you can test how effective something is. As modest as this approach is, it is the most effective way to learn something and the ONLY way to see what is or isn’t effective. The missions are, for the most part, geared towards the more basic material. This is good for those who are new to women and influence – so they have some training wheels to work with. The more advanced you are, the more the onus is on you to structure your own missions. However, even the most advanced guys will benefit from the more basic missions – they will at the least tighten up their game. And there are a few advanced missions as well.

The work is meant to be used as a reference point for your development. You would do well to come back to it. Every time you listen to the course again, you will see new connections between things and you will really solidify your understanding of the concepts found herein. Gun is a realist in this regard and his product is practical in not offering magic or hype – you will need to apply the material and put in time and effort in order to reap the rewards. But you will reap the rewards.


~Jack Fontaine, 2008-03-08

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