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What the Hell do Women Really Want: A Guide for Men in the 90s

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Review(s) of What the Hell do Women Really Want: A Guide for Men in the 90s
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From Cliff’s List, 2001-05-09a:

Hypno Bill:

I have read “What the hell do women really want.”

This book is excellent and I am currently on my second read.  Her perspective comes from anthropology, and has numerous studies listed to back it up.  She makes the point that you can change or be alone.  The bargaining chips are clearly defined of what is attractive to women.  Yes, men want young, attractive women and women want powerful men.  Yes, money is a bargaining tool.  Exactly what is wrong with nice guy behavior and jerk behavior.  Given a choice women will choose the jerk and why.   How to tell if she is LJBF‘n you.  Also a great model for starting conversations, the triangle approach.  What are open ended questions.  Not the poor advice one normally encounters, like ask open ended questions without defining what is open so that you can ask them.  Lots of good stuff worth reading a couple of times.

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