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Who is TokyoPUA?

What kind of guy is lucky enough to help Formhandle with bringing the largest database of seduction knowledge in the universe to the lucky men of planet earth?

Height: 179 cm (180 cm if asked by an Asian HB)
Weight: 80 kg
Profession: Manager and aspiring full time PUA
Languages: Fluent in English, Spanish, Japanese
Hobbies: Seduction, Computers and PDA’s, Weightlifting, Judo, Origami, Electric Guitar, Self Improvement

I started being really interested in seduction many years ago while living in Tokyo after I decided to break up with my girlfriend of almost 2 years.  A web search on the subject of seduction brought me to Maniac High’s web site, ASF, and FS101.  As Maniac_High was also living in Tokyo, I got to meet him and other great PUA’s like Rio, Kipp, and Funboy.  I soon became a master of seducing Japanese women, and still have a strong positive “anchor” for Asian women from all the outrageous success I had in Japan.

Through Maniac I started corresponding with Formhandle, and when I moved to Boston a few months later we met in person, and have been teaching each other new techniques and coming up with great new ideas ever since.   This led to me helping Formhandle behind the scenes with FS101 starting in mid-2001.  Among other more mundane functions I perform for the site I am also officially the Vice President of Asian Affairs :-)   Through this affiliation I have also been able to meet Cliff (of Cliff’sList), Mystery, David DeAngelo, Rick H., David X and other great PUA’s who continue to influence my style.  I plan to keep learning and getting better for as long as I can.

If you have any business or marketing ideas for FS101, or have PU/seduction related products to promote, dig around for my e-mail address on this site and let me know.  Or e-mail Formhandle and he’ll pass the info along.

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