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mASF post by esk6969

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mASF post by "esk6969"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

On 7/18/05 11:57:45 PM, roumen_aka_bashev wrote:

>What would be good to add to
>my repertoire?

Well, honestly, I think just about everything you wrote above that. This is
all along the lines of the whole "I'm an ass model" routine from DeAngelo, in
response to the equally ubiquitous question "what do you do?" The point, as I
understand, of these types of answers, to these types of questions, is to keep
the conversation light, fun, by being cocky and FUNNY (the part most people
forget), and in the process, distinguishing yourself from every other guy, who
answers all of these boring question in the same manner, that is, with boring

This is the part where a lot of guys branch off and say things like "these
questions are betaising attempts to qualify you on her part", and while I will
agree that women always eventually try to betaise a guy in a LTR, sometimes,
especially in an intro convo, a question is just a question, and a cigar is
just a cigar. These question, IMO, are usually, just polite attempts to get to
know you better. They are, perhaps "screening" question on her part, to see if
there is the possibility of furhter interest, but as the points above belie, it
is far more important HOW you answer them, than WHAT you answer with.

And, since MM was mentioned, these questions are usually part of the "phase
shift" from Attraction to Rapport (C&T, in MM terms). As always, in Rapport,
fact-based talk should be regarded as anathama, and avoided. This goes right
along with the "no straight answers" explanation, as above.

Moving from the general to the specific, my response to this question usually
has been to answer it factually, but then to move off the topic as quickly as
possible. Something like: "I'm from south Florida, but really, my favorite
place to be is New England, especially in the fall. All that white-clapboard,
underground tavern, "George Washington slept here" kinda a stuff. Leaves,
pumpkins, cider, good, rich beer, crisp autumn breezes... that's my favorite
time and place. What about you? Do you like to travel?.... (etc.)"

This usually plays fairly well, because it conjures up images most people enjoy
and are familiar with (even if it is highly romanticized, but that's the
point!), and gets them talking about travel, exotic places, and the FEELINGS
that go along with all that.... exactly what Rapport is intended to accomplish.

Though I will say, I think the replies in your above post, are better than
mine. I will try that next time, or perhaps a mixture of the two, using the
above first in "A2", then my own in "C1", or whatever the MM parlance for all
that is....


"Get your validation from your life, not your women." - L&C

"Girls network" is like the Mafia with the difference that they use the tongue
instead of Beretta. - Franco

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