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Who is Formhandle?

So what kind of guy runs a site like this?  Well, the kind of guy who decided that he could have more success with women and life than what he was already getting.  A guy that believes being successful in anything can be learned and that events of the past don’t dictate the state of the future.  Also a guy who likes to make such information easy to obtain for other men with the same mindset.  If you want to find out who I am, well, that’s not really important, but from time to time I’ll let people peek into the various pieces that make up who I am.  For example, I once posted some old (really old and…bad) sketches of mine (one is below) back in the day when I was spending all my time doing artwork.  These days I mainly create and manage web sites … I used to do the 9-5 thing creating media graphics, but am working from home now and am primarily focused on this web site (shhhh).   Occasionally you’ll find a brief bio of me (on the mASF forum and in PAIR).  Sometimes I’ll say something interesting about myself on mASF, but not usually.  If you want to e-mail me, dig through the site or find one of my ASF posts.

Also, TokyoPUA is now helping me manage all the non-technicals of this web site and parent company.  If you have any business or marketing ideas, or have PU/seduction related products to promote, dig around for his e-mail address and let him know.  Or e-mail me and I’ll pass the info along.



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