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A Natural PUA’s Game - Some Conversations with E.

mASF post by Tenore

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A Natural PUA’s Game - Some Conversations with E.
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mASF post by "Tenore"
posted on: mASF forum: Tactics / Techniques Discussion, June 6, 2005

A Natural PUA’s Game - Some Conversations with E.

I recently met E. at a local bar that features live bands (lots of chicks
really dig these bands). E. is a tall, thin, natural (self-taught) PUA with
somewhat boyish good looks. I thought he was in his 30s, although he says he’s
still 27. When I first saw E. I was inclined to dismiss him as somewhat
ineffective, a guy who tries hard but doesn’t get anywhere, partly because of
his soft, even somewhat effete, appearance. After getting to know him, and his
friend S. (a tall, ruggedly-handsome guy in his late 40s), and watching E.
operate, I now know I was wrong.

E says that he has “pulled out” (PU’d) more than 50 women from that particular
bar in about 2 1/2 years. Given that he probably is only at the bar an average
of once a week, you can see that’s an extremely impressive average. Something
like 30-40% if the time he goes in, he comes out with a woman. And this is in
spite of some rather serious problems: not only did E. confess to me that he is
kind of cash-starved, but he is still living with his parents because of the
extremely high Southern California housing prices. So his question would have
to be: “Your place or yours?”. He says that he prefers one-nighters, he is not
looking for a steady (or even repeat) GF at this time. He is like the
proverbial bedpost-notcher, he seems to know exactly how many women he has PU’d
in his career, and where.

What is his method? Simplicity itself. A direct approach – always direct. I
have not been able to overhear the exact words he is whispering to women (it’s
a noisy place), but he quite cheerfully tells me that he approaches practically
all unescorted attractive women and, after a brief chit-chat of a minute or
two, invites them out to ‘party’ (or however he phrases it). Of course, nearly
all turn him down immediately, but he does not care. He’s looking for the one
who’ll say “yes.” The other night when I ran into him he was standing near a
group of four women, and several guys (all milling about, not seated). He
greeted me, saying, “Well, I’ve just been rejected four times, but I don’t care
about that. I get rejected all the time.” This reminds me of the old maxim:
“one in the sack is worth a hundred rejection slaps (or whatever).”

I saw him “closing in” late in the evening on one extremely nice young honey of
about 25. She had been flirting with many guys, but decided that she liked E.
best. As S. remarked, E. then “turned on the charm”. His face lit up with a
boyish glow. He seemed to radiate not dominance, but a boyish serenity
bordering on helplessness. (E. once remarked that he feared that as he got
older, he would no longer be able to rely on his appearance of boyish
vulnerability. I never thought that “vulnerability” would be an asset for PUAs,
but apparently in some cases it is.) She lit up in reply, and soon was making
out with him. S. told me, “E. is like I was 15 years ago.” S. said that P.U.
used to be much easier 15 or 20 years ago – far fewer ‘games’ and ASD – far
more women were willing to just ‘do it.’ Maybe the reason guys need all these
seminars and bootcamps today is because what used to be relatively simple has
become quite difficult.

E. did not succeed in immediate PUA of this honey, but I saw her writing out
her phone number for him. After she had gone, I saw E. standing outside, trying
to P.U. other babes as they were walking out.

So, that’s what I’ve been able to learn thus far from E. His approach is
direct, and numbers-based (he probably approaches dozens each week, and on a
good week goes home with one). He is not a glib talker, and looks almost
disorganized, helpless, and distracted as he P.U.’s hot women. His body
language reminds me of that practiced by one PUA I know who studied with Badboy
(yet E. doesn’t know the PUA literature). Nonetheless, he seems to have great
success in a really tough venue. Comments?


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