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Field Report: Friday night HIGH DRAMA in London!!!

mASF post by SmoothGuy69

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Field Report: Friday night HIGH DRAMA in London!!!
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mASF post by "SmoothGuy69"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2005

10:12 23/07/05

As 'usuale' i dont give a fuck what ne1 thinks and i love you all. i am having
a big party. everyone's invited.

UPDATE: The voicemail was her playing music down the phone. What a
loooooooser. 1202pm I am out of here, like a ten dollar hoe promised a
thousand bux on an outcall. laters guys.

SmoothDate: 23rd July 2005. 10:10am
Location: London's West End.

Around 10pm. I roll up to a 2 set of American girls. I start knocking on the
Charlie and the Chocolate factory tree saying "It's me, let me in". And more
oddball stuff. using it as a comedy prop for improvisation. I turn around and
say, "isn't this tree amazing?!" Solid cocky n funny all the way with them. I
really enjoy their company. Wow guys, geography, knowledge of the states etc
and things that go down is great for pacing with them. So much respect from
that. Kinda shows a level of IQ socially. Lots of cool guy pacing, I don't
drink, smoke etc.. so what do I do? I am a very sexual person..dropped the
'stripped in Leicester Sq. park and got arrested story' again.

They contrasted me to UK guys which was very interesting. They don't get hit
on by UK guys and they are top of their hit list. I am getting major brownie
points here. Fuck I feel horny thinking about them, I am just going to send
them a text.

Funny that I am kept alive with the love drug. I no longer look for a place to
sit down. I look for a hot girl to sit down next to.
HBMilan - OMG I am SOO FUCKING IN LOVE. (In a PUA detached way of course!)

Paraphrasing what HBMilan says to me. "When you lose money it's not good is
it?" Pacing her situation. always works. Fucking dumb bitches".

this is where you sit back and you just know what to do socially. you GET IT.

natural competence. you can really get a feel for how easy this is, how you
can really manipulate the sutuation. It's an art worth learning well.

I get into position and come into set. Kinda skate around her and then cut in.

Opener, there's HUGE floodlights in da amog square. They are pumping out
filthy diesel. Really horrid. However.."What are those lights there for?"
It's like you're on a film set.. swirly body language, a little Pacino 'esque.

She comes back over and comments on things now and again. She looks over at
me. I look at her and do some nice body language. I know we're on the same
wavelength, I can feel it. OMG I shouldn't feel this emotional. I'll even
fuck her friend even tho she's not as good looking just cuz I am soo horny for
this VIBE. I like to be desired by hot ass.
11am Saturday.. Just get a text from HBModel.. ooo! She's angry!

"ure nmber is not listed 2 me,ur not
anything 2 me.
Ever heard of a
winde up loser

****. better
tan fony name
****. Resembles a
psycho. Do urself a
txt missing.

favour..yes fuck
off, wasting credit
on ur mobile.

Made her angry.

SMOOTH: thanks for the msg.if i hadn't seen so much fck'd up shit from u2
really see who ur, i might b bothered. as it stands.I FEEL SORRY FOR U

SMOOTH: still working in the meat shop big model? aww y dont they cut off
your big chin and sell it as bone for scotch broth! topshop girl!

She's angry cuz I told her that I am getting married.

SMOOTHTEXTS: Awww, don't cry. it's OVER. I'm getting MARRIED. NO MORE GAMES
FOOL! You really ought to put on your favourite weepy and CRY. enzo.

SMOOTHTEXTS: i can't believe my luck. she's amazing in every way, u should see
the way she [email protected] turns me on it makes me want to.. enzo

She's calling me now. I won't answer. She'll be forced to leave messages. My
last msg..
Got to love da drama. She left a msg, I won't even listen to it. I just sent
another txt missile..

Don't even BOTHER. it's DONE.


why u bothering
then...sad fucker

She wants to know why now. She does this. I hurt her a little too much then
she wants to know if it's TRUE. Why was she bothering with marriage proposals?
Idiot girl.

Man I love life that gave me so much energy, it makes me even more resolved to
be a stronger PUA, the anger the energy. And to do ALL what I am capable of
doing. TO PROVE AND SHOW THE WORLD. BE SOMEBODY. I can't fucking text any
girl cuz I can't decide what one to hang with or do something with. It's quite
annoying. Also they're all scattered all over the place in my organiser.
This energy she gave me makes me even more resolved. More angry to prove
myself in society. To forget my own perfectiionist issues and to really show
the world what i have been doing all this time. to become an even BETTER PUA.
To write even BETTER stuff om mASF. To teach people to be better players. To
do everything I can with the skills that I have. TO throw myself into it, it
feels more like a film, i can see where i am going where i am progressing. i
can see why.

Addiction to sarging:

Moving through a sea of people, eyes scanning the crowds for hot HB, blinking
through sunglasses full of tiredness and migraine. Still moving, still going,
for that truth, that knowledge. That social power.


around 3am. friday night.. One of my best friends (FUCKING INCREDIBLE
NATURAL). and I took a 2 set of fashion girls to the river.

He's complimenting the mexican girl, my target. I can't be bothered and by
this time I am sitting back on bench with nice full migraine.
He's like "Wow, you look really good...model...... *his English isn't amazing
but it works in his favour* ...and in those nice clothes....". It comes off
more real and is more 'raw' in the way he delivers it. She starts to pose a
little in a legs crossed way. He's really just delivered the most amazing
compliment I have seen ANY person deliver. I have learned shitloads from this
guy and he doesn't even realise it.

Stupid bitches falling for that shit. They are so hopeless. Validation
seeking idiots. They just love it. He really knows how to warm a girl up.
He'll cut thru with a tone to a girl with the right compliment and she'll
forever remember it. Such class.

Someone's calling his fone repeatedly and it social proofs the ass off him.
He's building up a real nice cool guy vibe.

Being who I am, I relax and let this stuff sink in. I would rather he took
both girls and I will watch his flow instead. I closed the two Milan girls
earlier (he sooo wants one of them), I know I've got two nice girls there, and
I can do the both of them. I wasn't feeling this one too much, his one, I
wouldn't even have escalated, she'd have been PUA calibration toy. I've always
been a hit with the Italian girls. One of them, has this chic, this way about
her. It's very addictive. She stands out, same thing they said about me.
I'll look forward to hitting that but at the same time, I am thinking towards
tonight, more sarging. When do I get a chance to escalate and fuck close? I
am always obsessed with field.

I say that I am staying there on the bench. I sit there for a while, thinking
about pickup and life in general. They go off together, he's arranged to go
out with them, they're saying "We'll call you and we'll go out", he's telling
them the days that he's not working. Now I spent nearly an hour having fun
with them near the river, while he went to get his pay. I said goodbye and
they said it so swiftly and were off. They were into what they were into and
there's no changing it. And who wants to? Not me. Just shows you how fickle
girls are. Also, I didn't really escalate the Mexican girl, might have made
her feel like a fool while he was snogging his target. I couldn't give a fuck.
I don't really like her. Just like the Americans weren't into him in the
slightest earlier, he asked me about it. I told him the reason that I thought
it was. He could tell as well. I didn't really recall it until he did. He's
got good calibration. I sleep on the bench. Feels free and open. Let go of
society. Woken up by police. I am nice to them not scared, I tell them that I
fancied a nap. They are ultra cool, props guys. Say that if i want to sleep
go over there and point into the park where other ppl are doing kung fu,
sleeping, sitting, etc, nice park. I do that and chill some more. I go to the
inet cafe for 9am where I am now. More fun tonight, I fucking don't know WHICH
girl to lay tonight, it's SATURDAY night so I might do some madass sarging
instead. What shall I do I wonder..? Fill up the mp3 player and go
SARGE.........! OMG a FR from Magnus, I fucking hate you.


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