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Style/Britney Spears

mASF post by GeneMachine

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Style/Britney Spears
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mASF post by "GeneMachine"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, August 8, 2005

On 8/5/05 6:21:00 AM, ox wrote:
>she looked tranced out to me
>in the my book
>that´s a kiss close...forget
>phone( i understand it was
>business for style though BUT
>technically she was ready for
>some tongue action...ha)..good

Yep - could quite possibly have been that too.. personally I prefer to stay
away from a kiss close if there's not much time available, because it feels
like it removes some tension/intrigue that I like to be there and which to me
makes a future meet more likely. However, I think it's probably mainly a matter
of personal congruence rather than which is better in itself..

On 8/5/05 8:19:00 PM, TheGame» wrote:
>I don't doubt his suspicion
>that maybe she does it with
>all journalists to get a
>favorable write-up and it's
>actually a bogus # that she
>never answers. That
>sounds realistic in terms of
>what these people do to get
>good publicity. And
>what women in general will do
>to get what they want at a
>man's expense :)

Hey man - good to hear from you - hope things are going well for you..! I'm
also pretty realistic about some of the things people will do for PR. Although
in this case, she doesn't seem to have made an effort in the next interview,
which suggests she was being genuine. I also think that some of the things
style said - especially the cold read - can have a very deep impact on pretty
much anyone. It's very different to the cocky/funny stuff - it resonates at a
very deep level and causes an instant bond IME

On 8/7/05 9:40:00 PM, Alpha Romeo wrote:
>Anyways....Where can you see
>the interview.

Sorry man - I don't know - I'd be interested to see it too..


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